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SF3 Necro by Rajaaboy released 4/13/13


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Best necro I have ever played if you like necro this is a MUST download


Quote from Rajaa


Bringing new meaning to the word "accuracy"! This character is meant to be accurate. Find stuff and give me feedback; compare him to the original; post "Nice char +1"; whatever you want. I know there's one bug with the hit counter displaying the score without the message, but I think I fixed it because I haven't seen it since I attempted to fix it. Please don't ask me how to remove the bars, making a bar removal patch is not necessary. The configuration file easily allows you to remove anything that could be considered intrusive and you can even remove bars by use of the super selection. Third Strike hit animations only work against Necro, until I make more SF3 characters. I have to make his electricity change to shiny when switching the effect type to custom, and that should come within the next two days. Thank you.

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