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  1. I know there is a Melty Blood thread here but all of the links for 9's AACC work is gone, they just lead to empty onedrives.
  2. all the onedrive links for any of 9's stuff is gone, it just links to an empty onedrive.
  3. anyone know what happened to the touhou thread?



    1. Dissidia


      I believe we already have our answer on the previous post.

    2. ZXRagna


      I didnt realize he was the one running the thread when I posted this...

  4. Well thats pretty fucking lame if they're deleting collection threads.....I thought we were supposed to archive creations, not delete them >_>
  5. Here, come watch my bullshit I wanted to fight this thing for a while, it has SIX DIFFERENT VERSIONS, one recently released actually, I was going to fight all 6, but I got sick of this thing after fighting the third version. Maybe another time.
  6. why was this Kula edit so goddamn popular? IT HAS 6 DIFFERENT VERSIONS

  7. Some of the collection threads may have disappeared I noticed the "Tales" character collection thread is gone, I was able to access it before the major site changes, I think some of the threads may be gone, can an admin restore it? And if anyone knows of any other missing collection threads post what the link was here too! http://mugenfreeforall.com/index.php?/topic/55-tales-of-series/
  8. Can an admin please restore this thread? It somehow got lost in the whole server issue thing



    1. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      And I thought Azazel didn't fit in Tekken 6 back then...

  10. Time travel squad. (If anyone knows the artist's source please let me know, I forgot where I got this from)
  11. A new project I've been working on, I've been playing a lot of Tales games and I wanted to start bringing characters from this series into MUGEN. I've decided to base all the characters of ACS, if you don't know what ACS is, it is a 2d fighting fangame made by Anibache with characters from the Tales series. It is made with the 2d fighter maker engine, and has extra downloadable characters and full modifications (ACSremix)made by other members of the ACS community(Well, whats left of it anyway, its kinda died out due to Anibache discontinuing development on ACS and the two planned sequels: ACSR and ACS3d). ACS has a system that feels more like a traditional fighting game which I think works better for MUGEN conversions, while still using mechanics from the Tales series such as OVL. Every one of my conversions will have this same system. They won't be an exact 1:1 conversion of ACS, as I'll also be using references from ACSR, ACSRemix, and ACS3d. But for the most part many of the techniques and combos that are possible in the source game should still work fine with the MUGEN conversions. I'll be using this thread for all future progress on my WIPS related to the Tales series, and occasionally releasing betas and taking any feedback. Full releases of completed conversions will be released outside of this thread. Current WIPS section: Luke Fon Fabre(Tales of the Abyss) 85% complete: Abyss is my favorite Tales game, so the first character I wanted to start this project with is Luke. I've been working on him for the past couple of weeks, I started editing it from Noctis's Luke by changing the artes that were currently implmented to act like they do in ACS and reworking his entire button layout. Then from there I added the rest of his missing base and arcane artes, and added some more FOF changes. Here's a small video demonstrating a few combos, all of these are possible in the source game too. Next thing I need to do is add OVL meter, make Slag Assault work in midair, along with finishing the rest of his FOF artes and adding the Tear Grants assist. I have a small beta here, but its an outdated version and not the same one shown in the video, I've made more additions to him since then so the next release will just be the full complete character. Feel free to give any feedback so that I may finetune any problems while I'm working on him. I released this small beta privately to a few people before so I already have some feedback, but the more I can get the better. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qlxbhng2wd997f8/Luke%282%29.rar Current known issues that will be fixed: A-B-C-Rending Thrust Infinite, Head and Mid pos correction, Meter drain for some of his artes, and passing through Luke by running. -"Will you be making X character from ACS?" A : Maybe. But I'm giving priority to more of the characters that I like in the series and Tales characters that lack a MUGEN conversion. -"When will X character be done?" A: When I get to it, I'd like to point out I'm also working on another project with a friend of mine. I can't quite tell you what that is, I also have college and part-time job to handle too, so be patient. -"BLAH CHIBI SPRITES SUCK WHY ARE YOU USING THEM?" A: These are the same sprites used in the source game, unless you want to sprite for me I don't plan on using any other sprites. I'll try to include rescaled versions using localcoord settings in the full releases. -"BLAH ENGLISH DUB SUX WHY ARE YOU USING THEM?!" A: Because I actually like most of the english voice acting in this series, learn to make your own voicepack, there are plenty of soundrips online. -"How can I git gud with X character?" A: I include a readme in every one of my releases with the command list and combo system. Along with a brief explanation on how the character plays, but for more tips like combos and the attributes of certain artes, check the ACS wiki, its been a big help to me for this project while studying the source game. http://acs.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
  12. Alright, we need to back up ALL OF THESE on waybackmachine like there is no tommorow
  13. well fuck :/ better start webarchiving it when it comes back online
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