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    Hoping for a 2019 with better characters

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  1. Oh hey look! Two "princessbitch" accounts.


    https://prnt.sc/k28ibu https://prnt.sc/k28hw4


    Is today the day official "Making Internet Alts" day or something? Sorry, but I can't help but laugh.



    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Ha! I know, one of them thinks that i'm Dissidia, it's not making me scared...it actually makes me laugh ?

    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      I know, I was mentioned there as well. I'll neither deny nor confirm that claim, I'll just keep watching this "show" until he gets banned.

    3. Dissidia


      Next thing you know, queenbitch suddenly registers.