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  1. Updated Numbah 3 sprite sheet (from TBM) Also, I made my own palettes of Numbah 3 for MUGEN (my version) which is up to twelve palettes: Note that the image mentions the name of each palette that I created.
  2. I got some news about the Smash Bros. MUGEN project. A friend of mine, TaylorsToonAdventure, is making his own original character named Taylor. This character will only work on the MUGEN version of Smash Bros., mainly for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the MUGEN version from me, Cyber.Ron.420 and Jack-Hedgehog.
  3. http://fav.me/dazrpn5 <- First screenshot of Inkling Boy in MUGEN is here!
  4. MUGEN-X-Splatoon Update (September 24, 2016) - RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! Sound effects for the kraken are now created. I used KingAsylus91's dinosaurs and monsters roars/growls for reference to imagine what the krakens would sound like. Download link: http://sta.sh/09ps82fesxv
  5. Here are the combo fonts sprites I made. I had the idea of making a "combo" styled fonts for anyone who wants to use them for their MUGEN characters, so I decided to share this for you guys. The first combo fonts I made are based on Yo-Kai Watch: These combo fonts I referenced are from both the Marvel vs. Capcom and Killer Instinct series. Feel free to use these and give me credit when using them! ;) (Credit: TheWolfBunny for the Yo-Kai Watch fonts, and Shadefalcon for the Dawning of Darkness special effects sprites.
  6. Updates on Inkling Boy in MUGEN as of 08/26/16. I made a high resolution of the Inkling Boy's hyper portrait in the style of Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Special credit goes to Error Macro aka Ermac Won for the template. (EDIT: While I can agree on GarchompMatt about this, we may have to scrap this hyper portrait sprite for now.) And, I also made some custom hit sound effects for both Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl using Audacity. The sound effects themselves are from Darkstalkers, Alien vs. Predator, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, and KingAsylus91's Super Mario Bros. Heroes of the Stars. More updates on Inkling Boy will be coming up soon!
  7. While I'm working on Inkling Boy for MUGEN with TBM, Mazaku aka Score-Board, and CaillouStrawberry, I'm also working on two characters for MUGEN. On the left is my Super Mario 64 Machinima counterpart (or, in the style of Sonic Generations, Classic TuffTony/Tonario), an edited/modification version of Ermac Won's Mario, and on the right is Tsubaki Ai Shiki from Kakuge Yaro: Fighting Game Creator. Her sprites were ripped by Kamek and Kong and I'm using N64Mario's template for her. Also, she's not an edit of Kamek's Reiko Hikari, nor a spriteswap of any other MUGEN characters. See this screenshot here:




    Credit: Ermac Won for the open-source character, EMW/Pesky Mario, SuperMario2467 for the SSB4 Mario portrait, and Kamek and Kong for ripping the Kakuge Yaro sprites.

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  8. We're both doing on the progress so far. And Mazaku is doing an awesome job, so hopefully he'll do more sprites for the project. :) Also, here's a level 3 styled portrait for Inkling Boy I made: Special credit goes to Smashified for the original artwork! :D
  9. Hello there, everyone. My name's Tony, and I make most stuff for MUGEN. I am happy to be here in this forum, so I'm looking forward to see what MUGEN content we got. :)
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