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  1. So after seeing Super Mario Odyssey a few times, I think I can summarise what I think of this game, here they are.

    Here I go.


    I love the hat gimmick. The hub is gargantuan! No joke. Bigger than Peach's Castle and Delfino Plaza from what I've seen. I've wanted grabbable ledges for ages now. I mean the were in other games but they where poorly executed. I hope this game is long as heck. It seems like a hard enough Mario game, Point A to Point B gets boring after a while. Bowser and Peach having a wedding is a great idea for a subplot, not to mention, New Donk City has to be my favourite location I've ever seen in a game. And we haven't seen much yet. This could top the Galaxy games for being my favourite games of all time. Do it right, they do it, I need it for Christmas, with the Parental Controls, I will set my playtime for 2 hours per day of this game the rest is just up to how fun I have, Mario has a diverse enough move set. I want the playable characters... I WANT THE WAA BROS!

    1. DS12


      They even posted spoilers about secret passages and easter eggs.