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  1. Not a single, solitary soul. Huh, that's strange, I thought I put it in the archives? We did end up getting it. It was in the files Electrocaid passed to DM666 for testing. Enjoy! I hope I didn't forget anything else important too. https://mega.nz/#!KstFzIQA!zuDnP9jvDKcHGCEr1vgF95I1N9-R_bfTrRWkqAOXljU
  2. Acey is somebody I think I owe an apology to, actually, but that's neither here nor there. I directed some pretty vile insults his way, and when I think about what I said, I realize now my sentiments in that case came from a place of personal pain. Are we really anything without our principles? That's why sticking up for them is worth it.
  3. it's definitely been a long time, as you get older you just get progressively less incensed about things, for good and for bad it's a double-edged sword, you may lose interest in your hobbies but you also care less about what people think about you and you care less about holding your tongue and jumping through hoops, two things the community loves to ask of people
  4. If you ask me, if you're not getting banned from MUGEN forums a lot, you may be doing something wrong, considering the way the staff of these sites will just overreact like crazy. If they get mad, it means you have a point.
  5. It's not really that I'm holding onto anything, I was just giving some shout-outs for my final message, really, and I couldn't think of anything more sufficiently questionable I had witnessed in the community to go along with my last real chance to commentate on the community, and I tend to get really creative and long-winded with my verbiage. Well, maybe Jesuszilla's waifu insanity involving Felicia, but that had nothing to do with me. The way Laxxe would go around and openly threaten people was just particularly egregious. I'm a connossieur of MUGEN drama, really, in fact after a certain amount of time I had stopped playing the game and stuck around only to fuck with people and argue. Of course, I was also an angry teenager then, and I had a lot more energy for such pursuits. I just don't really feel like arguing much nowadays, but I can always make an exception if it's a special occasion, I witnessed something that violated my loud moral compass, and I want to tell it how it really is, like now, hence the roasting. Just too high to get regularly mad about things like that anymore. I've also spent too much time recently on a certain other website where the inflammatory colorful language is much more encouraged, so chalk up my tone to that rather than any failure to not care about something. I'm not boiling over about it, I just enjoy calling stupid people stupid. I would hope Ryon wouldn't ban you for suggesting a banner of copy/pasted sprites is no big deal, I thought it was the archive being the ones who burnt the bridge here but that might have been misreading. Also, the prequels don't exist so that quote never happened.
  6. Wow, that is remarkably petty. Christ. Don't they have some kind of law against letting 12 year olds run forums? Oh, wait a minute Also, having quit years ago doesn't stop him from being a fatty fatty fat fat who burnt one of my favorite communities to the ground, that wasn't really cool, and people like him incentivized me into doing what I was doing for so many years so I figured if I was doing some kind of final act in the name of closure it'd be nice to call back to where my attitude came from, when I think of the absolutely massive quantity of awful people I've seen in ten years of trying to spite them, he sticks out to me as the worst. The single most pathetic sycophant basement-dweller I had ever witnessed during ten years of trying to spite pathetic sycophant basement-dwellers. Tried to take down THE with frivolous legal threats, and when that didn't work, he resorted to downright harassment, bombarding THE with highly illegal false reports of child pornography. Now, I'm all for letting stupid things go, because I've done plenty of them myself, but abusing the law is a whole other ballgame. Ask yourself, what kind of obsessive freak resorts to abusing laws meant to protect children, wasting the time of people whose time is in short supply, to take down some stupid site about a fighting game engine because you dislike them? That's beyond the pale, and no amount of time washes away how supremely atrocious that is. I absolutely loathe people who hurt children, directly or indirectly. Back then I just hated him because he disagreed with me because I was loving the forum drama, but now that I've got older it's sunk in how supremely fucked up his actions were in retrospect. What a terrible human being. He deserved every bit of the shit he gets, and honestly, back at one point, your acceptance of him around here made me question your character. No offense intended, of course.
  7. If you mean Electrocaid, don't think that's likely to happen considering there's at least one character in this pack he doesn't want being public for one reason or another, Strider Kensou is the most prominent to come to mind. If you look in the Museum, they're the characters marked as unrequestable. Me and DM666 (and BulletSaint, who helped us as a middleman in some cases) used to use them as prizes to shoot for, because when somebody said we couldn't have something, that made us want it, quite badly. That's actually how we came into possession of large amounts of content from the Museum to begin with; we wanted to get Strider Kensou really really badly because the name was mysterious and the Museum said we weren't allowed to have it. We didn't have any malicious intentions, we just wanted to save the data, even if that meant stepping on a couple toes by making his unrequestables public. Honestly, I hope he's no longer as invested in the notion of certain things being unrequestable, considering it's 2016 and all that, and forums no longer have long lists of "banned requests". I would think we're all above that by now. Honestly, Strider Kensou is a shitty character. But to us, it wasn't really about the character, it was a symbol, a symbol of our endless need to satisfy our curiosity amid the inexplicable mysteries around us. EDIT: Whoops, I thought you were talking about getting him to put up the pack I uploaded because Archive removed it, or something. Nevertheless, the information is still relevant. Maybe we should petition him to do something with the Museum, or get some kind of statement of intent as to what he plans to do when the infrastructure is more robust in terms of accessibility?
  8. I posted this download on MUGEN Archive, and while posting it I noticed mentioning MFFA was blocked. Me being me, I found a way to get past the filter and post it. I went back to the thread a couple hours later, and it was deleted. I'm so confused, anybody want to fill me in? And to think I was excited about these guys, do they hate you or something?
  9. It's 1.04 terabytes at present, so the infrastructure just isn't there yet to get it to all of us. He does really really need to be giving it to archive.org though. They have people who would love to handle this sort of thing, and they have the storage to keep it safe. Considering it basically has everything ever made ever, it's really really important that he doesn't lose it. Really really. This pack actually has some things which maybe never even became publicly available, not even once. Aren't even in the Museum.
  10. Had no clue this was a thing, it's beautiful. I'll bring it there and see what people think. Me and DM666 are still friends, Unleaded MUGEN was a project with good ambitions but I just didn't have the skill, resources or commitment to fully realize it. I was literally a 12 year old while I was running it (2007), in fact, so it's to be expected my efforts fell through. I feel as if we left the right kind of impact on the community though, us and THE, because warehousing is no longer a dirty word, we rocked the boat so hard, pushed it so hard that they had no choice but to just accept it. That was my goal, really. The idea "warehousing" is evil is an inherently self-destructive one, as it ensures things get lost to history, which nobody should want. It reminds me of when people try to bash piracy; regardless of individual perspective and current rules, it's a societal good as it saves things for those who come after us.
  11. This was the end-game I was trying to accomplish, yeah. I just had to find a place big enough to store it.
  12. I'm formally retiring and I'm saying how I feel. It's not off-topic at all, actually. I felt like what you said was an important cue for me to point out just what exactly he's done for us all. If you close this thread because I disagreed with you it'd be really childish. He's the backbone of the community and the reason this big file I uploaded exists. He's an important person and I really dislike how people choose to dwell on something like that instead of respecting and admiring his accomplishments. While people on Guild were infighting over irrelevant nonsense for years and years, he was saving literally everything. If people choose to dwell on his social faux pas to the point it blots out his name in the eyes of others, he'll probably quit, and that would be a huge loss for all of us. That's basically what I meant to say. If I seem awfully confrontational, I apologize, I'm more familiar with 2006 MUGEN bantz than 2016.
  13. This pack does not include stages, and those stages were never considered a Museum project to begin with. (speaking in a general sense here) It was an auto-generating program, he didn't pay much attention to the images he was using (if I recall) and you should all get some thicker skin. Oh no, someone used freely available photos to make something I don't like! If you don't like it, don't download it. It's not like anybody is forcing you to have it. People do awful shit that upsets me every day, but I don't cry about it. He's an odd guy, and not a native speaker. Some people just have different standards for what's considered acceptable, the way he sees it he's just preserving what people made, for good and for bad. Electrocaid has saved literally dozens of thousands of creations from being completely lost, and he deserves commendation for that. I honestly don't understand why people get confused and treat him like an unknown, like you, because he's incredibly important. It's almost shameful so little people acknowledge his accomplishments. He's done more for MUGEN than 99% of everybody at Guild, certainly more than all those hipster egotists with tens of thousands of posts, spending literal thousands of hours on updating things for compatibility, backporting them to DOS, meticulously storing and organizing hard-to-find content for the future, running mailing services to disseminate that content to the masses, so on and so forth. I saw how people went all "who???" in the Guild thread and that's really goddamn shameful considering how he's saving your irresponsible asses from yourself. He was even a mod there once but, unlike him, everybody on Guild has the memory of a goldfish, which is exactly why they didn't work to save things like he did, the irresponsible bastards. "Not my problem!" How you hardly recognize him says more about you than him. This is a really spicy opinion here, too; he's more valuable to the community than any regular creator, weird, politically insensitive behavior besides. But no, outrage culture is in vogue, all you people choose to do is focus on when people do something wrong as opposed to when they do something right, and this is why we can't have nice things. Way to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Doing weird insensitive shit doesn't devalue the wealth of good he's done, he's been doing this since like 2003. I hope you have fun when he quits because the lynch mob drove him out and 80% of everything from 1999-2005 is completely lost, because if people dwell on shit like that and choose to disregard that he's the single most important historian in our entire community, that's exactly what's going to happen.
  14. I remember those times too, very vividly. Too bad for them they were on the wrong side of history. I don't recall Leech ever being publicly released, nor do I recall ever receiving it, so no dice. I'd include it if I had it. However, if you remember that, here's an amazing blast from the past you might recognize. I know when I found it again I was losing my shit. https://mega.nz/#!ywM3WbhR!kavdKYsupmC8lj5UYnL4tBv0sFifi3vZK_fGmSZYdj8
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