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  1. Betalille added a post in a topic The King of Fighters XIII   

    Ew... Would it be possible to remove its existence take it out of this collection please ? :/
    It's something I did because I was bored and it's not even possible to call it an update eh... I just changed this and that in the anim files...
    I don't even know why I uploaded it online and even tho I gave it to nobody, it appeared in almost every single existing collections of KOF XIII chars. So I deleted my link and guess what... Someone reuploaded it !
  2. Betalille added a post in a topic Android 8 (Franky)   

    Android 8's combos were modified so that it's no more possible to spam his normal attacks.
  3. Betalille added a post in a topic [Bleach] Isane Kotetsu (2015) by Betalille   

    The combos were modified and as it changes Isane's gameplay, I thought it was important to tell the changes made so that normals can't be spammed.
  4. Betalille added a post in a topic [Kula Edits] Finale Sula   

    Well... She was private but... she was released by so much people that I believe it's ok to post it here.
  5. Betalille added a post in a topic Mirajane Strauss   


    Small Update ; I added two new supers : Evil Spark and Dark Tornado.

  6. Betalille added a post in a topic mugen beelzemon   

    Actually I think he mistaken and said Administrators instead of Moderators.
  7. Betalille added a post in a topic mugen beelzemon   

    They were like this because they are bored to see characters with bad hitboxes, misaligned sprites, and plenty of stuff like that. I know they were harsh and demotivate people from making mugen's characters and I don't agree with that but you normally know the existance of thoses problems if you test your character just a little bit.
    And it's great that you corrected it.
  8. Betalille added a post in a topic mugen beelzemon   

    I believe RistaR87 doesn't have time to fix every hitboxes, realign every sprites and modify them.
    What our Administrator and Evaluator were trying to say is that your character doesn't even have the basics to make a "decent" character.
    Of course it's great that you made those sprites yourself but hitboxes are also a really important part of a character. I mean, why can't you hit the head and only the feet? Does he have a "superarmor" that protects his entire body and leaves only the feet unprotected?
    On the contrary, too big red hitboxes is like being attacked by air, because nothing touched you...
    Misaligned sprites/sparks make the character look weird : Shining foot? Gunfires that came out of everywhere but not from the guns?
    Finally, unclean sprites makes it look like you didn't even paid attention to your character's sprites.
    They were not trying to attack you and your work, but they just said that if you spent a little more time on your work, you could have made something good. Their feedbacks shows the most easiest things to change without taking too much time, and even I am able to do it, that's why they said you didn't spend a lot of time on it, that you didn't make any efforts.
    Just spend a little more time on your Beel Zemon, make it great!
  9. Betalille added a post in a topic Mirajane Strauss   

    Well, of course you can make a video of Mirajane or any character created by me. ;)
    I saw it and you even gave credits so, no problem! x)
  10. Betalille added a topic in [ RELEASES ]   

    Mirajane Strauss
    "When people realize how lonely it is being on their own, they will become kind."

    Unlike most of the Fairy Tail's characters in MUGEN, this character is a 6-button character.
    Credits :
    What's in it ? :

     Screenshots & Video :
    Download here!
    Or here!
    • 6 replies
  11. Betalille added an answer to a question Help with finding King of Fighters and Eternal Fighter Zero Edits   

    Here is Amy Diamond (also called Amy Warlock) :
    And this is Spinel :
  12. Betalille added a post in a topic [Bleach] Isane Kotetsu (2015) by Betalille   

    Final Update !
      So here we are again! The final update of Isane contains plenty of new stuff that I'm gonna list just under this.   - Throw [Forward + Y]

      - 1 new Winpose - 1 new Intro (I had to use that Tenteikura move !)

      - New Hyper ; Bakudo 58 : Tenran (Used by Isane's Gigai / Cost 2000 power) [Down, Down, C]

      - 3 new Special Attacks Forward Attack [Down, Forward, X or Y]

      Healing (Cost 400 power) [Down, Backward, X or Y]

      Sliding Kick [Down, Forward, A]

      - Modified swords attacks so that it looks more Bleach-ish

      And that's it ! As it is the final update, no big changes like new attacks will be made... but that doesn't mean there will be no bug fixes. Link is in the first post.
  13. Betalille added a post in a topic [Bleach] Isane Kotetsu (2015) by Betalille   

    Here you go :
  14. Betalille added a post in a topic April Batis Kula   

    Update !
      - Fixed Combos - Added Combos for Standing+Crouching - 2 new special attacks (Spitting Magic [D,F, a or b] and Calling Magic Lightning [D,B, x or y]) + Combos  
      Link is in the first message ! ;)
  15. Betalille added a post in a topic Android 8 (Franky)   

    Thanks ! :)