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[Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y


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Another pokemon game... lol I havent even finished black and white yet... I prefer the older generations for some reason..so atm im not sure if i would buy it yet..i might depends. I have a 3ds..but i lost the charger lol XD

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I'm just happy its in 3D, we needed a better 3d game.... *Glares at Battle Revolution*


So what if the point of the game was to use your Pokémon to beat other colosseums (aside from Gateway and Sunset)? The soundtrack was awesome and you got to see thy lord Arceus in glorious 3D (as well as Rotom and Garchomp :3).


Also, Colosseum? XD? I damn loved those games. Despite the lack of wild Pokémon to capture, the games were still fun to play.

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IIRC, neither Black/White nor Black2/White2 had Pal Park (AKA the primary point of the GBA slot in a Pokémon game), as they had the Poké Transfer Lab to transfer from Gen IV to V. If you want your Hoenn Pokés on B/W, then you'd have to go Gen III -> Gen IV -> Gen V.

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