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[Ds Ware]Legend Of Zelda 25th Annv

~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

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Publisher: Nintendo

Cost: Free

Number of Players: 1-4

Genre: Action and Adventure

Available on:

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*Warning I suggest you Download this before Time Expires*

How To Download on DSI or DSIXL:

*Go to DSI shop

*Click on Free Points

*Click on Free Download then click on the LOZ 25TH ann pic


*Then wait for it to be done

*Exit DSI shop

*Open your gift On DSI menu there you go and Enjoy

Note: This can also work on the 3DS too AGAIN ITS FREE OD CHARGE


It Has MultiPlayer too Dont forget

The heroes:

Posted Image

The Villan Behind all This CHAOS:

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Single Player:

Listen up In single player Mode also Push blocks together and also you can Move Small blocks and also Stuff. You can also Hit the Fire block YOU NEED BOTH LINKS TO LIGHT THE FLAME. You also can Step on both switches to activate Door Openings and other stuff too.



*Chambers Of insight- This stage is basiclly A training stage to get you better with item useage. Its also better because YOU need to pass it in order to Advance to the next stage.

I give it a easy 1/10 Not Hard

*Sea of trees- This is the First Level Quite easy In my opinon just a couple of Monster spots not much to say.

I give this a 2/10 Again its easy

*Talus Cave*- OK this level Requires you to have a steady Ground cause its made of water AND ICE sooo be careful.

I give this a 3/10 mmm easy but some parts are not

*Death Mountain- I hate this one just because of the Fire Mages

I give it a 5/10 Its Quite Hard on some parts

*Vaati's Palace- The last stage Before you face the evil Himself His stage is ok not easy though.

I give it a 6/10 His place is tough No joke


Once you Defat Vaati The 2 specail stages will open up

The rupee Limit:

*You need 1,000 To Advance To Vaati 1ST door

*You need 3,000 To Advance To Vaati 2ND door

*You Need 5,000 To Advance To Vaati Final Door Which has 12 Floors. Also If your looking to Find a good Amount Like 7.000 or so i suggest Looking For Monsters who respawn A LOT In one area stay in there and Keep defating them You will reach 5,000 In about 30 minutes or so Just wait.


The Key Color:

*1,000 Rupees Gets you Gold key

*3,000 Rupees Gets you Silver Key

*5,000 Rupees Gets you Hero's Key In which case Its Green Blue and Red


*There are Stages That are A LOT TOUGHER when you Reach 5,000 They all change to different Ones so watch out.

* You Do not get the Spin attack until you reach 10,000 Rupees then you get it.

*You Do not get the Spin attack Press Y and Keep pressing it to do a Continues one. Thats after you beat Vaati's Place the First time.


Specail Stages:

Realm Of Memories- This one is fun I have to say Guy this takes you back Into Link to the past days and also 4 swrds days too. There 3 version each are different than the last.

I give it a 7/10 ITS TOUGH

Hero's Trail- I REALLY HATE THIS ONE this one is by far the Most epic and yet VERY HARD STAGE NO JOKE I died a lot they combined all 3 levels to test your true LOZ skills out. Be very cautious cause THESE LEVELS ARE INDEED HARD.

I give this a 13/10 ITS THAT HARD MAN


Rupee Death Cost:

*Each Death will Start out Losing 50 each Then go form 100 and so on You will have to stay VERY CAUTIOUS cause if you reach up too paying 500 each your done for your GameOver will end that much Quicker.


Items In Game:

*Magnetic Glove- can attract and repel Spots and also Drag your partner.

*Bowwow- Can eat things that are nearby

*Bombs- Can break a cracked wall

*Bow&Arrow- Can shoot enemies and also Eye like Switches

*Boomerang- Can Throw it

* Pegasus Boots- Can Rush Toward people In a Straight Line

*Roc's Cape- Can Fly you To a spot for a short Time Also used for flipping Switches That look like a Square.


Things to watch out For:

*Rupee Wreaths- THESE Guys are in some Chests and when you open it GET AWAY FAST however they will chase you and will not go away until They stole like 4 Rupees There not A big threat To Links.

*Like Likes- THESE guys LOVE YOUR RUPEES and also there worth big ones Stay on your toes If you do not want your rupees Taken.

*Falling pits- Just watch out

*Tiles That are Alive- IM NOT JOKING Some tiles come after you and chase you Defend with your Shield and do it to the best of your Ability.


Over All Score Im giving This Game A 9/10

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