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Legend - To fix / Error + Fixed / Adjusted Ryon's Characters   + Ethan Applied to all characters for player 2.   + Added Win quotes to all pokemon.   + Added affinity types and damage modifiers - Blastoise   + Decreased ATB on 3 attacks.   + Fixed Debug flood during Hydro Pump   - Needs some startup time on Hydro Pump. It's too immediate right now.   + I've given Bubblebeam and Hydropump logic that ensures it does accurate damage for each.   + Bubblebeam appears shorter, but don't change it. It's doing 65 damage now.   + 65 particles are now spawed, as opposed to the 13 that were before. Each does 1 damage, because 65*1=65. - Sandslash   + Fixed Infinite Priority on FurySwipes, And Increased ATB.   + Fixed "Getting Stuck" issue with Dig, when player is attacked during Dig (start).   + Adjusted ATB on Dig, and move activates at 50% guage ATB fill. - Electrode   + Adjusted ATB on Rollout and Charge Beam   + Rollout Squashes enemies now. - Beedrill   + Fixed Debug Flooding. - Rhyhorn   -  Megahorn needs a bit of tweaking. - Clefable   - Needs higher ATB on all moves. He can spam them right now. Alexei's Characters   + Added Win Quotes to all pokemon.   + Removed damage dampanening.   + Added affinity types and damage modifiers   + Added difficult scaling to the AI.   + AI has a threshold to wait through before being able to attack. - Quilava   + Made all of his blue CLSN larger   + Increased the ATB on all moves.   + Flamethrower has a 10% chance to cause "Burn."   + Gave Flame Wheel a 10% chance to cause "Burn."   + Flamethrower now does accurate damage of exactly 95 if all particles hit. 1 damage per particle. - Skarmory   + Air Cutter set ATB at 200 from 100.   + Fly dives when the ATB bar is 75% recovered. Skarmory then has to wait to recovery fully instead of being able to attack right away.   + No longer "rotated" when hit back after Fly has been used at least once before.   + Reset rotation when landing from Fly. Before, this would cause him to reuse his previous angle right after doing fly and then having AngleDraw on him without an value defined. - Scyther   + Agility can't dodge attacks anymore.   + Increased the ATB on all of his moves. - Mewtwo   + Made up 4 win quotes, sounding like Mewtwo from the movie.   + Changed Psychic's hitbox to be above the ground.   + Psychic can no longer hit enemies in the second state of Fly (while they're in the air.)   + Psystrike can no longer hit enemies in the air. The spheres cannot follow them to the air and also die out when Mewtwo returns to standing. - Pikachu   + Fixed random misalignment that happened on some stages with Thunder and Thunderbolt. - Venusaur   + Razor Leaf can be interrupted properly now. The leaves die if Venusaur is not in state 520. - Hitmontop   + Fixed a bug where Endeavor would push Mewtwo back during Psycho Cut.

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A few bugs I noticed.


-Clefable's Flamethrower (Metronome Ability) makes bubble noises.

-Lugia's Arial Dive does nothing. Might be missing hitboxes.


...Might be more, but I forgot. Pretty fun game, by the way. Say, in future releases, mind separating some of the characters into packs? I know it's kind of selfish to ask, but bandwidth issues would make it hard for me to download much bigger than that. Even the game as it sits now is bigger than I have ever downloaded.

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oh thats what we planned to do orginally.


but the screenpack had changed so much we didnt have a choice.


but most likely the next update it will be character "DLC" packs.

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DLC was originally meant to be download loadable content, to extend gameplay.


but Companies like Capcom fucked it up for everyone by charging us for minimal shit.

Damn! that blows big time. >=(


But anyways besides adding more pokemon are you planing on adding more trainers to be selectable as well( If its possible to do that is) :goodmood:

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