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  1. I Can't Access to go Fc2 Website, Because I Am in Malaysia
  2. I Need Download KFX And KFA Because Website Are Now Defunct.
  3. No Chaos Code character?
  4. Almost All Links Are Dead. Could You Mirror Link?
  5. What Is Best Announcer Sound To Fitting Mugen Lifebars?

  6. Link Is Not Working. Reupload Please.
  7. There Is Lack Of Requiem Character In Mugen. Could Anyone Make Requiem Character To Mugen?

  8. Can Somebody Mirror Link For Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter Game?
  9. I Can't Download Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter Because Website Is Shut Down.
  10. Help! I Need Download 2D Fighter Maker 2nd!

  11. Where Is Mira From Zangefool Fighter 20XX?
  12. Like Baraki, Help, I Can't Both Download Regin And Dies Because Mediafile Link Is Dead, Also Pre-To Webside Is Down.



    1. jo19sh92




      I managed to get Dies for ya, I don't remember if Regin is in there or not, but that's all the characters from Pre-To that I could collect. The rest are stuck on MA.

    2. Laharl


      site seems to be back up now.

    3. JeremyfanGirl


      Thanks to lot.

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