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  2. Vulcanic Kalos: Iblis' Resting Ground All of the attacks kept doing damage on the unconscious Iblis. Soon, more and more people came to help with the beast. Argento: (From where all those people are coming from?!) Agni: Good job!! It seems far more weakened! Then, a six-bladed young man started attacking where Iblis' frozen core was. However, Argento blocked his blades before they could keep attacking. Argento: If you truly value your life, then stop doing that! Victoria: What?! Why?! If we attack the core directly, won't we be able to- Argento: Use your head instead of questioning me. If you miss a brain, then you can ask your true self about it. Victoria: I swear... this guy...!! Anna: But he is right in a way. Thanks to miss Kahrelimi's ice spear, we managed to freeze Iblis' core and leave it in a weakened state. If we were to break the ice right now, it would reawaken and become even more stronger than before. Argento: Now that someone has finally enlightened your clueless minds... get away from this ice!! With a spin, he deflected the attacking blades and sent the man back to the rest of the group with a kick. Agni: Hey! He was just trying to help! Argento: If he- no, if you all were truly trying to help, you would focus on something else instead on reawakening this thing!! BGM: Agmen Clientum still playing When they looked, something was flying towards another building. It was Magio, who went inside it through a broken window. Agni: Darn, I really forgot about that guy!! Anna: Prince Magio!! But he soon returned to the same roof and kept battling with Shura. Magio: I'm not done yet!! Shura: Good!! This battle is just what I needed!! Argento stood annoyed and flew towards the building, in hopes of rescuing Magio in time. Agni: Victoria, launch me! Victoria: RIght away, dearie! Asterius grabbed Agni and launched him towards the roof they were fighting. Because how serious both were, they weren't immediately noticed. However, Agni shot at Shura and made himself present. Shura: ERGH?! Magio: Agni! Argento! Argento: That is enough. I will not let you kill him, am I clear?! Shura: Do not interfere in my battle with the White Knight, you peasants!! Magio: You don't have to worry about me. Go and take care of Iblis! Agni: We have a lot of time until that thing starts going on again. Right now, I want to know what this guy wants with us.
  3. Vulcanic Kalos: Iblis' Resting Grounds When Agni and Kiravel arrived, they saw Argento fighting with Iblis while Magio was dueling with Shura. Agni: Where did that guy come from?! Kiravel: He is a demon from the Netherworld. Must have passed through some portal to arrive. Agni: Yeah, but who should we help? Argento: Magio said to leave him to the demon and fight alongside me. Agni: OK! I'm diving in! Let's go, Kiravel!! But before he could "dive in", Oro, Kahrelimi and LightFlare were already attacking Iblis. Agni: Whoa! Did that work? Argento: Question it less and shoot more. Argento descended and started to attack Iblis with his Dark Volley, using his Keyblade as a dark projectile machine gun. Agni: Alright, Kiravel!! Do your magic!! Kiravel: I will!! Megistus Raid!! Kiravel went upwards and then descended at a fast speed. At the time, LightFlare used his special move to attack Iblis. Agni: (Wait for it... wait for it...) Iblis: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Agni: Now!! Heaven-Piercing Skewer!! Agni shot a single bullet from his rifle towards Iblis' mouth. The bullet took a form of a white spear as it finally went inside the giant beast. It roared in pain once again. Agni: On the spot!! Kiravel: Master, I will crash on it now!! Dismount!! Agni: I'll leave it to you then, partner!! He jumped off from it as the blinding light that was Kiravel crashed directly with the fire beast. Then, a light pillar emerged from its location. Argento backed off from it as Agni landed right near Light. Iblis roared once again and fell unconscious. Kiravel returned to his gun form and went back to his owner. Argento: Foolish beast... Agni: I do hope that works, because we have another problem. BGM: Agmen Clientum (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) They were battling on a roof and the duel was fierce. Despite having only his Keyblade, Magio was able to endure Shura's multiweapon attacks. Shura: Take this!! *goes to smash Magio with his halberd* Magio: *evades* I'm not going down that easy! Haaah!! *attacks with a slash* Shura: *defends with claymore* An obvious move! Both backed off and aimed at each other carefully. Decisive moves could happen at any moment. Magio: (This guy's good. He's really versatile with many types of close-combat weaponry that it's hard to land a hit on him. If I get the chance to use a Limit Break, even if a Lv. 1, it already helps.) Shura: (I have no doubt that he is the brother of the Overlord, considering how agile he is to react. But if I can turn his agility against him... let me try it out!) Shura dashed to attack with his claymore. Seeing his attitude, Magio did the same thing and ran to attack. As both were close to each other, the demon decided to take the upper hand. Shura: There!! *removes small sword and slashes it against Magio's Keyblade* Magio: What the- UGH!! With the advantage of taking him off balance, Shura began to slash Magio with his small swords and proceeded to launch him upwards with his claymore. In midair, he returned Magio back to the ground with a halberd smash. By the time that happened, Anna, Victoria and Asterius arrived on the scene. Anna: No, Prince Magio!! Victoria: What the hell... who is that guy?! Shura: Clearly the demons have overestimated you. I shall take my leave to find another powerful opponent then. Shura returned his weapons into position and began to walk away. However, at the moment he turned his back, Magio got up. Shura: Hmm... I guess you still have energy to fight. Magio: ... Limit Break Lv. 1: Fever Pitch! Magio was clad into a light green aura and he ran towards the demon. Shura unsheathed his claymore once again and tried to get Magio into a horizontal slash. However, Magio slid under his sword. Magio: Two can play the same game! Aerial Slam! With an uppercut slash, Magio threw Shura in the air. Thanks to Fever Pitch, his attack speed had improved a little. Magio moved fast into the air, slashing Shura upwards 4 times. In the fifth slash, Magio slammed him back into the ground. The war demon fell like a meteor, crashing in a roof. Magio: *reappears on the roof* What's the matter? Not feeling it? Shura: *gets up and goes into battle position* The battle has just begun, White Knight!!
  4. Burning Kalos City: Iblis' Resting Ground After a little flight, Magio reached Iblis, who was in its first form. Compared to the rest of Kalos, the point where the flame monster stood was a fiery volcano and its scorched ground, flowing with lava, seemed to expand. Magio: So... this is Iblis... Iblis: Arrrrgh... aarrrgh... Magio: (It seems dormant right now. But even without creating destruction, its presence is enough to do this. I think I should head back now...) However, just when Magio began to head back, the ground and buildings began to shake wildly. BGM: Iblis Phase 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006) Iblis: Arrrrgh...!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Its loud roar echoed among the streets and the flames grew higher and higher until the vivid red of the flames was the only thing covering the city. The heat consumed the entire atmosphere. Magio: Whoa! This is bad! I have to fall back now! But problems began to appear once more. He was ready to leave, when a sword was pointed at his face out of a sudden. Magio; What the...?! ???: So, you are the warrior in white, brother to the Ultimate Overlord Necrox... Magio: W-Who are you?! One Who Searches Eternal Strength Wicked Warrior Shura Shura: I am Shura, warrior of the Netherworld. White Knight, I challenge you to a battle. Magio: I don't have the time for this!! If I don't warn the others, Iblis will- Shura tried to slash Magio with his halberd, but the knight grazed the fast attack and backed off. Iblis roared once again. Shura: Little do I care about that giant monster of stone. Now, let us begin! Magio was surrounded. He had no chance to escape from either fights. Alone, he would never be able to defeat any of them. Plus, Shura seemed determined to not let him pass at any absolute cost. Then, Argento appeared. Argento: Magio!! (No, I was too late!!) Magio: Argento, hurry and warn the others!! Tell them to come here!! Argento: Worry less about the rest and more about yourself!! I am not going!! Magio: Tch... then help me with Iblis!! Leave this guy to me!! Argento nodded and flew towards Iblis. He pointed his Keyblade towards it and started to shoot dark projectiles at it with his Dark Volley Shotlock. As for Magio, he looked into Shura, who was ready. Shura: With that out of the way...!! Magio: Where did we left off?! Vulcanic Kalos: Streets BGM: Iblis plays here too The loud roar was heard by the rest. Soon, the flames started to get closer and closer. Victoria: What the actual heck?! Maribel: The flames... they are covering everything! Renko: Aaaah!! I don't wanna die burned!! Agni: That roar... was that Iblis?! Kiravel: Master, everyone! I can feel an immense power coming from the north. I can also feel Magio, Argento and another being alongside that said power! Agni: Crap, they must be in danger!! Kiravel, full speed ahead!! Kiravel: As you command!! Kiravel flew the fastest he could towards the north. The awakening of Iblis meant the destruction of whatever remained of Kalos. Anna: We must hurry up too, Victoria!! Victoria: You don't have to remind me! Asterius!! Victoria ordered and Asterius barged towards Iblis' location. Anna went alongside her.
  5. Burning Kalos City BGM: Another Side, Another Story (Kingdom Hearts II) The worms filled the entire city, who was in complete ashes. They saw everyone fighting to stop it, while the others discussed the point of Iblis' location. Anna: This... is completely horrible... Agni: It's just one disaster after another... seriously, why? Victoria: Anyway, we can't waste time. Magio, we're going in too. With a fingersnap, Asterius rose from the ground. Victoria jumped on his shoulder, with Agni and Anna following her. She started to order it and the brutal monster began pummeling the worms as Agni shot them. Anna was paying attention to see where she was supposed to act with her healing. Magio: Alright, it's time for some action. Maribel: Magio... what should we do? Magio: Just stay here. Don't jump in the fight or you're going to get in danger, got it? Renko: Got it! Maribel: ... Please, be careful. Magio nodded at them as he and Argento flew off from Ultraman's shoulder. Argento: As I heard, Iblis is to the north. That is where we are heading, is it not? Magio: But we're not picking any unnecessary fights. Let's stay out of it and warn everyone about how the situation is before we can ever act. Argento: Hmph. What is the point? Why should we even bother about them, anyway? Magio: You're really stubborn... Argento: ... Whatever. As I said, all that matters for me is your life. Magio couldn't do anything but smile wryly and fly. Argento looked at him flying and then stood thinking... Argento: (... If not Iblis, we have two more threats. One is that demon Jebediah, who is somewhere around here. And the other one...) Argento: (If what he said is true, then I have to kill Shura without any failure. I cannot have him killing Magio... or any of those fools, no matter how much insignificant they are to me.) Argento: (I feel a presence around Iblis that is different. If that is the case, it might be Shura. I will ambush him before he can do anything.) Argento flew the same way Magio went, but at a point, he went into another direction. The others noticed that and began to suspect what he was going to do. Victoria: He started going the same way Magio did and then suddenly changes directions? What's with that? Anna: Maybe... he was going to see if there are any survivors? Victoria: Who? Argento? Nah. He ain't the collaborative type of person. Agni: ... I get the feeling he knows something and it's hiding from us, as usual. I'm going to follow him and see what I can find. Anna: In that case, will you see what Kiravel transforms into? Agni: Good idea. I summon you, spirit of my gun! Come, Seraph Wings Kiravel! Agni threw his white gun in the air as it glowed brighter by seconds. Once it finished, the gun revealed a enormous angelic dragon, flying in the sky. His voice echoed as he presented himself. Kiravel: I am at your command, Master Agni. Your wish shall be my eternal order... Agni noticed that now he had a white sniper rifle in his hand and that his other has vanished. It was the same thing that happened back at the Netherworld, when he summoned Magnazorda and Kiravel had disaapeared. He jumped on the dragon's back. Agni: So, who's with me to find out what Argento's actually up to?
  6. Currently buying MBAACC on Steam without regrets. Always loved that game anyway.

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      sadly can't buy it since card problems

  7. "Lost in Thoughts All Alone"... clearly prefering the Birthright version.


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      Sound like the title for "Kingdom Hearts: Brooding Edition"

  8. That moment when you have a Yuri fanboy friend and a Yaoi fangirl friend discussing next to you and then you remind yourself of Nina and Soleil's support on Fates...

  9. So many extensions posted today, I'm impressed with myself.

  10. I have to say, @Mister Fael, from the few players I went against, you're one of the best Izayoi I saw. Hope to have more good matches like that in the future.

  11. OK, let's play some BBCPEX, shall we? If someone wants to play, give me a shout.

  12. Giovanni's Battle Theme: Blinded by Light Soon, all screens holding the commercials started to break apart as shooting sounds could be heard. On the last one, everyone returned to the scenery of the Flame Core. The rest of the Netherworld Team looked around. Magio: Is this... the Distortion? Argento: Magio?! What the... what are you doing here?! Necrox: Ah, stuff happened. Anyway... Both Giovanni and Necrox walked forward. The angel soldier pointed Kiravel while the demon lord pointed his scythe, aiming at Thanatos. Giovanni: Demon Thanatos. Your crime of summoning an once lost monster of darkness is now under Heaven's jurisdiction. Come with me quietly. Necrox: That's your protocol? Giovanni: Kinda lame, right? Wanna do that way? Like old times? Necrox: I don't like working with angels that much, but exception made. Necrox dashed forward and rendered Thanatos useless by enveloping his neck with the scythe. That gave Giovanni time to attack him with a barrage of homing light bullets from Kiravel. Victoria: IT'S MY DARLING!!! Anna: Excuse me?! That is MY fiancé! Renko: Wow, they managed to shoot him right in the belly. Argento: How did you all ended up here? Mephilia: That was already resumed as "stuff happened". Magio: RIght now, we found that Medusa isn't in the Netherworld anymore. She might have left some residual part of herself to trick us. Argento: So, she is here already, then. Good to know. Maribel: Umm... we have a problem. Magio: Which one? Maribel: Demons! As Maribel pointed, from far away, a considerable number of demons was marching their way. They were a lot of Stygians, mixed from the normal, Lesser and Elite ones. Kogorou: The Scarlet Barrier must be pretty weakened. It might not hold demons that much anymore... Nero: Damn those bastards Agni and Rudra. We've coulda fixed it before leaving that damn place!! Mauriet: Brothers! Nero: Stay back, Lil' Mau. This ain't thing for children, y'know. Mauriet: I-I'm not a kid anymore! I can fight! Kogorou: Help them with Thanatos them. We will both contain the Stygians. With a high leap, the twins went in front of Necrox, who held Thanatos' neck ever still but managed to look at the troop coming. Necrox; Ah, how wonderful. Demons are coming into the Distortion and- Necrox: Demons are coming into a Distortion?! What the hell?! That's freaking impossible!! Kogorou: Lord Necrox, concentrate on your fight! Nero punched the ground violently and fast, producing small boulders. Kogorou, at his turn, used his wind power to shoot the boulders at the Stygians in order to reduce the number before they cold get close. Giovanni: Luminous Rune!! Necrox: That's my cue! Necrox released Thanatos from his grip and backed off to Giovanni as he shot a big light that went to Thanatos and exploded. They knew he wouldn't be defeated with that, so they remained in position. Magio: Did it work?! Argento: Stay at position and be prepared! Necrox; You bastard... both you and that Medusa bitch. I'm gonna skin both of you and eat your insides for dinner!! Now get out of that smoke and fight back, you asshole!!
  13. Haapy Birthday, Fael! Whenever you're up for some CP matches, just shout it out!

  14. Back from my trip. Oh, and late happy Easter to everyone!!