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Мой Мир (My World)


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Looks simple but very clean a bit more of snow would be nice imo. Interesting... You are the only one i see that knows how to add the loopbgm code on stages. Yo should wrote a small tuto someday.

The snowy part is only one half of the stage. I didn't want to give it too much attention. :P

It needed to be looped in order for this to work :)


I guess I could, yeah.

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Еще не скачал, так что угадаю, песня - "Ой, мороз, мороз"?)))

А выглядит классно, качаю обязательно. Спс за стэйдж.

Ну скачайте пожалуйста) Нет, песни - "Last of the Wilds" и "Whoever brings the night" по Nightwish.

Не за что)))



Uh...yea. This stage is beautiful...

Thanks man! Don't worry about the Russian. It's innocent from what I could read. :)


Posted Image

My reaction, When i saw the stage


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That would be cool actually. I have a weakness for cool looking snowy stages ;-;.

I've added a "Snow-Only Version" to the first post. In that version, you get a much smaller file size because I removed graphics from and optimized the sff. I removed parts from the .def that were related to Dead World and added and replaced the song with a looping version of "Last Of The Wilds." That's the song that plays in the beginning before the shatter. Now you get to hear more of it. :) Enjoy.)

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