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  1. This SEGA-based fangame is crazy AF! Can't wait to try the new update!
  2. I see Suika! I see Mystia! I see Kyouko! I see Koishi! I see YUYUKO!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!
  3. Happy Birthday, TopKirby!!!! :D

  4. Shovel Knight has been updated yet again! Thank you SO MUCH for the custom sprites, @thebestmlTBM! These look great!
  5. After so many character showcases uploaded by me, I decided to start uploading regular, random fights again. This thread is all about random battles and such uploaded by me! Here is the first battle for today.

  7. Justice in Creativity!
  8. Shovel Knight updated again. I decided to change the version number to the version date for the rar file and for the update log. Same goes to my previous characters too, which will be updating soon.
  9. Happy Birthday, Batros!!!! :D

  10. This is why you're my most favorite MUGEN creator of all time! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
  11. How do you get straight A's?
  12. The first LoLK character has joined the battle! Nice!
  13. Dear Monday,


    1. thebestmlTBM


      Yep. Welcome to Carpet Munching Monday.