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  1. [NS] Super Mario Odyssey

    [NS] Super Mario Odyssey Yep folks another brand new mario game for the NS release. it seems this time he going through different worlds to (of course) rescue peach again. LOL! whats so funny this is the second known time mario try to break up a wedding between Bowser X Peach. XD
  2. [Ps4/NS (?)] No more Heroes 3

    [Ps4/NS (?)] No more Heroes 3 Even though their is no confirmed trailer for it but from the NS showcase the developer of the game tells us its going to be a possible 3rd installment of the game....
  3. As I heard news about MugenBR going down some people are starting to feel that Mugen is dieing. but that not true folks Mugen is still well alive and to prove this here are other communities that are still around: (International) Elecbyte M.U.G.E.N Mugen Free For All Mugen Fighter's Guild Mugen Multiverse Crusadercast Scruffydragon The MUGEN Database Infinity Mugen Team The Mugen Archive Trinitymugen Atlas Productions Infinite Fighting Scal's Mugen Forum YouTube Mugen Channel (Spanish/Latino) Mugen HR Mugen Imperio Latino Mugen Team Mexico Producciones Andromeda Mugen Sin Fronteras KOF MUGEN Chile Latinos Mugen(facebook) Mugen Evolution (facebook) (Portuguese) Brazil Mugen Team PaoDeMugen (Chinese) Baidu Mugen中文站 (Japanese) 1日1キャラ~mugen~ JMH NicoNico Douga (Mugen) Nicovideo Bulletin Board thread (Mugen) Kyouaku Mugen Chars. Bulletin Board (MUGEN凶悪) PC ゲーム BBS@10ch掲示板 [M.U.G.E.N] Japan Community - Google+ #mugen更新情報 (Korean) 무겐 어소시에이션 : 네이버 카페 (Mugen Association cafe) mugenworld[캐릭터의 전장, 무겐] : 네이버 카페 (German) Mugen Germany (Russian) Mugeno Mugenworks (Inactive/ghost sites) RandomSelect Mugen Lair MUGENATION Fanatic Mugen Horizon Thai Gaming (Deceased sites) Mugen Coder Mugen History Mugen Genesis Mugen-Infantry MGBR Tier1 2DIYER ... could be more around but this just showing that Mugen is Long from being dead and as long there are 2D fighter gamer fans like us. Mugen will always stick around in mine opinion.
  4. Thanks to Mister Fael for showing us some SFM vids I been seeing alot other vids on youtube that are awesome plus gmod vids that are cool. So for this topic post any of your fav SFM & Gmod videos. Note: If the content is suggestive put "NSFW" next to it and put in Spoiler:BBcode (though there not many vids like that for this but their are some private SFM ones i seen suggestive so just to be on the safe side) Lets start:
  5. As alot people know that this game been around for awhile and its been growing and growing since. Nijikaku is a game full of variety of characters based off Animes, mangas, Video games and other crazy japanese Memes. which is funny and sometimes disturbing to some people. LOL! XD This game was made and still worked on by the community of "2chan" [Edit post] Links: Full game download here: New Link: (thanks SSBK65 ) [last update for the game was Feb.- 2017] Alternate link (characters and stages only): Info on characters and Move-sets: (Credit to SPRI YAR ZON, Tabris666, SSBK65✯ ,jenngra505 , for providing new download links to the game) Note: This version of the game Run in Winmugen so their might be some glitches and bugs. For those who wants mugen 1.0 conversions go to this topic made by SSBK65✯ :虹格-collection/ Also be Warn this game contains some NSFW material. So you might want to play this game privately. Enjoy!
  6. Post 3D Fanart

    This is another topic i thought of thanks to Mister Fael showing us his art work using SFM. :-) Post any of your fav 3D Fanart (it can be Gmod, SFM, MMD, and other known 3D rendering art-work) Rule: Suggestive content (Partial Nudity) is acceptable just 'NSFW' tag it and put it in spoiler-BBcode Here we go:
  7. The Most Unlikely Crossovers

  8. Post Fanart Thread

  9. Little late but happy birthday to ya Man!  :-)

  10. Post 3D Fanart

    Cool.... LOL! Looks like someone don't like Reaper(OW) very much. XD Thats Awesome... :-D
  11. Selvaria Bles

    Man! this is a nice release Kohaku Need to catch-up on these .. LOL! I was about to say it but he got it ..
  12. A few weeks ago Nintendo company annouced a possibility of another Game console in development. Doe we don't know when this New system will come around (something tells me It could be between the year 2017-2020) but this could be awesome. :-) Also Nintendo is planning on making games on mobile devices meaning Tablets, PC, and smartphones will have official Nintendo games available for them. Edit topic: As this was announced last week.. the reveal of the new Nintendo system known as the Nintendo Switch (NS) which is a hybrid gaming system that can be portable from home to traveling.. to me it looks like a combination of a home console Handheld and a tablet in one.. very creative i say... :-)
  13. [NS] Nintendo Switch : The New Nintendo system

    so with the recent launch of the switch we see that you are able to play games that comes out in other regions, which means that the NS system is region free for digital games..... However this could change in the long run knowing how things be with with security and restrictions... :-P
  14. I know you busy with everyday life right now but want to say Happy Birthday to ya. :-)

  15. [PC/PS4/Xbox1] Overwatch

    Movie trailer: Pretty much another shooter-base game that starting to become more of a buzz now since the beta been released months ago . Has similar mechanics like TF2 but with more selection of characters and weapon-styles. This game may be available on Stream in the future.
  16. [PC/PS4/Xbox1] Overwatch

    News update: LOL! what a surprise another new Hero comes around: Orisa ... Hmm pretty much a female Bastion with support abilities.... interesting..