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  1. Hello

    Hey there pal! No questions from me, just a welcoming message for now... I hope you are using Ryon's tutorial for the creation of characters? Many others work but Ryon's is the best IMO (Officially in the race to reach top 10 Ryon fanboys haha!) I love tactical RP's as Fire Emblem myself. Love Sonic, Freedom Planet and Undertale aswell alongside WWE. The English is not half as bad, it is way better than when I joined the site buddy. Well I lied, I am going to ask you something anyway! Who are you creating for MUGEN? Maybe I could help you with some things! Cheers! ~TheJMan
  2. Hey guys

    Hello there! Making MUGEN chars and stages? Awesome. I assume you already know the basics of the coding? If you do not please do watch Ryon's tutorial, it is divided in section for quick acces and learning. I am also struggling on what advice to give you... You can either make a overmade character (Such as Mario, Sonic, Ronald McDonald, etc) To pratice with coding without having to do something super flashy. But we already have great versions for all of those. Or make a character that has never been made before (For example D.Va and most of the Power Rangers) but problems with sprites and/or move inspiration would be present... Kinda want D.Va in MUGEN now haha. But just post it in the W.I.P section, I could even help you with some small things such as inspiration and/or sprite resources, feel free to ask me! ~TheJMan
  3. Agreed, KFM actually is the easiest to start with in my opinion. But if you are more advanced/want to code your own moves (Mainly specials) N64Mario's template is the best and the easiest to work with. You could also search for a template fitting a style you like (MvC, etc)
  4. Slightly late but like Darkflare said 1.0 is the most stable version. I would however reccomend a screenpack (most of them allow more characters to be added) I myself use IMT Red. You could use KFM as a base aswell but I feel like if you'd use Ryon's tutorial it is the best to use the template considering he used it for said tutorial. Me too... Kind of want to go back to Windows 7 though XD
  5. So as the title suggests, I want to disable blocking. I found a code to disable air block but crouching and stance still do block. Any way to disable/delete it?
  6. Use this one for medium punch or strong punch! (Got this from randy bighead's John Cena V2 collision fixed edition) Animation number 6004 in ff3 This is a pretty good idea by the way!
  7. Fidget Spinner by jor8a

    I assume that is the Fidget Spinner's secret power which no mortal being can gain control off... But in an all serious perspective this is possible the most hilarious character, I hate Fidget's irl but this is flatout awesome! But serious, Fidget Spinners shall destroy our society
  8. ^Fighter Factory 3} If you have a MUGEN character or template you can load the def file in FF3 (Several versions are in the link) ^Basic Template for MUGEN characters, all the things you need minus the sprites and character information are included within this A quick search will give you a lot of results but I would go with Ryon's tutorial which can be found here (Link to part one): These are the basics for creating like you asked. If you just want to add characters and stages use the tutorials In the collection section you can find characters and stages based on your favorite characters. Also welcome pal! Glad to have you here, just behave and you'll be fine here!
  9. EarthBound / Mother

    I got some of these chars on Mediafire, if anybody wants them... NESS: Ness_San by ONess: LUCAS: Lucas by Neferupitou: KUMATORA: Kumatora by poguxd/MalisoulXD: PSYCHIC PSYCHO : Psychic Psycho by Apelao : NINTEN AND CO: Ninten and Co by Karton Morex : That's all, I may look for more of these in the future
  10. Nicktoons

    We are missing a load of character! Here are some (Mostly FOP though) FAIRLY ODD PARENTS: Timmy Turner by DiepEpicBattle: Kung Timmy by Sid Kane: Vicky by Shimmering Brony: JIMMY NEUTRON BOY GENIUS: Jimmy Neutron by an Unknown creator: THE LOUD HOUSE: Lincoln Loud by KirbyFTW AmethystFTL: DANNY PHANTOM: Danny Phantom by Weegeeisgoingtokillhim: Danny Phantom by Camren Springer: Would love to see a Cosmo and Wanda made one day... The lack of some Nick shows actually disturbs me a little bit... Hope these are some good additions to the collections (I know Vicky is pretty good and Kung Timmy is decent...Never tried the others)
  11. Cartoon Network

    All of the Madoldcrow1105 links are broken... Here by ill just leave this new link over here. as far as I know it has all the characters of 1105 over there. EDIT: New link for V2 Chowder by FelixMario2011/PlaceMario.
  12. The Legend of Zelda Series

    Well on the Mugenarchive there is some sort of Beta, don't expect much from it however... It misses a lot of frames especially hit frames as Sheik... However its not complete yet so let's hope for the best!
  13. Fire Emblem

    Marth and Ike by Easlfre ^ Never played these before and neither did I see them here. Nice collection by the way, glad we are finally getting non GBA characters of good quality ^.^ With Fire Emblem Heroes sprites slowly leaking out my hopes for a Caeda in MUGEN are coming back. EDIT: Looks like these are just Sumin's but with both the characters and sfx changed to a larger size... Oh and the portraits to SM4SH rather then Brawl's
  14. Hello. Can I have your Plom5-1-00's Sonic Edit? I cannot download.

    1. TheJMan


      Sorry for the late reply! Here is the link:

      Im planning on making a update very soon but if you still wnat it enjoy!

    2. YochiIsC00lest333
  15. Super Smash Bros. Series

    Roy by Blazer And toon link by Duckerman12 and J.newman! Great collection I hope these 2 characters help