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  1. Kula Edits Collection

    Sent Force Mizore by PM. :)
  2. [DMC3] Lady (with Project X Zone sprites)

    - Most standing attacks were changed so that the character is actually playable : > Standingx, y and z became Bayonet attacks > a became the missile lauching attack > Button x is now dedicated to pistols attacks (except standing and air) > Button y is now dedicated to submachine gun attacks (except standing) > Button z is now dedicated to shotgun attacks (except standing and air) - Some jump animations were changed - Added one new winpose with a motorcycle - Added two superattacks : Trigger Happy (inspired) [D, D, x] and Shredder Shot [D, D, z] - Crouching y became Ground Zero [D, B, z] and Standing y became Crouching y Download link is the same.
  3. Kula Edits Collection

    Meh, meh, meeeeeeeeeeeeh ! "Supra Candy", is just a Candy by Men's blue spriteswap and "April Batis Kula" is based on "Batis Kula" but with a magic twist so yeah, a bit (or completely) like Scarlet Witch. --- Happy to see that you decided to use Mediafire instead of 4shared, nice choice. :P If you really decided to reupload all these Kula Edits... well, have fun, took me a while just to upload around 10. Also, as the creator of the site quoted in the first spoiler above, you can count on me if you ever need help. Good luck !
  4. Lamia and Rui by Y&M released 1/3/16

    ^ I guess he was talking about Lumina. Yet Lumina seems more like an Athena edit with Kula's head.
  5. Mirajane Strauss

    Thanks, I'm trying the best I can ! :) --- Fixed a little problem with the Beam, Tornado and Soul Extinction moves in which Mirajane came back to Stand anim while the attack was still there.
  6. [DMC3] Lady (with Project X Zone sprites)

    Is there anyone alive that can do worse than me? Thanks. :) Don't worry, I plan to update/upgrade her. Sooner or later... (More like later.) :) I just wanted to release it not too far from Christmas... Consider this a "gift" if you want. Bugya made a wonderful work with his Vergil and Dante's sprites. That's not something I can possibly do right now, I'd rather have simple yet low-res sprites than hideous and weird "high-res"sprites.
  7. Mirajane Strauss

    Final Update - Added one intro, one winpose - Modified the taunt - Changed the Take Over Effect - Added two Special Moves Darkness Stream (D, B, x or y) and Dark Ball (D, B, a) Images The download link is the same.
  8. " Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one. Don't you think ? " Lady is a Devil May Cry protagonist who, unlike every other playable character, is human. She mostly relies on guns to defeat her enemies along with her rocket launcher called after her mother Kalina Ann. She isn't really a close combat styled character. Most of her attacks are inspired by her DMC3 boss version, her Project X Zone's appearance or her DMC4SE's playable version. Credits goes to : Abilities : Images : Download here, or here !
  9. Android 8 (Franky)

    Android 8's combos were modified so that it's no more possible to spam his normal attacks.
  10. [Bleach] Isane Kotetsu (2015) by Betalille

    The combos were modified and as it changes Isane's gameplay, I thought it was important to tell the changes made so that normals can't be spammed.
  11. [Kula Edits] Finale Sula

    Well... She was private but... she was released by so much people that I believe it's ok to post it here.
  12. Mirajane Strauss

    Small Update ; I added two new supers : Evil Spark and Dark Tornado.
  13. mugen beelzemon

    Actually I think he mistaken and said Administrators instead of Moderators.
  14. mugen beelzemon

    They were like this because they are bored to see characters with bad hitboxes, misaligned sprites,and plenty of stuff like that. I know they wereharsh anddemotivate people from making mugen's characters and I don't agree with that but you normally know the existance of thoses problems if you test your character just a little bit. And it's great that you corrected it.
  15. mugen beelzemon

    I believe RistaR87 doesn't have time to fix every hitboxes, realign every sprites and modify them. What our Administrator and Evaluatorwere trying to say is that your character doesn't even have the basics to make a "decent" character. Of course it's great that you made those sprites yourself but hitboxes are also a really important part of a character. I mean, why can't you hit the head and only the feet? Does he have a "superarmor" that protects his entire body and leaves only the feet unprotected? On the contrary, too big red hitboxes is like being attacked by air, because nothing touched you... Misaligned sprites/sparks make the character look weird : Shining foot? Gunfires that came out of everywhere but not from the guns? Finally, unclean sprites makes it look like you didn't even paid attention to your character'ssprites. They were not trying to attack you and your work, but they just said that if you spent a little more time on your work, you could have made something good. Their feedbacks shows the most easiest things to change without taking too much time, and even I am able to do it, that's why they said you didn't spend a lot of time on it, that you didn't make any efforts. Just spend a little more time on your Beel Zemon, make it great!