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Year 2300 A.D. ~ The Black Omen - Custom Stage (UPDATED!)

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Video courtesy of Swordsman-Kai


Posted Image


Posted Image


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This stage was a small idea that my partner, The Magic Toaster developed. Its based on the future era of Chrono Trigger after The Black Omen arrived though out all the time periods. I added lightning of the stage since it appear and looked better then not having it even though its not in the source game. I hope you all enjoy this stage considering its one of the most original of the ideas used in our stages.



Compatibility: Both MUGEN
Animation: Yes
Superjump: No
Parallax: No
BGM: Yes

Credit goes to Avada, DaveFreeMan, EXShadow, Tapion, S19-X, and Ivanhoe.

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Whow i really like the look of this one..Bad that i cant try it out...


Maybe some layered fog may look well there since seems to be fog in the BG also maybe rain.

Also the rail looks a bit weird imo and yeah is becuz of is colors again =P

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Well the concept is nice, some feedback::


- The characters are sliding across the floor you when you move from left to right, and jump. You need to adjust the delta to fix this.


- There is no depth between the ship and the background, I personally think you could adjust the delta of the ship IMO


- The unanimated smoke is the back doesn't look so good, maybe you could animate it?


- Suggest separating the sky from the rest and giving it a delta of it's own to add more depth to the stage.


- The camera feels stiff when the characters jump, suggest a lower vertical follow & floor tension

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Stage updated! Please re-download.


Thanks for the feedback Exshadow. :bow:


- Fixed, delta adjusted.


- Adjusted it as well, also for the other bg elements.


- I could, my only problem is, i couldn't edit the image. Same goes for the separated sky.


- Fixed, lower the verticalfollow to .3 and floortension to 50.

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What's done.
+ Fixed delta problems of floor.
+ Adjusted the deltas of bg elements to create depth.
+ Fixed the verticalfollow and floortension value
+ Slowing the movement of the Black Omen.
What's need to be done.
- Adding parallax, thanks again to Ivanhoe to lend me his code! xD
- Edit the source image, separate the sky and smoke, and animate them.
- Better sprite and anims for Black Omen.
- Adjust the color tone.
- Figure out how to fix the fog tiling in 1.0.
- Adding rain
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