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  1. Lucent Vermillion Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport Lucent: Dark powers aren't what bother me. I have both light and darkness inside me as well. It's their usage, like you said. I still don't agree with the fact you used it unnecessarily against Hyde in that match and it's far from me accepting that as respect between fighters. I find it an overstatement to the fact that you are powerful compared to him. Lucent: Still, I will comply and let this event go as past waters. However, I don't want to relive the solitude I felt and no one will make me, enemy or ally. So if you try these same tricks against Anwalt or Umbra, I will drown you in the most cruel nightmare I can create until your soul lost its complete spirit to live. Lucent agreed with the handshake and responded it. After knowing LightFlare's story and seeing what he went through, it woudln't be fair of Lucent to hold a petty grudge against an event. The warnings were given though, so he would be sure to have his family out of dangerous range. At the end of it, however, Lucent smiled somehow. Lucent: And please, while we're together, take your time and rest well. We're companions of this quest and I plan to have you and the others to enjoy the trip, even though not all of them are here to have fun.
  2. Anwalt Vermillion and Umbra Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport The girls seemed to be enjoying themselves in this shopping spree for the next hours until the ship arrives. Outside of the store and watching them, Anwalt and Umbra somehow started talking with each other... or rather, arguing. Anwalt: Not gonna buy anything? Umbra: Why would I need to buy anything? I don't feel the needs that humans feel. Anwalt: ... Umbra: You can get angry as much as you want, I'm not leaving. Anwalt: Shut up and don't speak about it. I'm trying to ignore it. Umbra: Are you now? Anwalt: ... You want me to be pissed at you or what? Umbra: Seeing you acting like a rabid dog after having your scenario ruined is really fun for me, so keep on with the anger. Anwalt: Seriously, sometimes I wonder if you're loyal or if you enjoy watching others being hurt. Umbra: I'd say both. I'm loyal to Lord Lucent and to you, of course, but I can still have my fun at watching you two slip over and have life punching you at your faces. Anwalt: The loyal part was a good thing to hear. If you're that loyal, then pick an airship and get back home. Umbra: Get on your knees and beg. Maybe then I'll consider it a bit. Oh, before that, let me get the camera. Anwalt: What?! Hell no, I'm not begging anything! Umbra: Darn it, I was hoping to get some good photos of you begging just so I can send over back home and post them online... Anwalt: ... You're lucky I'm holding myself back and trying to contain my hand from pummeling you hard in the ground until you descend to hell. Umbra: Let's try and have some fun. I mean, we're on a trip so why not. I just hope I can get to use my equipment soon. Anwalt: What equipment, Umbra? Umbra: You know, the usual torturing stuff... like those iron maidens... Anwalt: OK, OK, that's enough, I don't want to hear the rest. That's really creepy. Umbra shrugged, as for him everything he said was pretty normal. He looked to the other side, expectling Lucent and LightFlare to appear and rejoin them. Umbra: I wonder if Lord Lucent will take too long speaking with LightFlare... I'm pretty sure he wants to buy some souvenirs for everyone back at home. Hopefully they're already coming our way. Anwalt: What I hope is that they got to some consensus and will try to become friends.
  3. Lucent Vermillion Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport He heard LightFlare's story, finally understanding the origin of his dark power. By hearing that Anwalt had shared his backstory with the others, Lucent had no chance to hiding it, since it was something he never liked about himself: his past. Lucent: I see. So he told you his part of the backstory concerning us both. Well then, before we can continue on the why I created some distance, I'll tell my part of the story. I don't want to leave this incomplete, as much as I don't want to share my past at all. Lucent: I may be only a rich kid whose actions may be rather prickly and unreasonable, but I had my share. If it wasn't for the insistence Anwalt and my friends had, I would have never left my room at the orphanage… or I'd end up dead by my own hands, which is even worse. Lucent: That's all I can tell about me now. It might sound like some horror story… but I do wish I was just joking about all this. I'd skip the grotesque details, but my memory wouldn't allow it.
  4. Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport Lucent: ... Of course. I was thinking about it as well, LightFlare. Anwalt: (Oh boy, this doesn't sound fun...) Umbra: Well then, let's go. Lord Lucent, I'll be sure to not let Lord Anwalt next to a gambling machine. Anwalt: Hey, I wasn't going to gamble anyway! Lucent: Alright then. LightFlare, follow me. Lucent and LightFlare went a different way as the others went to the shopping center inside the airport. Lucent: Well, I believe I already know what it is, but let me ask. What is it you wish to talk with me?
  5. Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport BGM: Sunshine Airport starts playing again After a good and short walk, the group finally reached the airport. There, Lucent and Umbra were waiting at the entrance, as Anwalt said before. Lucent: Oh, there you all are. You got here quite earlier than what I imagined. Anwalt: We're all ready to depart, Lucent. Let's board on the ship and- Lucent: We still have two hours before the ship arrives for departure. There's no use going to the boarding site now. Anwalt: Oh, OK. Then let's spend time shopping around on the stores! Lucent: Before we can continue, let me introduce Umbra. He's the general of the Vestal Guard back at home and... a sort of mentor, if I'm to put it in some way. Umbra: What's the problem with calling me a servant if I'm exactly that? Lucent: You're more of a family member to me than some sort of butler or guard. Anwalt: Also, an annoying and unobedient one, at that. Should've put you on a leash... Umbra: Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny, Lord Anwalt. You should definitely try the stand-up line of comedy with those jokes. Anwalt: Sure I will... maybe breaking your face apart will be one of those jokes. What do you think? Umbra: Sounds funny. As a follow-up, I can break your spine and twist your neck. Lucent: Oh, even better! I freeze both of you and drop you from the airship if you don't stop arguing like I told you on the phone. Umbra and Anwalt: *gulp* W-We're stopping right now. Umbra: So, what are their names, Lord Lucent? Lucent: The maid is called Lilith, the small girl is called Penelope, the shrine maiden is called Raina, the tall guy is called LightFlare and the woman is called... uh... Anwalt: Her name's Melina. Lucent: I see. I suppose that Hyde left to do something on his own, so he won't be coming with us anymore and now we got an extra ticket left. Anwalt: That's pretty much about it. Also, you don't seem fazed by it. Lucent: He did sound pretty uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Kalos when I asked him yesterday, so it became obvious he didn't want to leave. Well, all we can do is hope that everything ends well on his side. Lucent: Now then, shall we go shopping? I suppose we'll need some change of clothing, especially for Penelope and Raina who arrived here without nothing. Umbra: There are a variety of shops here. Perhaps we can find clothes that belong to your respective worlds.
  6. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Reception Lobby BGM: A Life Without Worry still playing Anwalt: Don't worry. I know where the airport is from here so it's totally fine. Also, I still have the map from yesterday so we're not getting lost. Anwalt: Also, I'm pretty sure there are clothing stores in the airport. We might find clothes for Penny and Raina there. Anwalt got up from the sofa and picked up the bags. Taking out the map and his terminal from his pocket, he went towards the door. Anwalt: Alright, let's go. I'm warning Lucent to wait for us at the entrance.
  7. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel BGM: A Life Without Worry Anwalt: Says you. We didn't get practical yet for me to confirm anything, so there's that. Anwalt: Well, if you're planning to teach Penny how to defend herself, I might drop in and help you guys. I do think it's best if we keep training her on something she already knows how to handle, though. After saying it, Anwalt waved a goodbye at both of them and left to the lobby. As he reached it, a crow came flying directly into his shoulder, holding a keycard in his beak. Anwalt: (This has to be Lucent's keycard he forgot to give me since he was so interested on shooing himself away, I was going to break the door and pay it afterwards, but he would be furious at me. Oh well...) He took the elevator and soon reached the rooms. He went on his and Lucent's rooms, picking their bags and left afterwards. Returning to the lobby, he sat at the sofa and waited for the others.
  8. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria / Restaurant Melina seemed to be teasing Penelope, somehow. While Anwalt liked to do that, he didn't want Penelope going on those things in such a fast rate. Anwalt: Hey, don't go teaching weird things to Penny, Melina. Let's not taint the girl. Anwalt: And I'm done as well. Gonna head up and get the bags for our flight. See you guys later. Anwalt left the cafeteria and went to get his and Lucent's bags. Lucent Vermillion and Umbra Location: Kalos City - Interdimensional Airport BGM: Sunshine Airport still playing Lucent and Umbra had just finished eating their breakfast. The young Vestal ate fruits and salad while his guard enjoyed a tender piece of meat. Lucent looked at the clock and thought about the others. Lucent: I wonder what are they doing right now... and if they'll take too long to arrive. Umbra: They're probably finishing their stuff back at the hotel. Maybe breakfast ended for them now too. Lucent: I think so. Oh, wait a second... He peeked at his jacket's pocket and saw the keycard laying there. Lucent: So it's here in my pocket. Umbra: That card is needed to something? Lucent: It's to open the rooms. I left with it since I didn't know if my roommate was a heavy sleeper or not. Anyway, I'll probably send it back now. Suddenly, a crow materialized in Lucent's left arm. He picked the card and put it at the bird's beak. Lucent: Now you take this to Anwalt at fast speeds, alright? I don't want him breaking down hotel doors. The crow cawed and flew away towards the hotel. Umbra: Seems like you haven't lost your touch at summoning these beasts. I thought you were at higher levels, though. Lucent: Tell me you didn't expect me to summon a Werewolf Nightmare just for this... Umbra: Far away from it. Still, I took years to learn how to call my pack and you seemed to be doing that instantly. Lucent: Look, it took me some time before I could do it. Also, I'm sure you're better than this at me. Umbra: You have any doubts? Lucent: Oh, someone's feeling cocky. I might have to teach you a lesson or two someday. Umbra: Feel free to try. Spanking bad kids like you is what I do best. Lucent: ... I take it back, that went so wrong in so many ways. Lucent: Your sadism even goes to that line, huh? Umbra: What exactly I have done now? Lucent: Something I don't want to speak about, so let's cut this talk short and think of another topic.
  9. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria / Restaurant Anwalt: So that's how your powers are born. We're almost the same then. Seeing how Raina ended hers up a little fast, Anwalt decided to speak up next. Anwalt: Since everyone's so intent on sharing backstories. I guess I can share mine as well. At least, the part of it that concerns me the most. BGM: Terra Anwalt: Back in my world, our family was known to be composed of Nightmare demons of high caliber, so we were pretty much at the top of our game. At that time, my father, who used to be the Emperor of Nightmares, fell in love with the Vestal of Dreams, my mother. By breaking the rules once formed by the ancient generations, they married and planned an union between both races, who were enemies at each other's throats. I'm fruit of that love, but I only inherited my father's blood, while Lucent managed to inherit both of them. Our live was really peaceful and enjoyable, since both Dreams and Nightmares seemed to agree with the alliance and Mom and Dad's marriage. Anwalt: That is, until an extremist faction rose against the alliance. A bunch of Nightmare Demons who were against the whole peaceful setting attacked our home when I was 16 and Lucent was only 5. By that time, we already had an incident happening which involved our powers, but things turned for the worse with the attack. Mom and Dad escaped with Lucent while I was injured and lost among the demons. My power suddenly rose up as I was in the verge of death and I managed to take most of the invaders out alone with the last of my strength. I don't hold anything against them, since I was the one who gave them the idea of leaving me behind. Anwalt: When I finally calmed down and felt my life stripping away from me, a Nightmare Demon took me in his care forcefully. That damn fool trained me through hell and worse. I stood 3 years with him somewhere away from from my home. When I completed 18, he just disappeared as I had to make some living. Around that time, I got in contact with fighting and ended up liking it. I was crowned champion on many of these fight clubs, when I was scouted by some random businessman. He called me in, saying he needed more strong people like I do and that the work resulted in a lot of money. Since I had a dream to fulfill at that time, I needed the cash so I took in. That was a hell of a wrong turn in life, though... Anwalt: I began working with the yakuza, so I ended up dealing with all sorts of risky jobs. "Debt collecting", smuggling, ransom killing... a lot of blood spilled by my hands. In the two years of my initial join-in, I got fed up with all that sort of business and decided to deal with the boss myself. I challenged him and now he's on a grave, resting like a bone after a dog buries it. I took the group for me and changed it around my way. We began to work as a yakuza group against the yakuza. So yeah, we betrayed the movement and went along with the police. The income grew, the blood was less spilled since we didn't get found out most of the time. The times we were caught... well, the ones against us didn't survive to tell the story today. Anwalt: Three years later and I was already swimming in cash. The amount necessary to build up my dream. And that was getting back home, rencounter someone of my family who could be alive and give them some peaceful settings for once. I searched like crazy in order to find someone through the net and I stumbled upon Lucent's profile. I think I never felt more hopeful at that moment more than ever. So I settled all my things, left my business running with my partners and travelled back to my homeland, all in order to fulfill my dream. *BGM fades* Anwalt: Well, I guess that covers my part up. The next part is Lucent's, so he needs to be the one who tells it. That, and because there are things only he can tell. Anwalt: I feel like we spent some good time here. Should we get packing our things up or someone else wants to speak up?
  10. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria / Restaurant After turning off the call, Anwalt looked at the others and decided to interrupt them for a second. Anwalt: Hey, before we can continue with the whole knowing each other business, I got an update on our situation I want to pass out. Anwalt: Just received a call from Lucent and he told us we're going to Candor via airship. He told us to prepare our bags and to be there in three and a half hours. Anwalt: With that out of the way, someone wants to speak up next?
  11. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria/Restaurant Anwalt: So that's what happened... hell, that's one big of a story. Before Anwalt could comment anything else, Anwalt's terminal started to ring. Anwalt: (Well, speak of the devil.) Yo, what's up? Lucent: I'm calling to warn you that I got us an airship to Candor. I bought everyone's tickets and the ship will depart in three and a half hours. Make you bag and bring mine as well, please. Anwalt: Whoa, nice work! We'll be there soon enough! Lucent: Alright. We'll be waiting you all here. Anwalt: Got it! Wait... "we"? Lucent: Oh... yeah, "we". Because Umbra's here with me Lucent Vermillion and Umbra Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport Anwalt: WHAT?! *cough* *cough* Lucent: H-Hey, calm down. Eat first and then talk. Anwalt: I can't believe this! And you just let him follow along?! Lucent: You know that Umbra won't listen to us if we decide to send him back. Umbra: That's right. I won't. Anwalt: Oh, so he's hearing it. Hey, Umbra? When I get my hands on you, I'm tossing you back on an airship straight home! Umbra: Tough luck, Lord Anwalt. I'd clearly like to see that happening. Anwalt: Ahahaha... but you are a big piece of- Lucent: Enough, both of you!! At Lucent's call, Anwalt and Umbra stopped before they could even start a discussion over the phone. Lucent: I won't admit this sort of childish discussion between both of you! This may be our trip, but we're in a group of people and it's supposed to be fun for everyone! If you two decide to start this again, I'm beating you two up with my spells. Was I clear?! Umbra: *gulp* Y-Yes... Lucent: Also, instead of discussing with Umbra over the line, finish eating breakfast. Like I said, you have three and a half hours before the airship departs. Make sure that everyone has their bags prepared as well. Anwalt: Tch, fine... I'll tell everyone back here to get ready as well. Lucent: Alright then. See you all in three and a half hours. Lucent turned the call off and looked at the smiling Umbra. Lucent: You had to provoke him... for no reason. Umbra: What's the problem about it? I'm just stating the truth. Lucent: *sigh* Can't we have just a normal trip?
  12. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria / Restaurant As Anwalt dealt with 1/3 of the pile, Melina asked about Lucent. She clearly noticed his actions while LightFlare seemed to not understand. He would've liked for this to be kept in silence and having both sides resolve this issue by themselves, but that's not going to happen. Anwalt: Your fight with Hyde and your dark aura, that's why. When we were watching, we thought it was fine and that you had it under control, even if you seemed mad for like, 6 seconds. Anwalt: Lucent didn't. He saw it as over the limit. We explained the idea of respect between both fighters but I hardly think he saw that as "respectful". Anwalt: So yeah, he has something against you and is on caution 24/7. That's the reason why he took the stairway and why he's eating out.
  13. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria/Restaurant Anwalt: Yo, Melina! Day's going to be wild, so we better pick our new energy right from the start. Anwalt grabbed his fork and knife, beginning his "breakfast". Small pile by small pile, the food went down on his stomach.
  14. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria/Restaurant Anwalt made his plate and went to the table where the rest were sitting. His plate was a mountain of mixed foods altogether. It looked and felt like a mess, but that pile was the amount he was going to eat. Anwalt: Well then, since we're all here, let's have a good time!
  15. Anwalt Vermillion Location: Grand Wave Hotel - Cafeteria/Restaurant After following Lilith and the others, Anwalt reached the cafeteria as well. The sweet and delicious smell of food made his stomach rumble. Anwalt: God, this looks delish! I don't even know what I want to eat first! Lucent Vermillion and Umbra Location: Kalos City Interdimensional Airport BGM: Sunshine Airport After a walk, Lucent and Umbra finally reached the airport. It seemed packed with heavy tourist movement, as if the sounds of multiple groups of people chatting were inerent to the place. Lucent: The airport still seems filled as every. Umbra: Well then, we should buy eight tickets. What sort of class are you going to pick for them? Lucent: The high one, perhaps. Umbra: After booking a hotel such as that one, it doesn't leave me surprised. Lucent: I mean, I think I do want to provide some comfort to them. If I have the means to, why not? Umbra: Not going to discuss there. Let's go buy the tickets at the booth then. Lucent: We can buy them via internet. We need to find us a restaurant to have breakfast then. Umbra: What was the point of coming here if you weren't buying on the booth then? Lucent: We did a walk, we chatted for a bit... it ended up being fun. Umbra: That could've been done at the hotel. Lucent: Let's just find somewhere to eat without any complaints. Besides, we're close to the embark, so it's easier for us to wait here. Umbra: *sigh* OK, I got it.