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  1. im not suprised there isnt a SSBU final destination for MUGEN


    1. MugenGuy4164


      These characters: Lucas, Shadow Android, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles: Are all created by me

      While ness is an edit of SM853's

  2. Just testing some of my skills by the use of Flash (Since i finally gotten used to a lot of cluttered sprites + Tweens)


  3. Heres something special
    Its a sprite hack. I also added the SNES color patch in
    But i did not add in the Voiceless patch

  4. I now present the normal modes vs Evil modes duking each other out



  5. Because there's a Homebrew port of Super Mario Land

    I didnt just swap the sprites (Except some one enemy) but also modified so its a little more like the Homebrew Port (As i noticed it doesnt really have much of the hud)

  6. I kind of find it hard to believe the AI i coded can beat some MVC EOH template AI
    (Even though i still suck on AI coding)


    1. Gaulbetti


      Real cool video.

  7. Its been a long time for me to post something here.
    Here's something i kinda worked on for some project (I only have 2 characters recreating that pesky mario's gameplay by ermacwon)



    1. MugenGuy4164


      Keep in mind certain characters shown on the roster will not be in that project (Pesky Plumber Project) Except that Mario and Luigi i created

      Each character i plan to create will use that (I believe) fighting style by Nobody the dragon

      I would not mention any mario character or whatever that does not have that type of fighting style by said author (Nobody the dragon)

      Anything about that super fx: I didnt code it as i actually had to borrow the code from ermacwon's mario to recreate the style + the sprites (Most of them). Reason why is: I cant code some super fx like that. Only using simple animations for super fx stuff but not like utilizing helpers + angledraw and angleadd stuff.

  8. Normally there are opinions i find are popular. I dunno which will be which for now even when i list these (Theres probably not much i can list) I find Jason Griffith as Sonic super overused than Any other english Voice actor of sonic. Already knew how he started a little rough and became better throughout the years but its not worthy for me to like his performance as much especially how he sounded stupid as Jet the hawk (his Usopp performance is the same) (no offense) In my type of head-canon Kathleen Delaney (you know. the 4kids voice actress of Rouge the bat?) to be more fitting
  9. No. A lil more like... (Didnt i say): K.Y Shanxi's Bowser In a Normal MUGEN Match
  10. I dont like people using characters that are way to hard to beat in a normal mugen match (Like a mugen request match of some sort) (Ex:) K.y. Shanxi's Bowser (which is my least favorite version of this king of the koopas + K.y shanxi's Ness) Not to mention about said Characters: They would be best in a more of a cheap fight than a regular fight. I'd best stick with a less harder version of Ness and Bowser (Go for.. i dunno Dark Chaos' Bowser or Karter's for example ) MUGENX's Characters (Trust me. They LOVE to be so brutal and give you the OPness)
  11. The Mother 2 Quad release Video

    Lil bonus: try setting the language to japanese (Youtube itself)

  12. A Mother 1 + 2 (And 3) Battle (Turns)
    Now with a screenpack that mostly resembles Mother 2 (Earthbound)


    1. MugenGuy4164


      Note: The lifebars and Screenpack are not finalized 

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