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  1. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Melina As Melina walked alongside Kimimuri, a girl suddenly bumped into her. ???: Oh, pardonnez-moi! I wasn't looking on where I was going. Melina: No, no, I am fine. I was distracted as well, so- Melina: (!!! What is this?! This sensation... it's as if my life's wavering a little...!!) ???: Are you alright? Melina: W-Worry not, worry not! I am fine. ???: Well, if you say so... good day to you and sorry once again. The girl kept walking away until she went into another street. Melina seemed to feel herself normal again, but she admitted that it was a strange, dangerous sensation.
  2. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah She would never admit to Riva that she was actually staring at her. That would break her pride. Elizabeth knew that her smile wasn't actually that enjoyable, but she felt no fear. She used to do that, after all. Lize: Well, aren't you insistent. If you firmly believe I was staring at you, then I won't say anything. But I wasn't. They went inside and looked at the interior. The explanation coming from Darkflare seemed to suffice a little. Agni: So this is a training facility... Magnum: Sounds more like a fight club to me. I'm fine with both, anyway. Mirfah: ... Agni: Why are you so silent? You don't seem like the type to stay quiet like that. Mirfah: Oh... well, it's... Agni: Mirfah, you understood what I mean't, didn't you? I didn't say that because I was angry. Mirfah: I know, I know! But even so, they- Agni: Look, they're like that. Changes won't happen in a second. Just ignore it and keep moving on. I don't want to see you down because of that. Magnum: *grabs Agni's arm* Agni, come on! Let's have our registrations done! Agni: OK, OK! Don't pull me like that! Magnum pulled Agni with him. They were like brothers, yet not from the same family. Looking at that scene and seeing how he acted, Mirfah reflected on a past friend... an important comrade that died to let him live. Mirfah: (He reminds me of Krantz... is this the reason why I can't get flustered on how kind he is?)
  3. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah Location: Warrior's Hangout Lize: Interested? How absurd, dear Riva. As if I could get interested on watching little squirrels. Mirfah: (Was that an insult? Wait, men are pig and women are squirrels...?) As the chat kept on, Light finally came with Percival. However, because of the outfit, he was almost unrecognizable. Agni: Light? You're so... different I almost not recognized you. Magnum: That outfit sure is strange. Still, I don't think it bothers you when it comes to fighting, right? Agni: Oho, you really want to spar with him. But let me warn you, mess with him and you're done for. Magnum: Don't you think I already know that? It makes things far more exciting! Magnum: It's no fun when you fight on easy mode! Master mode is the real deal! Agni: ... You know, I don't think I'll ever understand you two and this obsession with fighting... Melina Location: Trade-and-Treat Money Exchange Melina: Oh my, that seems wonderful enough. I do like myself some tea.
  4. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah The sudden appearance of Riva has surprised them somehow. They haven't fully noticed her in the shadows and when she approached, the first one to think about her was... Lize: (What's with this girl? She's so weird... Oh god, I'm sounding like Magnum...!) Lize: (Hold on... is this the way how he sees me?!) Mirfah: (She's been staring at this Riva person for a while... is something wrong?) Once Riva introduced herself and explained somethings they couldn't make heads or tails at the moment, she pointed towards Magnum, requesting him to introduce all of them. Magnum: Me? Uhh... OK? Angel Commander Magnum Alexandria of the Multiversal Heaven at your service. As for the others they are... *inserts a long introduction of all names* Magnum: And that's about everyone. Agni: Don't forget us. When Magnum looked back, there were Agni and Tommy right behind him. Magnum: AGH!! Agni?! Magnum: What are you trying to do, kill me with a jumpscare?! Make yourself noticeable! Agni: No. That aside, why did I have some sort of deja vu moment? Soon, someone else came from inside the place towards Riva. He seemed like the owner of the place. Agni: (Is that the owner of this place? He seems rather powerful.)
  5. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah Magnum approached the entrance and the other groups. As he went there, Elizabeth, Mirfah and Lucina have arrived. Magnum: Oh, so there you all are! You guys took your time. Lize: ... Mirfah: ... Magnum: Eh? What's with the sad moment? Also, where's Agni? Lize: Still with Tommy... Mirfah: He's coming back soon... Both stopped talking, just sulking as they waited for anything to happen. Magnum was confused, since Mirfah and Elizabeth were usually more active than this. Magnum: Geez, aren't these two dead as hell... what happened back there? Agni Artwaltz Seeing how things worked well, Agni gave Tommy a pat in the shoulder. Agni: Alright, you did it! Now, let's head back to the others. Agni: And hey, how 'bout some of your guitar? I want to hear it. Melina Melina: ... Very well then. I must have been really stupid. Lead the way then, sir Kimimuri.
  6. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz Agni: GAH!! Lucina?! W-Where did you came from?! Agni: Sheesh... that set my heart racing! In the next time, warn me you're arriving, please! Agni saw the entire turmoil at the CD shop. While Tommy was happy of the trick he played, this wasn't right by standards and he needed to know. Agni: Tommy... haven't I told we would buy the CDs another time? Now you're probably not welcome there anymore. Agni: I don't know if this isn't a problem at your world, but there's some limits here. Things like asking about personal life details, picking things without paying it... humans don't do that. Wanting or not, you have to abide to their rules. Agni: Now, be a good kid, head back to that guard and apologize properly for your behavior. Melina While Kimimuri was done, she wasn't. Melina surely saw a difference in attitude coming from Emilia. Melina: Sir Kimimuri, wait. Something is definitely amiss about this. That woman changed her attitude in a flash of a second... she came as us heartwarmingly as possible and left cold-hearted. Melina: I do not know how to fully say it, but leaving this place right now will cause troubles in the future, especially because I have a feeling she will end getting in our way by her own accord.
  7. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah As they walked, Tommy got distracted once again, going into a CD store. Lize: *sigh* I'm gonna go fetch Tommy- Agni: I'll talk to him. You three can go ahead to the meeting point. The others are already there. Lize: But Agni- Agni: Look, just leave this to me and go. I won't take long. Mirfah: ... Lize: ... OK. They kept walking, unsure of how he was. Did the tension disappear or was he still angry at them? Either way, Agni went after Tommy to convince him to move along. Agni: Tommy, we need to go now. We can buy CDs later, OK? Melina Melina was curious about this church and her thoughts were exactly like Kimimuri's. Because it is abandoned, it can be a good hiding point for them. But something still bothered her. Melina: Hmm... this is rather peculiar. In a town so beautiful like this, why did they decide to abandon the church? Except for the unstable wall with the hole, everything seems in good condition.
  8. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah Lize: It's just... gonna be one skewer... one single skewer...!! Mirfah: Gah! Let me go! Let me go!! Agni: ... Can you all please explain what's going on? When they looked, Agni had arrived. He, like both entangled, seemed furious. Lize: A-Agni...!! Mirfah: Geh...!! Mirfah used the distraction to break himself free from Tommy's grasp and got up quickly. Agni ignored them and walked towards him. Agni: ... Mirfah. Mirfah: What?! Are you going to judge me too?! Are you going to say that I'm wrong too?! WELL THEN, BE MY GUEST!! AFTER ALL, I'M JUST A BRAT, RIGHT?! FOR YOUR INFORMATION, YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A- He was interrupted by a fist, going right on his face. Mirfah felt the pain, but the anger was dwindling. Mirfah: Gah...!! BGM: Song of the Ancients -Popola- (NieR: Gestalt) Agni: I have only three things to say to you. First... you're right. You're a brat. Look at you, screaming like an idiot, causing all this turmoil for nothing. I don't think I have to say that your little bickering would have caused us even bigger problems. Mirfah: B-But...!! Agni: Second... I'm not here to judge you, say that you're wrong or anything. I fully understand that you got lost. It's normal, this city is a maze. It's the first time we stepped in here and this is so different that distractions are inevitable. And lastly... Agni went towards him once again. Mirfah was ready for another fist, but Agni just put his hand on the shoulder. Agni: ... I'm glad that nothing happened to you while being lost. It may not matter to you, but I was worried. Mirfah: Agni... I'm... I'm sorry. Agni gave him a nod and began to walk back towards the direction he came. He gave them a look, still serious. Agni: Lize, Nemesis and Tommy. I'm not the leader in this party and this might seem bossy from me, but I want an explanation of what happened here once we arrive at the destination. Lize: A-Agni, look... it's just that... Agni: If our teamwork is so faulty like this, there has to be something I can do for making it better, even if slightly. This error was for me to learn that I must be more attentive to you all, instead of going on as if everything's fine. If I overlooked this, I'm sorry. Lize: I-It's not your fault, it's- Agni: Let's get going. I don't want to keep them waiting too much for me to return. Agni continued to walk back. Elizabeth and Mirfah, who were both enraged a second ago, fell silent and followed him. They knew how wrong they were and the trouble they caused... after all, Agni seemed really mad. At them and at himself.
  9. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah But before Nemesis could fully leave, Elizabeth held her arm strongly. Lize: N-Nemesis... can I ask you a favor...? Hold me... and don't let me go... because... Lize: *takes out lance in range* I WILL SKEWER THIS DAMNED PIECE OF SHIT!! Mirfah: *grips on dual blades* I'M ON IT!! TO HELL WITH THOSE GUARDS, NOTHING WILL PLEASE ME MORE THAN CUTTING YOU DOWN!! Melina Melina: My, my, I would love to. Consider your invitation accepted.
  10. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah Mirfah: ... Lize: Heh. You should be ashamed of yourself. Such ridiculous attitude... why, I do really think that you are- Mirfah: I've been listening to you ramble about my errors on and on... about how I'm a dumbass and how I was dead wrong about getting lost...! BGM: Forma tumultuosa somnii (Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable) Mirfah: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME LIKE THAT?! Lize: ...!! Mirfah: Yeah, I got lost! SO WHAT?! I never stepped here before, all those damn buildings are big as hell and this whole town looks like a damned maze!! You're right, I got distracted with the scenery and separated myself from the group...! BUT THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT!! IT HAPPENS!! Lize: Decided to play the dramatic brat right now? Wow, I'm glad I'm not your mother. I would be so embarrassed right now. Mirfah: SHUT UP, YOU ANNOYING PINK PIECE OF SHIT!! Lize: What the- Mirfah: All you do is judge others, but have you looked yourself at the mirror?! You're a goddamn freak!! And you dare to call yourself a "Heroic" Spirit?! A noble?! The only thing that's noble about you are those diamonds on your legs, BECAUSE YOU'RE A MISERABLE FAILURE AS A PERSON!! Lize: How dare you... If Elizabeth and Nemesis were both angry at him, all that judgment has pissed off Mirfah. He was no longer at the point of control, as he would just ramble and speak. Even Tommy, who was trying to defend him, wasn't spared... Mirfah: Friends?! FRIENDS?! What are you, stupid?! All of them... they think you're a NUISANCE!! Or is that colorful world of yours something completely beautiful for you to ignore that?! Lize: M-Mirfah, quiet down!! I know he's a little different, but- Mirfah: I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU!! PIPE DOWN!! Lize: Honestly, this little... After this, he finally turned to Nemesis. She and Elizabeth have been badmouthing him all this time, so he wanted to make sure he wouldn't just stay quiet about this. Mirfah: And lastly, you. What are you, Ms. Perfect?! Do you excel on everything just so you can look down on every mistake of others?! Of course you are, SINCE YOU JUST SCREAM AT EVERY SINGLE HELLISH POINT SOMEONE DOES!! IF IT'S DIFFERENT FROM THE WAY YOU ACT, IT'S NOT GOOD?! TO HELL WITH THAT!! Furious, he turned his back at them and began to walk alone. He didn't even care if he was going in the wrong direction again, as long as they weren't near him and someone else would come after him, it'd be fine. Mirfah: I take back what I said. I'd prefer to be lost at this point than being found by you. If you're so unhappy to have wasted your precious time looking for me, then don't worry. IN THE NEXT TIME, DON'T COME AFTER ME!! IF I'M IN DANGER, LET ME DIE FOR WHATEVER YOU CARE!! Lize: You... you UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BRAT...!! Agni Artwaltz and Magnum Alexandria Agni: There are some loud screams... is it a commotion? Magnum: I don't know, but the voices sounded a little familiar. Agni: I'm going to check it and I'll be right back. Don't follow me, I'll be fine. Agni walked towards the direction the whole screams came. He was a little worried because of the familiarity of the voices so he sped up his steps.
  11. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah Elizabeth pushed Mirfah away to a distance enough for them to be away from the stranger. They were close to "The Warrior's Hangout", but still weren't there... not before she could have a little chat with him. Mirfah: OK, OK, stop pushing me! I can walk, you know! Lize: ... Mirfah: Anyway, shouldn't we be headed to that place? I feel like we're not going there yet. Lize: You idiot!! What do you think you are doing, wandering around alone in a city you don't know an inch?! Mirfah: B-But I apologized already... why are you still mad? Lize: For the record, you little pig, I NEVER intended to accept an apology! Do you have any idea on the delay you caused in our schedule?! Mirfah: I'm not a pig!! And didn't you say that accidents happen?! Give me a break already! Lize: YOU give ME a break!! Seriously, how I wanted you to get yourself lost and in trouble! At least I could look at you and laugh!! But no, I had to SEARCH for you as if I'm a mother looking for my lost kid! And I'm not THAT old!! Mirfah: C-C'mon, just leave it be? Can't we consider this as past waters already? I won't get myself lost anymore!
  12. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory and Mirfah Mirfah: Oh yeah, they're some of the friends I made in the group! Elizabeth was ready to skewer Mirfah, but she knew it would cause trouble to them if they decided to fight or even take their weapons out. Not to mention the stranger who accompanied him. Lize: ... Mirfah: I'm sorry I got lost. The city's kinda big, so I got distracted. Lize: T-That's fine, it's totally fine! Accidents happen so much, oh my god... Mirfah: We were heading to that "The Warrior's Hangout" before you could appear. I was kinda worried about what was waiting there, but I'm glad that I found you now! Lize: Hehe... he... well, then I suppose we can get going now. She bowed graciously to the stranger, portraying a worried look. Lize: I'm sorry if Mirfah caused you any trouble, mister. He's a problematic kid, you see. Mirfah: What?! But you just said- Lize: N-Nemesis, why don't we take Mirfah along with us right now? Tommy, make sure you don't stay behind too. Elizabeth pushed Mirfah away as they went through the road. She wouldn't just snap at him in front of someone, that would be disgraceful.
  13. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Mirfah Mirfah: Alright then! Lead the way! Mirfah decided to follow the kind stranger to the designed location of the meeting. He had no other choices other than this, so he just went along. Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Good that we managed to find his location. Now, let's move before we lose him again. Elizabeth followed Nemesis and Tommy. She wasn't too interested on the chuckles, but Tommy's innocent excitement pleased her. She was having a joyful experience out of this "deal" so she just played along. Agni Artwaltz and Magnum Alexandria Noticing Lucina's wary action, Agni could understand what she was meaning. He remembered about the guards, however, and how heavily armed they are. Agni: Lucina, I agree we have to be wary, but it's best if you put Falchion back in its sheath. We might end up picking problems if they see you wielding this sword like that. Magnum: I wonder what Liz is doing. Did they managed to find Mirfah?
  14. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Alright then. Let's begin. She had to find Mirfah and fast. Not only she was bothered that she had to look after him and the consequential delay, but leaving Agni behind like that was not good... for reasons unknown. Elizabeth was unable to describe the feeling. Was this truly "love"? She never understood those. She never needed those. All she needed was blood and only that... Lize: Excuse me, mister. I'm looking for a lost red-haired young man. He's wearing a sort of a black coat, has dark skin and looks annoying. Do you have any information about this person? Mirfah He couldn't exactly remind himself of where they were at the beginning, but he knew where he... or rather, they were supposed to go. Mirfah: I can't exactly say where I came from, but my other friends are going into... what was it called? "The Warrior's Hangout"... yeah, I need to go there. Agni Artwaltz and Magnum Alexandria They kept walking with the rest of the not-scattered party. Among the sightseeing, they eventually found a peculiar place. Agni: Look at that certain building... it's kinda different from the rest... Magnum: Do you think that it's "The Warrior's Hangout"? Agni: I have a feeling... this might be the place Light and Nemesis were talking about. Magnum: Should we go inside, then? Agni: We need to wait for the others first. Let's not barge right in or we might draw unnecessary trouble.
  15. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory Lize: (Hehehe... what an innocent kid. Playing with him will be definitely interesting!) She looked back at Nemesis while smiling with mischief. Whether or not the girl would understand the meaning was another story. Lize: Shall we begin to ask around then? I don't want to leave Agni waiting for too long.