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  1. ............... I see....
  2. Spy has a new skin..... well we all know the Meme... LOL! XD
  3. This is another topic i thought of thanks to Mister Fael showing us his art work using SFM. :-) Post any of your fav 3D Fanart (it can be Gmod, SFM, MMD, and other known 3D rendering art-work) Rule: Suggestive content (Partial Nudity) is acceptable just 'NSFW' tag it and put it in spoiler-BBcode Here we go:
  4. Wasurenagumo - Li'l Spider Girl A short Anime film about a Lil' spider girl that was sealed in a book awaken by her owners.... Cute but gets dark (sorta) at the end..
  5. As alot people know that this game been around for awhile and its been growing and growing since. Nijikaku is a game full of variety of characters based off Animes, mangas, Video games and other crazy japanese Memes. which is funny and sometimes disturbing to some people. LOL! XD This game was made and still worked on by the community of "2chan" [Edit post] Links: Full game download here: New Link: (thanks SSBK65 ) [last update for the game was Feb.- 2017] Alternate link (characters and stages only): Info on characters and Move-sets: (Credit to SPRI YAR ZON, Tabris666, SSBK65✯ ,jenngra505 , for providing new download links to the game) Note: This version of the game Run in Winmugen so their might be some glitches and bugs. For those who wants mugen 1.0 conversions go to this topic made by SSBK65✯ :虹格-collection/ Also be Warn this game contains some NSFW material. So you might want to play this game privately. Enjoy!
  6. Cool! thanks for giving us update news about the game SSBK65.. LOL! been awhile... ..I'll go ahead update the first post.... ...aaand done!...
  7. Thanks to Mister Fael for showing us some SFM vids I been seeing alot other vids on youtube that are awesome plus gmod vids that are cool. So for this topic post any of your fav SFM & Gmod videos. Note: If the content is suggestive put "NSFW" next to it and put in Spoiler:BBcode (though there not many vids like that for this but their are some private SFM ones i seen suggestive so just to be on the safe side) Lets start:
  8. LOL! Its a New Year for MFFA so time to put some more fun to the forum. :-) Post some of your Fav MMD videos. Simple rule: If the content is suggestive put "NSFW" next to it and put in Spoiler:BBcode Lets get it started: Didnt know they had Mods for Zinnia(OR/AS) already. Thats awesome.
  9. LOL! those peeking grunts in the background....
  10. [NS] Splatoon 2 The lovable squids are back on a new console. as it looks like it has more features and added stuff to it.. hopfully for the (fan sake) the Octarians playable as well. but we will see when the game comes out...
  11. it seems a new mini-manga series of splatoon has came out.....
  12. Awesome ! Man! you really good with looping music for mugen....
  13. surprisingly the music is accurate to the character...
  14. There will be a global test-fire for the demo coming in the end of March.
  15. [NS] Project Octopath Traveler Another classic style RPG game by Square-Enix exclusive for the Switch..
  16. [NS] Super Bomberman R At long last the famous Bomb ninja is back in a new game unfolds. I wonder could this mean Konami is co-operating with Nintendo again...
  17. some gameplay:
  18. LOL! they really trying hard to make this a meme..XD
  19. ..another beautiful touhou fanart...
  20. Oh man! i almost forgot happy birthday to ya dude..... :-)

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