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  1. Oh, whoops D: CHARACTERS -Added Pikachu by YochiThMaster333. -Added Manectric by Crowsar.
  2. Selection (Remastered - NOUA) bgmloopstart = 35041 bgmloopend = 4930276 Battle 6 (Magus Night) bgmloopstart = 346690 bgmloopend = 5021831
  3. What's this? 640x480- Bah! I'm not doing this every time. It's those Vortex Lifebars I made ages ago, but redrawn to look less vile. Anti-aliasing in M.U.G.E.N 1.0...kinda; I mean, it does the trick for the most part, but there are times when it doesn't look quite right. Is a 1.1 version coming soon complete with real anti-aliasing? Yes, so sit tight if that's the kind of thing you're after. Just like before, there's a version that uses default portraits for those of you who don't fancy making portraits for every character in your roster. Since the main version uses custom portraits, I've put together a .zip file containing a handful, aptly named Vortex Infinity For those of you who have already made portraits for the old version, the download comes bundled with a new template that incorporates the anti-aliased edges of the portrait frames, though all your old portraits will still look fine should you choose to continue using those instead of updating them. P3/P4 portraits are unchanged. Both versions of the Vortex Infinity Lifebars, as well as the aforementioned Vortex Infinity, can be downloaded here.
  4. You actually don't. If you open the image in a new tab and remove the thumbnail parameters from the URL, you can view it at full size.
  5. There have been reports of malicious pop-ups and such, though it doesn't help that you need an account to download from it.
  6. It's a nice sprite, but there's a few things that seem a bit off with it: -You can see the bottom of the bat's handle, but you can also see the flat top of the bat itself; given the angle of the sprite, you should only be able to see the former. -There's a lot of banding between shades, which ruins the overall smoothness of it. -Though for the most part the lightsource is consistent, the bottom of the bat's handle should be fully highlighted since the lightsource would be hitting all of it. -The way the shoes are angled makes it look like she's standing on the sides of the soles instead of being flat to the ground.
  7. Or alternatively, you could actually read what RicePigeon posted and act upon that. As the rules state: MUGEN Archive should also be on that list of unsupported file sites.
  8. Back to posting pointless junk.
  9. Waste during summer vacation bgmloopstart = 541180 bgmloopend = 7420002 The Youkai Girl Cometh! bgmloopstart = 226755 bgmloopend = 5456497 Who Else Is Covered with Blood? bgmloopstart = 178059 bgmloopend = 5205459
  10. In today's video, I forget what crouch blocking is.
  11. To whomever is able to, could they move this:

    to here:



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      Much appreciated!

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      on a related note, some staff and even admins have been having difficulty accessing certain moderator functions lately, so stuff like this might take a bit longer than usual.

  12. Tweet tweeeeeeeet!
  13. CHARACTERS -Updated Ash Ketchum by GTAguy.