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  2. So Mega X (the dude who made XIII styled Chica, Toriel and Foxy) is planning to make Undyne and that's pretty neat.

    1. Pluscross


      Can't even call them KoF styled. 119-way was the only creator I can think of who made completely foreign to KoF characters right in KoF style. His Mario is a great example on how to do it, much more than them.

  3. Heyyyyyy, Happy Birthday, Gladia!

  4. Oh yeah. I should've made/updated the topic, but Sennou's Yuuki got updated. She has an EX Mode now! Kirito and Asuna got updated as well.
  5. Ah. Didn't know that, to be honest.
  6. So today I learned that New Akiha Yagami was pretty much not meant for normal MUGEN and would need a serious balance edit to have a fighting chance.

    1. Yagoshi_The_Yoshi
    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Might just post a link for those curious, though. But yeah. she's crazy overpowered.

  7. Hidden Star in Four Seasons is the title of Touhou 16, everybody. Also Touhou 16 is happening.


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    2. RoySquadRocks
    3. Artoria Alter
    4. Ricepigeon


      Holy shit that was quick.


      Wait, wasn't he supposed to be doing weed rips?

  8. MUGEN pretty much has no good versions of Timmy. How or why that's the case is beyond me.
  10. Leave that to me. This Sonic is pretty alright. He actually has his readme built into the character, which is pretty neat. Text is hard to read though so I feel like this character might have to be scaled up (though I'm playing in 1.0 640x480 so that might be the issue). Also one of his intros is bugged up.
  11. Sennou's Yuuki is apparently getting an EX mode soon. Interesting.



    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Oh nice, slow moving projectile :)

      Also, dat Tekken 7 OST.

  12. Pretty self explanatory. It's an Easter version of Alphys that has a lot of things changed up about her. Download Here:
  13. It might just be the stage throwing me off, but someone converted Websta's Chaos to work in MUGEN 1.0. ...either that, or the stage is throwing me off and this is just MUGEN 1.1.
  14. Do you remember?


    The dango pumpkins of September?

  15. The April Fools characters suspense is high

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    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      It does but we have to brave it once every year.

    3. Pluscross


      I'm trying to think of something to correlate that with Disney's Brave...

    4. Pluscross


      I'm trying to think of something to correlate that with Disney's Brave...