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    Eu tó no Brasil.
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    English and Portuguese
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    Video Games, Obscure Stuff, M.U.G.E.N, YTPs and etc.
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    don't have one, yet.
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    i don't watch anime anymore.
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    Beavis and Butthead, AVGN, and more that i'm lazy to put.

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  1. @Devils I reuploaded, in case the original one goes offline. https://www.mediafire.com/file/c5rzj3fbzrjvn0a/mkvssfreimu.rar/file
  2. Are you sure about that? (Grand dad is in the description btw)
  3. link's down, except for evil karin.
  4. Yeah, that might count but I also wanna standalone characters just for it.
  5. All main drawn together characters: Foxxy Love Wooldoor Sockbat Xander Captain Hero Ling Ling Spanky Ham Toot Beranstain Princess Clara
  6. Yeah thanks, I know, but I wanna know how do I rip those sprites from knuckle fighter characters. just curious.
  7. sorry for the necro, but they moved to the another site: http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~oemix/ and also offtopic but @The Magic Toaster idk if you reading this, but how did you make sort of knuckle fighter character on mugen? just asking.
  8. You know what, I guess your right, does anyone wants to remake this collection, Anyone?
  9. I think the images are broken btw.
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