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Ironfist Ryu released by Ahuron 2014/01/04


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Another wacky creation by Ahuron. This time it's Ryu with Ironfist's powers. Pretty fun to play as if you ask me. He's apparently based on Ryu's ending from UMvC3 as the readme implies. Definately worth it to give it a go!


Feedback can be given but since it's Ahuron, do not expect it to reach him and even if it does, he'll probably not care.  :=D:

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I love ahuron's work, all of his characters play amazingly well!



Ehhhh, King Fancy Man still has better specials.


Ehhhh, no not really, I will admit his specials are crazy but in Ironfist's it looks like ahuron put a LOT of quality time into it.

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