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  1. CHARACTERS -Added Minccino by Megaman. Kills itself before the round starts.
  2. So I'm in the process of sorting out the Master List...
  3. @Eclaire Farron Yer music bgmloopstart = 1983687 bgmloopend = 4466953
  4. @Eclaire Farron #1 Doesn't loop, sorry. #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 201404 bgmloopend = 4268755
  5. CHARACTERS -Fixed link to James Rocket by Cy Van Pelt. STAGES -Added GB Saffon City by WarioGuy. Yes, Saffon. Not Saffron.
  6. Meanwhile, this thread...
  7. Because regular users have no need to be there, since they exist for admins to discuss private matters; the actual part of the website people are interested in is fully viewable. You go to a wiki to read articles about the wiki's topic, not to see what the admins are up to; similarly, you go to a forum for its help topics or to see what new content has shown up. You go to the Archive to download content, yet a lot of that content isn't accessible. What does restricting user access have to do with paying for the site's servers? Also, do you really feel the Archive needs you going around making topics like these just to stay relevant? I mean, what part of this was necessary? In fact, what part of this entire thread was necessary? You're beating the dead horse's ghost's ectoplasm at this point.
  8. This thread should be closed anyway. It's just a silly user trying to play soldier in a war that doesn't exist. Please don't be stupid. Both the Guild's and the Database's content is unrestricted to everyone; you do not need an account to view and/or download content from either website, only if you wish to participate in their respective communities. The Archive is primarily a warehouse, yet access to its content is restricted; people are effectively required to create an account and post in the forums just to bypass any download restrictions. Your remark about site moderation is legitimately one of the dumbest things I've ever read and I can't be bothered to dignify it with an actual response.
  9. Bored, were you? Needed some attention? It's hilarious that you even consider it a war, but then again, you're literally the only person who keeps kicking up the dust. Loads of site views? Well duh, people come looking for MUGEN downloads and pornographic content. Loads of users? People having to sign up to download stuff. Loads of forum activity? People having to post in the forums just to get their rank high enough to bypass download restrictions. Mystery solved. Now zip it.
  10. CHARACTERS -Added Latias by Secret1056.
  11. @Eclaire Farron The OP hasn't been updated in a long while due to it becoming increasingly difficult to edit (it's very slow). #1 Yer music bgmloopstart = 1036465 bgmloopend = 3594212 #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 82955 bgmloopend = 4315923
  12. Stronger bgmloopstart = 51577 bgmloopend = 3451831
  13. Right, cool. Does open the floodgates for more of this though.
  14. @Eclaire Farron #1 Yer music bgmloopstart = 109993 bmgloopend = 2957796 #2 Yer music bgmloopstart = 106157 bgmloopend = 2352995 Search a seal ~Tethe'alla~ bgmloopstart = 125402 bgmloopend = 3690521
  15. Kagerou x sundae