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Ultra Street Fighter IV Mugen 3D Edition by carabiandragon


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''I UPDATE ALL SSF4 CHARACTERS BY JOSE CUERVO now they can move normally!!!

a big work but finally a Very Good FuLL mugen Game With aLL Mugen CHaracterS 3D sprites(JOse Cuervo,Orbinaut,Werewood ) Patched by me , i convert 80% Of all the stages of SF4 for this roster for WinMugen HD !!! THe Screenpack By Jose Cuervo IS aWEsoMe !''



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Thank you for using my old MUGEN stuff!  Yet, as many can tell my old SF4 Golden Seth is very outdated (GFX-wise, still using WinMUGEN var(59) A.I. activation, poor palette/resolution, missing Ultra2....etc.).  After all my current MUGEN WIPs are done I think I will plan to re-visit all my old MUGEN stuff, including my old SF4 Golden Seth and SSF4 Juri Han.  Re-ripping better SSF4AE "sprites" and revamping moves and adding missing moves should/shall be a must. 


For now, I am working on SSF4AE Oni and SSF4AE Abel, which should/shall hopefully look and play better than my old SF4 Golden Seth and SSF4 Juri Han.


The only gripe will be, all my new SSF4 MUGEN characters and my old, to-be-revamped SF4 ones, will be for MUGEN1.0 only..........sorry for the inconvenience...........


It is exciting to see dragon972, Jose, Orbinaut (now Mr. I?), and I are still interested in mugenizing SF4/SSF4 characters.  Good luck to all of us!


P.S.  I wonder when Orbinaut (now Mr. I?) will finish his SSF4AE Cody anytime soon.........???  He is really cool when he was helping me with my old SSF4 Juri Han :thumbsup:

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