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  1. wakko, yakko and dot by camren springer, edit from beanfan112 version=
  2. hard man power battle sprite by Greasy-LucarioYun=
  3. PF sprites characters by SrRsu =
  4. new image from NES magicman=
  5. new image from quickman, gyroman, roll, diveman and cutman=
  6. vicky by toonalexsora007=
  7. new link from burns dacula by aa250=
  8. new link from megaman 9 by emiliano palleres=
  9. shadowman from megaman: the wily wars=
  10. mecha dragon by HM Hibiki=!iEIHUahJ!9eQ1UCmIyyn7--_CqA3r8PZP454TDvvc42IAPL7KL8g
  11. hugo by warner, dark luigi edit=
  12. frostman by lord siniestro, dark luigi edit=
  13. magnetman by calamix= freezeman by calamix= blizzardman by calamix=
  14. new link from airman by calamix=
  15. leonardo by acey=