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[Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic] Morgiana

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She would be fun to have an AI because it is a 3 Button Char but with 8 different Techniques using command combination.


I decided to to do some Edits to this edition, sorry for any trouble Zombiebrock if its posted wrong here, I think it is right here.



-Change Pausetime with -1 to -2 for most attacks. Dmg for blocking the attack inreased (In the Manga here race

 can onehit elephants with a kick)

-Boxes are roughly fixed especially the Moonsault Kick now reach the P2, CPU use it most and against juggle.

 Most of it was messed up.

-Make her walk double as fast in walking and running. (She could run sideways on a wall)

-Choose 3 Attacks and made them into single Button. Having 6 Button then.

-the -1000 attacks had been lowered to - 500 to have more dynamic.

- Attack and Def had been adjusted against CVS Kyo and so raised.

- Changed the Power to 6000 to have more used of the Hypers and Specials.



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