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  1. Happy Birthday to ya.. :-)

    1. TopKirby8305


      Thanks Galvatron!  :3

  2. Awesome!......
  3. BattleFront Nep-style.... LOL! XD
  4. This is another topic i thought of thanks to Mister Fael showing us his art work using SFM. :-) Post any of your fav 3D Fanart (it can be Gmod, SFM, MMD, and other known 3D rendering art-work) Rule: Suggestive content (Partial Nudity) is acceptable just 'NSFW' tag it and put it in spoiler-BBcode Here we go:
  5. a demonstration on parental controls. looking at this its confirmed that people Smart phones can be link with the NS system....
  6. A few weeks ago Nintendo company annouced a possibility of another Game console in development. Doe we don't know when this New system will come around (something tells me It could be between the year 2017-2020) but this could be awesome. :-) Also Nintendo is planning on making games on mobile devices meaning Tablets, PC, and smartphones will have official Nintendo games available for them. Edit topic: As this was announced last week.. the reveal of the new Nintendo system known as the Nintendo Switch (NS) which is a hybrid gaming system that can be portable from home to traveling.. to me it looks like a combination of a home console Handheld and a tablet in one.. very creative i say... :-)
  7. Too be honest with yall i never played skyrim before. it seem like a cool game. i need to try this out myself..
  8. [NS] Skyrim: The Golden Scrolls V As shown in the NS presentation Skyrim comes to the console...
  9. Just alittle speculation with bomberman's return, I hope to see more of Konami's other known IPs in the future.. if nintendo is welling to let them do so like they did with this game. this could be the comeback they need....
  10. [NS] Super Bomberman R At long last the famous Bomb ninja is back in a new game unfolds. I wonder could this mean Konami is co-operating with Nintendo again...
  11. LOL! indeed.. it probly won't be too popular but it something new nintendo will try to test out...
  12. [NS] ARMS A new game series by Nintendo. which it deals with Boxing in a weird but extreme way,,..
  13. LOL! Its a New Year for MFFA so time to put some more fun to the forum. :-) Post some of your Fav MMD videos. Simple rule: If the content is suggestive put "NSFW" next to it and put in Spoiler:BBcode Lets get it started: Didnt know they had Mods for Zinnia(OR/AS) already. Thats awesome.
  14. Zone-tan.... No !!... LOL! XD Cool! :-)
  15. {topic update} here some gameplay footage from the showcase: hmm.. I admit this game seems whole lot of fun..
  16. [NS] Fast RMX Homepage: one of the first Eshop games that will be only available for the NS. Kinda like a more extreme version of F-Zero.... @GarchompMatt thanks for telling us
  17. {topic update} here are some game plays from the showcase:
  18. [NS] Splatoon 2 The lovable squids are back on a new console. as it looks like it has more features and added stuff to it.. hopfully for the (fan sake) the Octarians playable as well. but we will see when the game comes out...
  19. Unfortunately i don't really play the Animal crossing series.. sorry :-( but i can still share my 3ds friend code if you want: FC: 4871-5979-8324 (3DXL)
  20. Awesome! :-D Keep up the good work but as always say just take your time on your projects man!...
  21. Cool!... I like that idea.. :-)
  22. Woah!....added if you pay taxes too.... i feel your pain there.. its really not as worst then getting an IPhone-6 which almost cost twice as more then getting the NS system its self.. so i still say the price is reasonable....
  23. Yeah its kind of a bummer to pay 9.99 USD for the online play (looks like Nintendo is joining that club now with sony and Microsoft). Also the battery Life on the tablet-part may not last after a few hours but knowing how technology is now a days Nintendo will come up with an power-back up accessory that can keep it on for few more hours,just like those power back-up things some of us use for our Cell phones..