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  2. u should definetely take all the sprites you have and but dittos face on them for lvl 100 accuracy
  3. hey buddy long time no see. I hope your doing well :)

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    2. OldGamer


      hey bro if you ever need anything from Old man just let me know . I am always here to help out if ever need assistance on mugen and support  :goodmood:

    3. OldGamer


      Almost forgot did ever seen my latest Mugen Screen Pack :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:





      looks like im downloading!

  4. SUPER MARIO MAKER RELEASED! 1/12/17 SUPER MARIO MAKER In honor of one of Nintendo's GREATEST idea EVER, SUPER MARIO MAKER, I've decided to make this version of Mario for M.U.G.E.N. He's a 6-button character and has 10hypers & 8 supers. Air Jump goes into "Cape Mode", which has its own move so he actually has 7 air attacks! His air dash can't be activated while in "Cape Mode". His Amiibo hyper are PIKACHU, LINK, SAMUS, SPLATOON, STARFOX, SONIC, META-KNIGHT, MEGAMAN, LITTLE MAC and JOHN CENA? I'm so proud of this....I hope you guys enjoy as much as i do! drop me your Mario Maker levels so i can add them in the win quotes for future updates! Special Thanks again to Cyberguy64 for the amazing Splatoon sprites & Random Talking Bush for the Hand Stylus Rips! AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE MFFA FAMILY. :)
  5. THE SITE IS BACK UP! I wanna personally thank this forum for finding all my characters after my cpu crashed years ago. i really felt the love after i came back and saw everyone get together to make it happen. thank you.

  6. Whatsapp dj are you not active in mugen already 

    I love your spawn and Luke skywalker