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  1. Pit Glides into M.U.G.E.N. Hello! I've returned! Gunvolt is sadly cancelled due to a lack of ideas, but I have thought of another character: Pit from Kid Icarus, I can't find a single one... I'm changing that... but, allow me to go over my gameplay style for my characters. MvC2 Gameplay 6 Buttons 3 Supers 3 Hypers 6 Specials 1 Intro I don't know for certain about how long it will take. VIDEO COMING SOON!
  2. I'm back! I've gotten motivation to do stuff again.

    1. Gaulbetti


      What is that avatar?

    2. The Blast Zone Boy

      The Blast Zone Boy

      Himiko Yumeno from Danganronpa V3.

  3. I got resurected!


    not that I was dead or anything.

  4. So after seeing Super Mario Odyssey a few times, I think I can summarise what I think of this game, here they are.

    Here I go.


    I love the hat gimmick. The hub is gargantuan! No joke. Bigger than Peach's Castle and Delfino Plaza from what I've seen. I've wanted grabbable ledges for ages now. I mean the were in other games but they where poorly executed. I hope this game is long as heck. It seems like a hard enough Mario game, Point A to Point B gets boring after a while. Bowser and Peach having a wedding is a great idea for a subplot, not to mention, New Donk City has to be my favourite location I've ever seen in a game. And we haven't seen much yet. This could top the Galaxy games for being my favourite games of all time. Do it right, they do it, I need it for Christmas, with the Parental Controls, I will set my playtime for 2 hours per day of this game the rest is just up to how fun I have, Mario has a diverse enough move set. I want the playable characters... I WANT THE WAA BROS!

    1. DS12


      They even posted spoilers about secret passages and easter eggs.

  5. I like the Parental Controls App for the NS Here's the video for those who haven't seen it https://youtu.be/03bAayBtcb0its good for ages 5-8 to me.

  6. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all! ;)

  7. I don't know why, but I want to know if I could make a special intro against your shovel knight. If you know how. Can you teach me how to make Special Intros.


    Oh yea. The char I'm using is Gunvolt. You are doing great with your Shovel Knight. 

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    2. The Blast Zone Boy
    3. RoySquadRocks
    4. The Blast Zone Boy

      The Blast Zone Boy

      Looks like my mind has to decide. You can make one against my Gunvolt if ya want

  8. What to hopefully expect at least 6 buttons 3 hypers unique gameplay around 5 alts a unique intro VS @RoySquadRocks' Shovel Knight. I wonder if I can do it. 4 assists. 3 intros (4 if I get that SH intro sorted) Keep in mind this is what I hope to do. This is my first char. Here's the sprites I'm using Programs Being used. Gimp. Sony Vegas (for the videos) Bandicam Mugen 1.0 FFClassic What do you guys think? VIDEO COMING SOON!
  9. Making my first char. Thread is going up now.

  10. So I recently came up with a challenge where you press F2 and have to think wisely about your moves. YOU NEED 2-4 characters on screen a stage F2 on your keyboard Mugen (duh) let it you know what you have in store. If you want. Make your own versions like the Arcade 1HP challenge. Whatever you please!
  11. It seems that some bits of the site are down for me!

    1. RobotMonkeyHead


      What bits?
      Is the problem still happening?

    2. The Blast Zone Boy

      The Blast Zone Boy

      Random ones. It doesn't see, to happen anymore

    3. RobotMonkeyHead


      Ok, that was probably just the final fixes to the database from last night settling in still.

  12. End my life 

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    2. The Blast Zone Boy

      The Blast Zone Boy

      Today is one of those days where I bother my head in with silliness 

    3. SSBKing65✯


      This is how I feel about getting bullied nonstop, and I can totally relate to this, but you gotta keep these thoughts to yourself. There's many people who have worse lives than you, love what you have and avoid those who bring you down, 

    4. PlasmoidThunder


      I'm pretty sure he wasn't being literal.

  13. Lucina (Fire Emblem) Any Gen 7 Pokémon Sackboy Blast-Zone (Skylanders)
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