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  1. From the world-famous POKEY THE PENGUIN WEBCOMIC it's POKEY THE PENGUIN POKEY comes with FOUR SUPERS and HIGH QUALITY CONTENT that will leave you ACHING FOR MORE He probably has numerous bugs but honestly it probably improves the quality I hope you enjoy my first release in like, two years Download: http://spacey.lv/mugen/ Youtube:
  2. I am showing off my release of Relentless March of Progress, which is my parody of touhou edits that have weird names, colors, and have nothing to do with the character they're edited from. The other working name of the character is "Scrap Brain Zone". Try her out and you will see why. Nice, soft, easy-on-the-eyes palettes. Original version is Mamizou by Etoile. You can download her from my mugen site: http://spacey.lv/mugen/
  3. I'm a little late, but I wanted to say I really appreciate the fact these are custom sprites. Fantastic work.
  4. I mean, if there was one I notice that I like the character enough to want to make an AI of, sure. I actually made a character exclusively for SpriteClub (Save SpaceMouse!) which I should probably at least put a note about on my site, and I'm working on a really weird Mamizou edit right now, but yeah, I do still make stuff. I've just been busy with lots of real life things.
  5. Nazrin Deluxe by SpaceMouse (2/1/2017) After much delay I am finally releasing Nazrin Deluxe. She is an edit of .DAT's original version, with a whole lot of stuff added. Think Arrange/Crazy Mukuro. And you'll have a great idea of what I've done. You can download her from my MUGEN page: http://spacey.lv/mugen/
  6. I have updated the first post in the thread with Chip's Challenge, Billy 'Big Bang' Blitz, and Lemeza. I also have updated Sparkster's description. Check them out!
  7. I have released Pulseman, available at my site. Kanbei: I have not had time to look into your request, I am currently moving! I will hopefully get a chance in the next few weeks.
  8. No problem! It's done. I had to update some of the sprites to shared, and move some sprites around, but I've implemented the palettes in the version available for download on my site.
  9. I actually just pushed the cosmetic fixes and ZombieBrock Shogun's palettes to Wonder Boy Shion now. Like I said, the fixes were pretty quick.
  10. Maximum Maxime's a bit of a weird case, just a warning - I think i'm going to do a bit further tweaking of him. I'm a little displeased with where he's at. Too strong, in my opinion. Sparkster I'm waiting for my friend to finish his part of working on it - he wanted to use some of the unused sprites I had ended up processing, but not adding attacks to - once that's done, I'll need to revamp the AI to make up for the changes. Shouldn't be too long, depends on his schedule. By the weekend, is my guess. Wonder Boy Shion is really just some simple cosmetic changes I really could just finish in a day, I've been working on Pulseman during my free time though, and probably would update Shion at the same time I push the Sparkster update. The Zabi with AI is absolutely terrifying. I guess you've seen GooGoo64's creations, but putting an AI on them makes them crazy difficult to fight - my Zabi AI can lock opponents down the entire fight sometimes. He takes down Level 11 AI Justice! It's one of the scariest edits I did, and the GooGoo64 character that inspired Mawile (and why she doesn't have AI). Thanks for the kind words! To answer your question, it's just been my internet alias for a long time. I've just always doodled the 'mouse in a space suit'. SpaceMouse Classic was my first character I made, back in December, and an OC seemed like a good enough option for a first character; he was in no way fair, but I suppose that's something everyone makes. After Classic showed up on SaltyBet months ago, I got an influx of people messaging me, and some drawing fanart, even! I wasn't originally planning to make more than SpaceMouse Classic, but people's words inspired me to make more, make the AI updates, and fully revamp SpaceMouse classic into SpaceMouse Deluxe. Hand-drawing sprites is a great deal of work! I've been meaning to add readme files with movelists to my original/sprited creations, but I generally try to keep the movesets simple / have them make sense. If you provide me a link to anything, I'll take a look at it and see what I can do. I enjoy AI programming; I don't find it exceptionally difficult.
  11. Hello, I am SpaceMouse. Some of you may know me from my creations being on SaltyBet. Laharl had been suggesting for me to create a topic for a bit, and given my characters are starting to gain some notice, I felt I probably should. I have a number of original/sprited creations, and some character edits. All of my creations can be found on my website, SpaceMouse's Mugen. I tend to like to take older, kind-of-obscure platformer characters and make fighters out of them. I'm currently looking into making a few stages. Comments are welcome. Original Creations SpaceMouse Originally a joke character that eventually got remade into something more, SpaceMouse is a zoner. A character for anyone who likes mashing random buttons, the AI keeps a very regulated pace of damage. Has a bunch of hidden character interactions. Sprited Creations Chip's Challenge Chip was originally a suggestion by a friend of mine, after his complete failure to actually beat the game Chip's Challenge. I tried to make Chip more reasonable than my previous creations, but still keep the unique 'style' I have of weird moves. He can (surprise) play as a zoner, but it's much more fun to be using the boost button to fling yourself around the stage as much as you can. You can see a video of him in action here. Billy 'Big Bang' Blitz Billy is probably the closest I have to a 'traditonal' fighter, although I tried to keep his abilities faithful to the original. He uses ammo for his special weapons, which recharge over time, and only has one super, although it has multiple possible results. There's even a 2% chance of getting an OHKO! Billy's pretty notable for the sheer number of custom intros he has, which at the time of this editing, numbers over 125, although many remain untested. You can see a video of him in action here. Lemeza Lemeza is a concept character, as an experiment to have a completely non-traditional way of fighting. By himself does barely any damage. His damage is faithful to his source game, with no attack dealing more than 10 damage. The key thing for Lemeza is using the Ankh Jewel summons one of the eight bosses from his game. The bosses can damage both players, and are as faithful as I could make them. You can only imagine the sheer undertaking this was. That being said, he's one of the coolest characters I've made, because of how completely different he is as a fighter. He can't control the bosses, and they fight him too. But he's much smaller than his opponent, probably, and that can give him an edge, given how large the bosses are. Videos of all eight bosses are here. Video probably explains this better than I can. Sparkster Sparkster is now much cooler than he was when I made him, and actually does some neat AI things like calculating the vector to his opponent to figure out the correct move to use. His supers are based off of gems he collects, instead of his super bar - his super bar is now his ability to rocket, so he can't infinitely juggle. He has some assists, he has an air throw, a stun that does no damage... he's really, really cool now. Pulseman Pulseman was an effort to make a rushdown character that enjoyed long combos. Although nowhere near as flashy as Ronald, or the like, he still usually likes rushing people down. Has some ranged moves, so can zone effectively. His Volteccer ability lets him break out of combos or use it instead for a close-range high damage super. I have recently updated him to tone down his power level. Wonder Boy Shion Shion was my first real big undertaking as a character. He doesn't do much damage, but his AI is very aggressive, and he has lots of assists. I just fixed the previously mentioned cosmetic bugs, and updated with ZombieBrock Shogun's palettes he created! Thanks, ZombieBrock Shogun! Mawile Mawile is an extremely simple character with only 9 attacks. It was an experiment I did to see how well a character can do without any real AI - It's kind of meant to be a cheap character, when actually controlled. AI-less it's notoriously unreliable. I kind of made it to be like an old character you'd find on a MUGEN site circa the early 2000s, like "SSJ8 Vegito" or something. Edits I have a number of edits, but there's only one I'd really want to mention, because of how large the overhaul was. Technically an edit, but I figured I'd mention it here: Tora Shou Minoo never really made AI for characters, and Shou was one of them I found that was AI-less - the character also had a move cancel button, which the basic MUGEN AI had no idea how to take real advantage of. So I made her into an aggressive rushdown/zoning character that takes advantage of the move cancel button. Minoo also had a habit of using the super bar as the Touhou 'shot' bar, which made the characters good for about 20 seconds of a fight, then almost completely stop fighting. I made the super bar only for supers, as is pretty equivalent for many higher-level Touhou characters. There was some real magic here that I just brought out. I love Minoo's work, and it's a shame to not see their characters shine like they should. A number of other edits are available on my site, but I don't feel there's much to them worth talking about, but if anyone wants to ask about them, I'll weigh in.
  12. For Mawile I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping it Mugen 1.0 is the AILevel activation - I hate the old Winmugen style of AI activation. Too unrelaible.
  13. Hey! Creator of Wonder Boy Shion here - I'll totally add these to the official release if you want. I think they're great!
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