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Tops Venom edited


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While I thought Tops venom had some good ideas I felt it was buggy and unfinished in gameplay. So I made a quick fixes to the worst of Venom's problems. hoping that, maybe I could entice Robotmonkeyhead into polishing this guy if the worst of Venom's mucky mess was cleaned up a bit lol.

Here's a quick fix list if your curious.

-A lot of sprites realigned

- Most Clsns changed to be more simple, in addition most have blue boxes over the red now

- Trendil Grab and his Impaler Hyper no longer miss up close

- overall Width edited to be wider

- some Hypers edited to be less powerful,but are easier to combo into

- when P2 is trapped in Web ball he/she no longer dissapears briefly when breaking free.

-in addition P2 will fall in a hurt state when trapped above the ground in web ball.

- Web ball can no longer trap P2 in an infinite

-Slug ball throwing animation made slower making it less spammable

- Slug Ball when hit no longer turns into a clone of Venom

- less push when hitting p2 with standing basic moves making it easier to combo, however his basics are a little weaker.

- Ground slam throw fixed

- The Madness hyper edited to be hittable now, Venom has a new detransformation state when hit.

-Made display name simply "Venom"

- disabled his air Hyper I hated it to be honest

download- http://www.mediafire...13zcv0vgu6wyb24

I hope this brings him to a semi-playable state at least.

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AI activates itself.

Had it in training mode...

Hyper 4 (The Madness?) activation only with ~D, DB, B, a+b?

Varnage hyper (TBH, I hate that one) is gone? AI pulled it out...

Figures Tops had faulty AI activation as well lol. I can remove it, but I can't code a replacment lol I suck at AI coding.

The hyper I removed wasn't the Varnage Hyper it was his only air hyper. I thought it looked looked soo bad it was just venom's hard kick with enlarged ehh thingies.

I'll also be sure to add B+C command for Hyper 4 too.

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Hey man, just read this post. My comps been down for a couple months, so I've missed a lot. To be honest, I've got quite a bit on the table right now as it is, and this thing needs a Lot of work! At this point its gonna be another few months at least before I have myself freed up, but Venom IS one of my all time favorite comic chars, and it looks like you've done quite a bit of work on him already tho, so I'll tell ya what: If you want to give me a quick list of a few things that you think he could really use that you're having trouble with I'll spend a night or two and see what I can do. Sound ok?

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