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  1. I believe I've found the easiest way to download video game music in mp3 format. Coincidentally, I just finished registering myself there:

  2. I still can't believe I came back here after such a long leave of absence.

  3. [Full Game] Sonic Speed Fighters 2

    I'm downloading the new demo right now! I'm gonna try it as soon as the download is over.
  4. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    Trinitronity, the move-set doesn't fit for a normal Tails character, neither does the standing pose and most of the sprites. So it's an epic-styled Tails, not just some regular Tails.
  5. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    Epic Tails is actually different from our regular Tails: - He has a different standing pose - He has a different move-set - He uses Tails' official sprites AND Tails' non-official or fan-made sprites As for Nazo, he looks good to me.
  6. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    I'm not stopping you, I'm technically correcting your feedback, which was WAY too wrong (keyword: "way"). Also, I've just finished playing the demo, here's my feedback: I like the move-sets, Character choices aren't too bad, Music is awesome (that's for sure), and the gameplay is nice, fights aren't too shorts or too longs, they're just perfect. That's my feedback, if you disagree, then please explain why (with good arguments please).
  7. [Full Game] Sonic Speed Fighters 2

    Trinitronity... please stop. I should be the one giving feedback on the roster' first impression. Although, he's a bit right (keyword being "bit"), the FCs looks more like Sonic than original chars. BUT! There's no such thing as a main character in MUGEN, and the game has "Sonic" in its name because its the name of the series. See? I can give better arguments than you do, Trinitronity. And also, Neo, you haven't made TOO much bad decisions so it's okay... It's not like you decided to make a game named "Sonic" without having Sonic in it, or at least some characters of the series: At least you put Sonic and some of his most-knew friends and less-knew enemies. And having some (5, exactly) FCs isn't that important, it even give the possibility to try new chars. Besides, Neo replied to me on Kirby the Dream Battle (the forum, I mean), and he was way nicer than what you showed with your screen-cap. Hence why I don't like what you're saying on his project, It's HIS project (keyword: "his").
  8. Super Smash Bros. Mugen by K.Y-Shanxi

    I can clearly see the trailer is based on SSB for 3DS/WII U. Also, It's nice to have some Smash Bros based MUGENs around here.
  9. This SMB1 screenpack?

    It looks interesting... a shame that the site who shared it is offline.
  10. My little late introduction

    For the last 4 panels of my sprite comic: I didn't get it when making it either. For the signature: thanks, it took a lot of inspiration.
  11. My little late introduction

    I've got a website now. Feel free to visit it.
  12. [3DS] Project X Zone

    Forget it...
  13. [3DS] Project X Zone

    I'm having lot of trouble with the emulator' BIOS here.
  14. [3DS] Project X Zone

    I'm downloading the necessary BIOS for the 3ds emulator i downloaded before.
  15. [3DS] Project X Zone

    You americains and other guys are having alot of luck lately, i can't even afford to buy it. This game hasn't appeared in France yet. I can still buy it on Nintendo eShop (Its the online shop on the 3DS) but i can't have a eShop card before Christmas. I also downloaded some kind of 3DS emulator but its not working.