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  1. First I want to state that I don't know if this is beta or finished. If beta, the issues are excusable since it's not finished but if it's finished, it needs more work in that case. Here's my review... Visually it has a lot of work done and it looks like an original base edit of some kind. Custom voice acting and intro, original moves, and it has some great visual fxs. I did notice some missing sounds though, unfortunately though hopefully this is just from an outdated video and not in this release. The pallete could be refined/redone as it hurts the blending of MvC style and perhaps the overall speed could be increased? I think it's a good release so far though. It just needs an update but the quality is pretty much there. It just missed a few areas to refine. Also i saw get hits in the video. Were the missing in the release? Or did you mean not enough frames because that I can somewhat agree on.
  2. COURAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The colors need some serious work judging from that video.
  4. I hope he does a Goron next or a zora!
  5. I think this is a video of her. Skip the anime intro...
  6. No dexter's laboratory, power puff girls, johnny bravo? I think I've seen them in mugen videos floating around.
  7. MIB

    I was expecting will smith or tommy lee jones :P
  8. Does the video have the updates or is it an old one?
  9. Love those colors on Vegeta. Very close to the anime.
  10. Are you challenging me into a pokemon battle XD
  11. Welcome! You found a great place to download from. I bet you have a nice collection coming from 2005. There's probably some stuff you missed though, do check out the database when you have a chance. I'll be looking forward to your mugen interests. ;) Cheers!
  12. LOL I'll have to wait and see if I have time for all of that. As it is I'm working on other stuff at the moment to. Though with releases like this frieza I'm betting there is gonna be a lot more new dbz coming our way. I bet I can make a turles out of the Extreme Butoden sprites for sure! There are so many possibilities now and even more if you're willing to dip into z2 resources XD Maybe I'll do a extreme butoden turles spritesheet only for once and do a new Ozaru animation! I bet you'd like that XD Celebrate these days my friend, mugen DBZ has never been more plentiful than it is right now and it's only gonna grow, I have a good feeling about! X)
  13. Great I needed a new EB Frieza. The current one I have is a sp-rite swap of choujin's/stig version.
  14. Great improvements, the forum will benefit greatly from features like these.