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A good father figure and your Ryu persona fits really well.

Thanks. I love my kids very much and I've been compared to Ryu for quite a while...

Needs sexier avvies and sigs.

Lies! Lol!

I dont know you but i like your signature espcially the second one.

A great graphics artist

Potentially one the most sick stage creators ever(if he decided to make more stages)

One of the nicest guys I've met online.

My fellow R.O.K. brother.

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feels to me like Harsh's older and more sensible brother...


Whaaat, a war on the elders of R.O.K.!!!, oh please forgive him Vegaz, obviously he doent knw what hes doin :omg:

just so you know. the RSA predates the R.O.K

and a few ROK members were originally RSA

Alp D for example was/is my second in command.

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