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  1. Obelix released, Claudia Program III 1.2 version.

    hello. because a weird thing the link do not worked, but I check and now works.
  2. Uhmmn...Hi?

    hello. So, welcome.
  3. Obelix released, Claudia Program III 1.2 version. Hello everybody. Here comes Obelix for Mugen 1.0 from the Konami Arcade game, adapted to play with and rework in sprites. He uses 5 buttons as: x- light ,y- mid/chain combo ,a- strong ,b-stone and z for the special attack. Also, a new version of Claudia Program III with new attacks: I hope ya enjoy,get them: GET THEM HERE
  4. Sgt.Manuel 1.3,Tom 1.2 & Rocio 1.2 patch

    Hello again. Now Manuel becomes 1.4 and Rocio patch into 1.3. As I posted in other section I changed the anim for the Beavis required anim for crotch/groin split punch stuff for Manuel and as a patch for Rocio,she got a Itadaki Scoop anim added too: see: http://i.imgur.com/5tZ2VFA.png http://i.imgur.com/MJUWI8z.png http://i.imgur.com/AjP0Kvs.png thanks by read and I apologize if this was very quick,but was needed. get then in the first message. Good nite. for Rmaster: tell me about how I can modify the Tom's AI. Of course that will be a optional file cmd.Can be send by Pm.
  5. Hello everybody. Here comes them Tom1.2 -Crouch weapon attacks added and some issues fixed: http://i.imgur.com/1JWLivs.png Sargento Manuel 1.3: -Since I not creating him but updated I worked in the infinites with certain crouch attacks: that was fixed and added anim for "Rocio's Groin Pain" attack-I will add a link with the required anim- http://i.imgur.com/8ELziQn.png and a patch for Rocio 1.2 -I did in that way since the main files are big-: http://i.imgur.com/cdLx9wE.png with improvements here and there like some magic attacks requires less power,some attacks work better and are useful like Hamburger which was very slow and useless in the previous. ***Note: if ya host her apply the patch then upload it naming the rar file as "1.2" thanks*** I hope ya enjoy. thanks by read. get them: http://starlight.scruffydragon.com/
  6. The King of Fighters '94 / '95

    Hello everybody- Very thanks I found many who I never found before.
  7. hello everybody. I ask what your idea about a good and fun mugen character, I am not talking about cheap joke chars, this is more foccused about original and non fighting games -games like platform games,beat em ups like Final Fight-. Of course if a character comes from a fighting game you expect accurate to the source,but that is not the point,neither the famous POTS STYLE-I seen controvery about it, so that not count-. and this is not a request, is just ask what people thinks. thanks.
  8. Ian Kelley (Hannah Montana's version) hello everybodyI found some interesting stuff in him, so I decided to make a new version:First I got a little idea about him since I am not fan or watched the cartoon, so I dunno, just reworked since the original creator BeanFan stated he is open to update.All info about specials are inside the first readme. I recoded this character changing the next stuff listen below:-common and relatives to EOH template were deleted in cmd and cns.-special and basics fixed and recoded.-he works with 1.0 and up-lie dead sprite edited,air roll on and strong punch reedited.-Air hyper deleted because was buggy-he still got his chain combos and they work properly, but no more super jump.-roll is executed with c only.-New portrait made by me.This picture he works with Groin Pain move(aka Cage's Split Punch,info will be posted later). get himhttp://starlight.scruffydragon.com/ I hope ya enjoy.
  9. John Crawley by Ikaruga released 3/3/17

    Hello everybody. I like, I will download.
  10. Pink panther's beta release!

    Hello everybody. Hey Ali, do not feel bad, a beta release purpose is get feedback and test to improve until the next version-the final-. I suggest do not use that EOH template anymore, that infinite combos and other bad stuff are inside that freaking buggy template, use KFM as a template when you begin a character. And just keep the bunny as a striker, I think has many or do not use them.
  11. Steven Seagal by ???

    hello, as I remember he was created by IronMugen.
  12. My stuff (sprites, portraits,etc.)

    Hello. She is Melissa,Rocio's enemy, she were beaten by her in the second sprite. I am thinking about her last name.
  13. Worst Mugen Character(s)

    Hello everybody. Rice is right, there are creations and maybe creators which me or you dislike comment about it is ok, but without harassment or insulting people like I seen at youtube videos. However ,calm down,I seen jessica being humillated and insulting along certain forums and admins or mod supported it, but try to not mess with the people, just talk the reasons because you dislike certain creations.
  14. My stuff (sprites, portraits,etc.)

    Hello.This not pixel style. I did this taking Monster High-Ever After High style, intended to be showed at Halloween about my OC but here you can watch.
  15. KFM Old & Sargento Manuel new versions for 1.0

    Hello. I skip completelly any "new miley" stuff like non-existant for me. I stay with Old Miley so that not happen,but a Hannah Montana character maybe, I did a sprite about her, but maybe it will be done in other style.