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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

    he originally was blue but he absorbed the master emerald or something and became green. I don't remember the full details of how that happened.
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    hey look 5 years late but better late than never. This one is a really old one (The first DMG for MUGEN IIRC) http://mugencharacters.org/load/anime_manga_characters/3-1-0-1064
  3. let it go? More like let it go AWAY

  4. BRS & WRS Update! For Mugen 1.1 Only (Released)

    it was, but the one posted here seems to be a newer version
  5. Nice to know you're making a Ragna! I liked your NESTS Kyo so I'm excited for it
  6. Maximum Impact Kyo by Ikaruga

    no the 3d one was made by I think someone named dragoon or something close to that. But I'm just gonna say this, its not worth it in my opinion. It looked terribly pixelated and it seemed to just be a spriteswap of Ahuron's KOFXIII Kyo. I'd say just stick with the 2d one.
  7. Maximum Impact Kyo by Ikaruga

    Ikaruga has made multiple different Kyos, but I noticed his Maximum Impact Kyo was missing from his site, and webarchive didn't save the file. So I figured I'd reupload it here since I had it. Uses the same sprites as Ahuron's Maximum Impact Kyo download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cdjgpcdbblbruxd/Kyo_MI.rar
  8. downloaded some of Ikaruga's KOF stuff today, heard a lot of bad things about them but......I actually kinda like them.

    1. Ryoucchi


      Tbh, i like them too. Shouldn't let other's opinion stopping you from try something

    2. Dragon Sam

      Dragon Sam

      I also like it. Strange, I didn't heard people say bad thing about his chars. Quite a lot people I found actually do like Ikaruga chars.

  9. Creator's Collection: KoopaKoot

    EDIT:This is the first forum I've seen where "img" doesn't work, weird
  10. Creator's Collection: KoopaKoot

    ok guys how did NOBODY notice the May Lee is incredibly bugged? do a running jump then air.hp, she floats away offscreen >_> heres a link for a NON GLITCHED version of her http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=1115
  11. At least the sprites are salvagable so someone can make a better version of her, hopefully one that plays like TvC
  12. I should mention that the author updated her removing the 16:9 limit
  13. A h that explains why there were no other pallets included with the char , think you could still make Palletes for scharl? I could probably try and fix the .sff it's probably just a few sprItes without shared Pallete checked Nice Weiss Palletes btw
  14. Yagami Iori released, K' by TightRiam updated 2/4/12

    Is this the Iori with flames or flameless Iori?
  15. Mr. Karate XIII released by Ahuron

    Theres an XIII Ryo on the website screenshot, any info on that? And ahuron Y U NO MAKE XIII NESTS SAGA KYO?!?!