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  1. Location: The Arena - Reception Anwalt saw the fierce fight and how LightFlare seemed to have everything under his control and how almost none of Hyde's attacks were working against him. Anwalt: OK, that guy's clearly something else altogether. Guess the "hero" title isn't just for show. Anwalt: Though that aura of his... is it a demonic one? Location: The Arena - Virtual Training While everyone was seeing the fight, Lucent kept on training. The AI didn't seem to give too much of an effort, but he still kept being very attentive of their movements even if the session was almost over. Lucent: *evades a slash* Close one. Now for the riposte. Lucent slashed the soldier three times and used Star Shard to push him away with a single crystal. Soon, all of the soldiers were reunited into one place. Lucent: Alright, just a little more and- Machine: Time up. Session has ended. Please leave the room. Lucent: Already? OK. I did manage to train a while and to vent out my frustration. Guess my swordsmanship needs a little more practice, but I'm not fanatic for fights... Location: The Arena - Training Room Lucent left the virtual reality room and looked at the TV. He saw that Hyde has just attacked and LightFlare used a move to move around impervious. Lucent: Just by this sight and I can see that Hyde's struggling to stand up and attack. Whoever this person is, he's tough. Lucent: (I might just stand here and keep watching. I'm not going to fight anyone, anyway, and I don't want to head back to the seats.)
  2. Location: The Arena - Lobby Anwalt looked at the TV at the lobby and looked at both fighters. Anwalt: "The Hero", eh? Seems like a tough wall to take down. Location: Training Center Lucent looked around the training center, trying to find the right equipment, when he heard the cheers coming from the TV. He gave it a glance to see Hyde against an unknown person, seemingly more experient when it comes to a fight. Lucent: That's definitely an uncommon combination. I wonder if Hyde will manage to win... the other person seems ridiculously strong... After giving the glance, he stumbled on a strange panel, in front of a room that seemed new there. He examined the whole structure and then looked at the panel once more. Lucent: (Wait, what is this...? Virtual reality?) Lucent: (Guess I found the equipment I'm using. I just need to configure the AI.) It didn't took too long for him to understand how to operate the machine. With some presses and he managed to finish configuring the settings. Lucent: OK, let's revise the situation. 6 foes in the field, weapons enabled, magic power enabled... location set to arena. Now to press start and to go in. After pressing the start button, he went inside the room. Location: Virtual Reality Training Once he went in, the place seemed to fit a colosseum. If that wasn't sufficient, the AI chose to look like soldiers instead of thugs or something less royal-looking. They went into position, ready to battle him. Lucent: At least I won't need to worry if they're hurt. Sancte Kiravel! Agnus Raviel! BGM: Rain Tear Cage From thin air, light began to radiate as a sword and a staff materialized in front of him. Lucent took it and immediately entered into fencing stance as the AI foes moved towards him. Lucent: I'll make sure not to let any of you remain standing, AI or not. Photon Burst! Lucent condensed energy near one of the soldiers and bursted it, scattering them.
  3. Location: The Arena He got up and cleaned some of the dust in the clothes. Then, he scratched his head and sighed. Anwalt: Well... nothing I can do, right? A loss is a loss. Gotta admit, I went cocky because of my training with Lucent, but I should've known it wouldn't be the same thing. Anwalt: By the way, there's no need for you to attack me. Your first knockdown was on that moment when it looked like nothing happened. I took advantage of the moment just to look as if I wasn't down. He went towards Raina and extended his hand. He wasn't planning to trick her after revealing the truth... and even if he did, what would it change? Anwalt: You're pretty strong, I'll give you that. Next time, I won't be an idiot and I'll give you a hell of a fight. Location: Training Center Lucent went in and looked at the television there. It seemed the battle was already over, with the result he saw ever since the beginning. Lucent: (I know someone would say "Shouldn't you have some faith on your brother?" or something like that, but on a fight he'd lose immediately for going cocky... there's just no point.) Lucent: (Also... while I'm at it, I better discard this form while I'm at it. This isn't how I look anymore, anyway...) For a normal human, it would look like as if he disappeared and someone else stood at his place. Lucent abandoned his old image, one he used at Anwalt's request before travelling, and took his current form once more. Lucent: Now then... where should I go to practice first... or rather, which equipments are sturdy enough so I don't have to discharge my anger at Anwalt later and be reported for cruelty or something of the sort?
  4. Location: The Arena Anwalt: What the- AGH!! Anwalt wasn't able to defend it well and got knocked out for his third time. Anwalt: Shit... I lost...
  5. Anwalt evaded some of the orbs, but others were aimed at him into an point where he wouldn't evade. Anwalt: Alright then... With his palm, he stopped an orb. A second one came in and stopped it with his another hand while being pushed by them. A third and a fourth orb came, fusing themselves with the others. While still being pushed, Anwalt managed to hold them still. Anwalt: Now to take off this annoying light...!! Anwalt's dark aura got visible once again as he began to drain the light and fill the orb with darkness. Soon, the big orb got pitch-black. Anwalt: And back to your owner you go! Viper's Staggering Fang!! He charged energy and reared back in a stance. Once done, he hit the orb with a leading hand to a jab and sent it flying at fast speeds back to Raina.
  6. Anwalt: Like hell I'm getting hit once more.
  7. Unable to escape, Anwalt gets hit and his first visible yet second knockdown happens. Anwalt: (Shit... Knocked down once again. One last chance.)
  8. Location: Training Center Lucent: O-Oh, did he? OK... I'll be checking them out... Lucent walked away towards the while thinking about it. Anwalt might have done it while Penelope was dragging him to the seats. Lucent: *sigh* (Let's... maintain the composure. I can't lose my cool all the time... though I'm honestly hoping the training dummies are durable.) Location: In the Arena The crowd's cheer would let someone get cocky. Not Anwalt. He knew this was far to be over since the score was actually 1:1. In stance, he waited for Raina's next move instead of charging ahead, like usual. Anwalt: (The dust blocked the sights, but I took one down, so we're even.) Get up.
  9. Location: Arena Anwalt: Like hell I'm gonna let you do whatever you want. HAAAAAH!! Anwalt ran blindly at her, taking the hits from the amulets. The damage he was taking was boosting his own strength, so he didn't mind getting hit. Anwalt: Here we go! Nightmare Stampede! Anwalt went back at her with a flying kick once again. Because of his ability, however, he went at her like a furious cannonball. Location: Training Center Meanwhile, at the Training Center, Lucent looked around, when he noticed Kirimuri was looking at him. Lucent: (Analyzing me, are you? Well, I do need to train my magic, so you may feel free to watch.) Lucent: (It's the least I can do to kill some time. Anwalt already received a knockdown, but the dust blocked his view so it made look as if he hadn't.) He went to the secretary in order to ask her if he could check the equipment of the training center without being a member. Lucent: Excuse me, I wanted to know if I could check the equipments without being a member. Is that possible or only with the membership active.
  10. BGM: The Tyrant (BlazBlue Chronophantasma) As the cloud of dust rose, there he was, standing normally. One could see that was a good hit, though. That didn't mean something actually nice. After all, his strength had been rising for a while now. Anwalt: Heh, you're good, I admit. It's nice to get a different fight once in a while. Anwalt: Well, guess I can actually go a little more wild now! Anwalt repeated the same move from before: rising up a boulder and shooting it at Raina. However, instead of only going with one, he went with five boulders, those going even more faster than the previous ones. Lucent: (She'll soon figure out that the more she brings him to the end, the more his strength will go up and the crazier he will be. She might try going for the certain one-kills instead of showering with a barrage.) Lucent was showing complete disinterest on the battle. He hasn't been actually interested in watching the fights, less so to be there at all. Maybe the training center could be interesting? That would mean he had to give his name. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to fight someone, so at least visiting the machines used to train the fighters would be nice to distract. Lucent: (You know what? I'm tired of seeing this. I can just kill him later at the Dream Realm. What was our score again? I died 7 times and he died 8... guess I'll open a difference just so drawing again gets hard.) Lucent: I'll actually go back to the training center for a while. Tell me the results later, OK?
  11. Anwalt: And I'm getting hit... The wall might have defended him from a frontal attack, but the pincer one came in a speed that Anwalt wasn't able to react in time and got hit. Dust covered him, so he wasn't that visible. Lucent, bothered, sighed. Lucent: *sigh* (Good job, idiot. You trapped yourself and got a deserved hit.) Lucent: (Now do me a favor and get up, accept defeat or whatever, just end this now...)
  12. Anwalt: (Typical flying shooter trick...) Seeing that Raina moved to her right, he moved to his right, in order to keep blocking some of the projectiles with the use of the two orbs, still reflecting each other. He then proceeded to raise another boulder, but he tossed it in an arc, like a volleyball, instead of going straight. Lucent: You liar, it didn't took you nowhere. You actually formed your own vision about this, so it's somewhere. Lucent: But yes, if Raina were to keep shooting incessantly, Anwalt would lose... or not. I know my brother well, and he's used to situations like this since we train together a lot... and our training isn't exactly normal.
  13. Seeing as the orb came at his direction, Anwalt reared back and began charging his power. The ground began to shake a little. Anwalt: Not interested on buying the orb. Black Doom Spear!! Anwalt's dark aura finally revealed itself as he charged forward and hit the orb with a hook punch. The clash between the powers was difficult, but he managed to send the orb back towards Raina. Once he did, he charged back at her while going behind the orb, in order to not let the distance enlarge more so that she was in a comfortable zone to win. Lucent: (If it wasn't for the training back at the World of Dreams and Nightmares, he'd be exploded and took his first knockdown. Hmm...) Lucent: What do you think, Penelope? How's the observation so far taking you?
  14. Anwalt: Now the show's beginning to be fun. Anwalt evaded the cards and needles, but the orbs managed to hit him and knock him away. He did that on purpose, since it related to his power, as Lucent knew really well. Lucent: (Going to let her weaken you just so your power grows up?) Lucent: (You should've grabbed her and take one easy knockdown. What's with you today? With her, you play around and when we're training, we're trying to literally kill each other?)
  15. The distance between them made it hard for Anwalt to attack. However, he also got unsure about keeping the offense since Raina hasn't attacked once. Anwalt: C'mon, Raina, show me what you got! If you'd rather just give up, I'm fine either way!