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OMK Ronove Alpha


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i will download this one and give feedback as for your other OMK chars they are excellent ( i cant really tell you about accuracy since i dont have the source game )..but despite not having the having the source game; I can say that your characters are fun to play with but also dont seem to have any bugs (or at least i couldnt detect them). My recommendation is perhaps put together a move list? I dont know how to execute more of the complicated moves... Also please finish the AI, they just stand there when computer controlled, im pretty sure they chars can kick some major ass.

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@Azn thanks. I will later, I promise. A move list eh? You can try looking at the Wiki for OMK or I'll make a normal image for the CMD.. maybe the readme. @Celest, try to tone down your negative connotation. @Vegaz, thanks, I will finish him and make him good as possible.

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I like all of your OMK creations. I think that because of them that I play the actual game.

yey moar OMK goodness.. :awesome

hmm eyy SX are you also gonna make that abusive mother with a kid?

RAMza, are you talking about Rosa? She was already made.

Also, are you planning to make Lambdadelta and Bernkastel, SXVector?

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