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  1. was at this very moment I knew....

  2. Back from the dead...:meme1:

  3. Back from the grave. Hey guys. Wow how long has it been, 4-6 years?
  4. Voted for him too and I loved his project M moverset, I hope he gets those moves.
  5. Dude I love the idea and love his sprites. :)
  6. Wow MFFA you look sexy. :3

  7. Hey Niitris and welcome MFFA I have seen you around MFG, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. *Updated* added Yoshiya to the stage, because fighter factory bonked up on me. D:
  9. Vegeta leading the genyu force!?! OMG I gotta pre order this now!
  10. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=b63c87d039137cfd&sc=documents&id=B63C87D039137CFD!105 here ya go bro. Have fun. :)
  11. Damn Darkewolf I never thought someone would patch this fox mccloud gonna check him out.
  12. Jesus $850 for a wii u? I can see why they left no one wants to buy a wii u at that price. But sorry for you man, it looks like you have to import them now. :(
  13. OMG Tingle confirmed playable in hyrule warriors YEAH!!!!