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  1. My fifth and possibly my second personally most anticipated MUGEN character project will reimagine the leader of the SOS Brigade under my own custom gameplay style. Her gimmick will heavily involve the use of her fellow SOS Brigade friends as assists to bolster Haruhi's neutral and combo game that will actually differ from the way Choiyer executed it as they will be limited by a gauge, but cost no power unless she is using them in the middle of attacking. I'm pretty excited in my own take at this character.
  2. It was originally 16 frames of start-up (the 1 frame thing was me only counting the part where the arm was fully stretched, which was incorrect), but I pushed it down to 10 since that felt a little more practical (not to mentioned it's -11 on block). Anyway, that special goofy intro vs my own stuff...
  3. This will soon be a standard for projectile reflectors for my characters once Haruhi is released.
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    Nep MUGEN I plan to upload videos for lots of gameplay and among those will be those involving MUGEN. I try to put some effort into my productions to make them more stylish beyond merely uploading, which I hope provides more entertainment value. So far, Eri Hasumi by Sennou-Room and Hotaru Futaba by M3 have been my favorites to play, but I plan to play more characters in the future once I find those that I can dig into. Enjoy the show! Note: Here's my MUGEN playlist below to make navigation easier.
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    It's been more than a year since I've done MUGEN. Congrats to me.
  6. I turned out to be wrong anyway since the frame 1 thing was when she stretches out her arm fully, it's 16 frames after the pause. Well, I should make it 10 frames with slight invincibility start-up anyway. Anyway, now to actually justify an excuse to post a video of her on my channel.
  7. A silly intro, I added.
  8. It's similar to Magneto's Gravity Squeeze from MvC3 in function. It's blockable, but it will target the opponent anywhere on the screen and comes on frame one.
  9. Finished her lv3 and it looks glorious.
  10. Happy birthday!



  11. Haruhi sure loves her cosplay. Also added a nice touch to her baseball special.
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    Decided to finally have a thread up to post the visual art I have done, mostly focusing on artwork of my OCs. Wasn't too confident enough in my own capabilities, but decided for it anyway. It'll range from stuff like lineart to pixel art and more. Here is a line sketch of Aya Himura, my mascot OC.
  13. Finished Haruhi's Itsuki assist.
  14. I pretty much purged all the NSFW sprites before even getting started on the character. The most "NSFW" thing in her sprite set as of now is certain win poses/intros that show some skin (like the swimsuit one).
  15. Two more supers complete.
  16. Made a small update for Hotaru just now, fixing some frame data that otherwise lead to a strict, but otherwise doable infinite.
  17. The graceful and gentle Hotaru makes her way into MUGEN seeking to reunite her family, but this time in a completely custom gameplay style! However, she still retains the essence of her King of Fighters XI/Neo Geo Battle Colosseum incarnations right down to the intricate stance system. Hotaru may be a higher execution character compared to my previous characters relatively speaking, but that doesn't mean she isn't any fun to use either. This is my new year present to all of you MUGEN players.!AvDqTmHZ37DihnRWmPv0CiuUrA4j All previous characters made by me have been updated significantly, so, definitely get them now that they have all been noticeably improved. All characters - Improved jump buffering. - Improved Burst buffering, bursting should be made more reliable now compared to before where it would fail in many custom state instances. - All grounded normals can be canceled on hit against aerial opponents, making them safer to use and better for punishing. - Many aesthetic improvements for both FX and SFX. - All characters now can wall tech much like how they can air and ground tech. Sayaka Miki - Tweak damage scaling on Affetuoso, should do slightly more damage at the end of combos now. - Slightly increased her juggling. - Fixed a bug on 6y that caused MUGEN to randomly crash. - Now has a wall jump, increasing her mobility options. Hieda no Akyuui -A list long enough that it's just easier to say that most of the things pointed out by RicePigeon in her respective thread has been addressed. Homura Akemi - Decreased her juggling. - Tweaked damage scaling. - Fixed a bug for Rebellion that occasionally caused the cutscene to fail to play even on hit. - Slightly reduced her j.2z's OTG set-ups at higher combo hits.
  18. Boy, is this sub-forum section barren... lemme fix that quickly. These pieces of code are what I came up with when I was working on a solution of making my own characters' be able to burst during custom states. It allows command usage while your character is in custom state and since I implemented them in all my characters, it should work in the majority of cases with exceptions like custom states that put the character in a non-hit state. First of all, in the character's CMD, put a triggerall for "!ishelper" so that the buffering doesn't clash with the helper that buffers the command. ---------------------------------------------- This goes under the character's statedef -2. What it does is call a helper whenever the character is put into a hitstate that is there to buffer the command of your choice. The "keyctrl = 1" part allows the helper to read from your own character's state files while in custom state since, normally, a character in custom state is forced to read from P2's state files (also why it's in -2 and not in -3). This is the helper state itself. It's necessary so that there can be something there to read commands from your character's own files. This also must be under statedef -2, your character will break out of the custom state that p2 placed them in and will successfully go into their own state of choice. There is likely some imperfections, but it should work as intended for most cases.
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    Happy new year!
  20. Seeing as simply using KoF XI sprites alone has gotten certain Hotaru conversions into this collection, I would like to request to add Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart to be added to the list.!AvDqTmHZ37DihnRWmPv0CiuUrA4j