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  1. I don't know what really ruined your experience with the site entirely and I don't know if you're gonna enlighten us with this whole "big rant" of yours but you do know that we're not trying to start drama right? We're only discussing to see if Mugen Archive deserves another chance but with what votes we have and how people feel about the site with their point of view, it looks like it won't be anytime soon even though its not the determining factor of the final thing (understood man, sorry rice) Every site has their ups and downs, nobody's perfect. Stiring up drama won't do anybody good so instead of bashing this site like you're usually doing, you should start being civil about this and think about what would be better for this situation to make some sort of truce that would give plenty of people relief.. if that's possible.
  2. I don't even understand what's with them and this "war" they're spewin' about. What war? There's no war whatsoever far as I know. I'm not surprised but it's starting to get on my nerves... I really need to relax.
  3. I have a personal bias with the site as I was banned there for little to no reason whatsoever but I'll try to be civil about this as much as I can. But with how M.U.G.E.N Archive behaves with the community with people like Dizzy and Sol being admins there I can only stick with saying to keep them blacklisted. The site has goods such as hosting a bunch of characters that would be considered lost in time with relative ease and I think there's some neat people there but the flaws overshadow these with them focusing on building a community rather than fixing what should be done and removing limits. I didn't like them for their beliefs and how certain admins there lie and spew hatred and probably even further after said ban when they were having a Community Weekend which is a terrible idea the way they handle their site. Till they get themselves together and at least try to see that we're not trying to start wars and at least communicate with us without drawing to conclusions so soon, they should remain blacklisted.
  4. Expand Dong 2: Electric Bugaloo You didn't ask, but I delivered it. The sequel to my Expand Dong April Fools joke is here with no tricks, only bananas! Get it here for your M.U.G.E.N today: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O5i0RQ7HN3oCIMfKdbmx-TRhtTJLOI22/view
  5. XenoCard's Wip Thread Greetings people, this is my W.I.P thread as I shall show you what I'm working on. (Some things are changed overtime to make it nice and easy) CHARACTER Arcnel (Original/Street Fighter) For MUGEN 1.0/1.1 Only (Based out of my old work NeoZekrom) (Sprites from Jmorphman's Ken) Development Log: 20% Status = Not really there but his sprites and all that stuff is there. Shiba (Booby Tales/Custom) For MUGEN 1.0/1.1 Only Development Log: 0% Status = Still getting sprites needed to convert, Nearly finished with his basics. Dowl (Booby Tales/Custom) Status: MUGEN 1.0/1.1 Only Development Log: 0% Status = Ripping Sprites, might be easier to work with.
  6. Hey fellas, missed me? Alright, it's time to show some stuff. First. Cynos You guys remember Cynos right? He's getting a new design like I said for a game I'm going to make for Ikemen called Vibrant Fighters. He was meant to be released a week ago but I gotten lazy about that.. Sorry guys. Still, I got good news. Cynos is literally 50% Finished. His basics are all there. He's just missing his specials, and supers. I might consider adding EX Specials but, for now I'll leave them out. I'm planning on releasing him at the weekends so expect either today or sunday. If not, Tuesday is my best bet. Now the next guy is... you guessed it. Voltes! That's what you think this is who I meant.. you're right. But, he's getting a redesign! Look! That's right y'all, For the first time in years one of my oldest W.I.P.S is getting a revamp. New look, new style, new ways to roll. He brandishes a lightsaber and a wisecrackin' mouth of Nick from Left 4 Dead 2. Fun Fact, when he was being made he had a Energy Sword, A supermove were he turns into a dragon, and was basically a KFM spriteswap. However, this new version of Voltes is made in scratch like Cynos. Expect him in Spring/Summer 2018! And finally, other characters. Now, I was thinking about taking it easy and do sprite rip characters since they can be a chore to animate and do. But, what do you guys think? Here's one of the potential canidates I could do Dowl from Booby Tales or I can do a NGPC character (Probably finish NGPC Akuma.) Who knows? Anyway, that's about it for my update. I'll try to finish Cynos, but till then have fun!
  7. Alright boys, It's about that time.


    To show Voltes, Cynos, and other worthwhile stuff to know instead of hiding them under the rug.

  8. I wonder how I'll rip the Booby Tales sprites.. The only two I need that I really want to consider doing is Shiba and Chesha

    1. TMC55


      Maybe you should try asking @Valgallah he made a character from the game.

    2. Xenocard


      I did ask him that, gave me neat pointers and useful stuff too. I'll have to figure out another way or find a working build of Booby Tales so I can rip them properly. somehow

  9. I'm still working on Cynos' new design being into MUGEN.


    Only a few more basic attacks to go then I'll be able to show his combo skills and other stuff before I retort to his throw and specials... and supers.

  10. Xenocard

    Cory [Booby Tales]

    Man, I'm really glad that you converted a character from Booby Tales into MUGEN. Now I feel like attempting Shiba. How did you get the sprites anyway? Still, nice!
  11. Xenocard

    Undyne released by MEGAX (1/5/2018)

    Bless. A better Undyne for Mugen. I'm surprised on how well made she feels..
  12. Cynos shall get a new update. But before he does, there's a teaser of the next Mugen Character. Voltes!

  13. Yeah, Party On! Cynos' is released! 


  14. Cynos by XenoCard "Wake up!" Are you ready true believers? The Definitive Version of Cynos is here with his Championship Edition Release! Cynos is a 6 buttoned Marvel vs Capcom styled character made in Pivot Stick Figure 4. He's more suited for close combat so he has no projectiles but he knows how to tango when the duty calls for it. More stuff will be on the way for him, but for now I hope that you'll enjoy this character to your heart's content. UPDATE LOG: Added MVC effects and tweaked some stuff to make him feel less bareboned Can now be hit in Taunt (finally.) Crash Track and Crusader's Drive changed entirely Added Lunar Erruption as a new Super Move. Added new special: Twin Pistons His next update will be his overhauling new design. Can't wait to show you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/15ztlXGPHypA0u59dLWJVYYCknIyk5kuL/view?usp=sharing
  15. Thats something I'll definitely look into in the future. Shiba comes first to test the waters but I dont know if the sprites can be ripped.
  16. Xenocard

    DSP (A mediocre POTS Dan Hibiki edit)

    Somebody should so Urien as LowTierGod. that idea is golden. Actually.. I think I know how to help, since there's a bunch of good stuff for material with LTG
  17. My fellow dudes, I have some news to share with you guys. Cynos... is almost finished. But. Cynos lacks something I'm sure of but I do want to make him right. That's where you guys come in! I'm looking for people who can test him out and help me what to do and what's wrong with him so I can improve him and for my future characters. I'm really proud about this character but he can be better with your help. If you wish to help me out, send me a private message and I'll lend you a testing version of him. Here's him in action!
  18. Cynos is almost complete but for now, I think I'll need help with tweaks to finish him off..

  19. Here's the stuff so far that's been updated.
  20. Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm back with Cynos. He's up and at em again. I managed to get on the computer of my grandparents. So I should be able to suffice. For Cynos, He's gotten a few amount of redesigns but this one should be the cake. Now he definitely looks like Vectorman to an extent but, I'm not sure when will his release date will come. You'll just have to see eventually whenever I can roll. Thanks for following the development, I'll try to update better.
  21. 2017's starting up fine. But I do gotta make it up somehow with these characters in-bound.



  22. Xenocard

    mugenarchive needs help

    I think the others covered that up for me. The ads in MediaFire you can handle through fine at least. And yeesh the fact Dizzy said that when he hates leechers when others do at that site is just... wrong.
  23. Am I the only one who really loves Akuma in Street Fighter 5? He still have the same moves but he feels so brand new.


    I even love his new Shun Goku Statsu which basically shows what he's doing.

  24. Xenocard

    mugenarchive needs help

    Sounds like it's more troublesome in your hands. even though mediafire has pop ups and ads, at least it doesn't restrict file sizes to download. And despite it not having all the extra space to put stuff in, at least you're not obliged to do so since you can always just put stuff in and out without a hassle. in Mugen Archive, you pretty much have to do something in-order to literally get a simple file despite so. So it's pretty much true that paid content on a freeware really doesn't mix together and adfly is the worst since I had a hard time even getting the things I need.