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  1. PlasmoidThunder

    Touhou Project

    Not that I know of. I don't believe there's any DDC characters outside of Wakasagihime, Kagerou, and Sekibanki, not counting the Shinmyoumaru conversion from ULiL/AoCF.
  2. PlasmoidThunder


    STAGES -Added the following stages by Kung Fu Man: -Ghost Tower -Pokemon Contest -Revolutionary Battle Thanks to DoomBowser for finding them.
  3. PlasmoidThunder

    Uncle Plas' M.U.G.E.N Videos

    I fight an A.I. I don't like.
  4. PlasmoidThunder


    STAGES -Added Outskirt Stand by Valiant97. -Added Pokemon Roca by Mugen Toons. MISC. -Added English voice for YAMAKICHI's Achamo (Torchic) by YochiThMaster333.
  5. PlasmoidThunder


    Finally got around to doing something with this collection. CHARACTERS -Added Mega Mewtwo Y by DarkLuigi. -Added Blaziken by XavierYagami. -Added Phantom Gardevoir by SaikyoSuperman. -Added Nightmare Gardevoir by SaikyoSuperman. -Added Rampardos by SaikyoSuperman. -Updated Litten by Montblanc.
  6. PlasmoidThunder

    Potentially removing Mugen Archive from our site blacklist?

    Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. I am the head admin of the MUGEN Database. I blacklisted MA on the MUGEN Database as a source for downloads due to their use of at the time and the security risks associated with it, and was banned on MA for writing a single silly quip on MFG, like many others at the time. A good while later, certain quotes from the Database Discord were taken out of context regarding MA's pestering of Capcom for money, of which MA (or to avoid blaming the entire site, Sol) saw as a threat on Dizzy's life (note: 'Dizzy should be removed', which was referring to the user's position, not existence) and made a thread about it on MA. Certain people questioned whether Sol had misunderstood, though someone brought up the possibility of these people being my alts, also leading to the person who originally stated 'Dizzy should be removed', DoomBowser, being accused of being my alt. When Dizzy joined the MFFA Discord to tell everyone how evil of a person I am, I explained the whole situation to them as being a huge misunderstanding and posted the original conversation in full, of which Dizzy acknowledged before making a passing statement of how childish we are; it's a pity that despite knowing this, they still continue to parade Sol's original assumption as the truth. To this day, Dizzy persists in claiming I'm trying to divide the entire MUGEN community for my own benefits by instigating a war on MA, as well as flooding sites and Discord servers with alts to convince people to join me. Both statements are a load of nonsense with no evidence to back them up. 2007 was when what's known as creators' rights was in full swing, which is when stuff in this community was pretty stupid. In short, using code snippets, sprites, and other content from other characters deemed 'closed-source' by the creator was considered stealing, and a lot of forums enforced this to the point of policing releases and banning people who were caught doing such, not to mention the amount of flak you'd get from everyone; in addition, warehousing was despised and creators would actively try to get any rehosted versions of their content taken down. It was dark times, Harry Flare. Dark times.
  7. PlasmoidThunder


    You misunderstand. I meant I probably wouldn't get around to adding all of them today (probably won't get around to adding anything, eugh), but would eventually add them all in due course. If you're once again trying to make this about you by referring to your own creations, I'd appreciate it if you didn't; the point of a collection is to have everything, so purposefully obscuring things and hoping I won't notice is pretty selfish, honestly.
  8. PlasmoidThunder


    I get that the hate boners are sky-high for this person, but I'd rather you didn't use this as an opportunity to dogpile on them. I may not be a moderator, but I manage this collection thread and I'd rather people remained civil when posting in it. As I said, those two are the only ones I know of, so that means no Articuno as far as I'm aware.
  9. PlasmoidThunder


    Hence why I said some stuff. I'll be damned if I get around to adding all of them. Please stop posting in this thread if this is all you're going to do. Thanks. The two in this collection are the only ones I know of.
  10. PlasmoidThunder


    I haven't gotten around to adding anything because I've been a bit busy. Hopefully I might get some stuff added later today.
  11. PlasmoidThunder

    Card Sagas Wars Prototype Updated (01/07/2018)

    Game updated again.
  12. PlasmoidThunder


    Can't say. I'll be adding more for as long as they get released or unearthed.
  13. PlasmoidThunder

    Card Sagas Wars Prototype Updated (01/07/2018)

    Highly anticipated game both inside and outside the MUGEN community that's been in development for a long time, but all went quiet for several years until recently. It was praised for its amazing spritework, gameplay (or what was shown of it, at least), diverse roster of popular video game characters, and its plethora of assist characters that span a huge range of video game series, being covered by a number of news sites; heck, this prototype release was covered by Destructoid and Game Informer.
  14. After all this time, it's finally out. This is technically not an official release, but a prototype version that reflects the game's state up until 2011. The roster consists of only four characters at the moment with just two stages, though Ahruon has stated that more content will be uploaded over the coming days. The game is no longer being worked on. [ SCREENSHOTS] [ DOWNLOAD ]
  15. PlasmoidThunder


    CHARACTERS -Added Gardevoir by IkuTronHD. -Added Piplup's 7th Evolution by Yensi78.