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  1. Do you ever raise attack power?

    The character I startled using is Lily White by Hetyo. I think the reason why her attack is low because in Touhou the fairies are weak. The author was probably trying to be accurate to the series. But not everything source accurate is fun in mugen. I still managed to defeat Daiyousei by nns but only one round. I'll see how it goes when I raise Lily's attack later.
  2. Do you ever raise attack power? I don't really like to raise a characters attack but there's a character I startled using who has 50 attack. With only 50 attack characters with AI hard will live longer and making the match more luck based. I'm about to raise it to 100.
  3. Touhou Project

    Does anyone know how to use Yukari Yakumo's spell cards in Gu's version? The AI can use them but I can't and I pressed every button. For this reason I want to download kurogane and NNS version but I don't know where to find her in those websites.
  4. Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Taisen Sangokushi Engi

    The links are dead. I get a Microsoft login page.
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    The password is bmG. Only use her against characters with easy AI because her gameplay is terrible.
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Dark Magician Girl by Tsubaki was updated 10/17/2017: New intro and teleport animation. She has a new move when you press forward light attack. It's similar to her back heavy but sends the opponent towards you. She can no longer summon the floating spells where ever she wants. Now she's limited to placing all five of them in their own individual spots but they shoot lasers when you activate their hitboxes. A nerf to a already weak character.
  7. Touhou Project

    Uroboros by Lates:!212 I ended up using Kagerou. She doesn't have those cards from Hisoutensoku which I couldn't figure out how to use effectively due to never playing the source game. The only Touhou I played is Genso Wanderer.
  8. Star Fox

    Thanks to photobucket it ruined the pictures.
  9. Touhou Project

    Hisoutensoku. I never heard of Missing Power and Scarlet Weather.
  10. Touhou Project

    Which Patchouli Knowledge is source accurate or closes to it? I feel like using a Touhou character.
  11. Name a characters and say what do you like or find interesting about them. What's interesting about Another Blood by AkagiK is her AI doesn't always activate immediately and you can attack for free damage, but by the time her AI activates she will get all of her health back. This is to prevent cheaters who will try to kill her before her AI activates. She escapes RIna's infinite when it activates.
  12. Blazblue

    I was just thinking about downloading Rachel for playing as but then I read she's bad. No source accurate version either. I have that beta Litchi by China. I like her brutal AI. Takes forever to active though and has to reactive in every round.
  13. AI Patch for Rina Ogata by luis2345. (Not me) Was made last year: Edit: I realized I already posted this before but you never added it.
  14. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    If you use a broken character you can beat anything.
  15. Happy Bday to u, Luis. :3