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  1. I was talking about some time ago, it was really a great game. I like the mario character, now I'm spending too much time on the game https://www.freegames66.com/super-mario-bros but it's really fun.
  2. I guess I could make my sprite of Daphne after I make my sprite of Risky Boots. You need to add shadows and soft shadows in those sprites.
  3. It is very interesting to thank
  4. Worlds I wish to see are a Treasure Planet world the Tarzan World return.
  5. Bubble Buddy Man Blood, Guts, and Gore Man Spiked Wall Man
  6. I also played it a lot, it was really fun.
  7. only the PS3 port of Bayonetta seems to be a bad thing
  8. Toad Spear Waddle Dee Rayman, Daisy, (Toad là ẩn trong smash 4), Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot,
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