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How To Make A Character (Complete!)


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Hey Ryon, watched all your tutorials and loved them, learned a lot!, the only thing I still can´t do is A.I, and I've noticed you have tutorials on almost every major subject, except A.I. It would be really cool if you did a video tutorial on A.I making, I´ve red a lot of text tutorials on the subject but its never the same as a video, could you make one? its the only missing piece.  :)


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I know! Its a HORRIBLE thing!

I even have documents on it. But I have yet to make a actual video.

I've been lazy I know. I want to make the tutorial. but its like i feel like BLARRRGGHHH.

Plus this guy. He keeps me busy.


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i liked your videos

one thing, i think the auto sprite cutter (ASU) was updated some time after you made the videos, because it keeps the palette now when i use it.

I don't think i could go back to hand cutting them.

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It has been updated to work with the sprites.

but the problem is, whatever ORDER the sprites were in , it randomly randomizes them, so your order is not the same.

and with large images it has given me crap results.

my SSGSS Goku was made using the application.

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Hi ryon could you make a tutorial video or text, explaining how you create your gifs, like the ones you did for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku? I mean i can create gifs like that but they never look smooth as yours.

By the way Goku is looking amazing! 

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I would love to do ALOT more tutorials, I want to cover all of my knowledge in mugen but with my son I can't.

1 of several things happens.


1. While recording he yells, screams, talks, babbles in the background.

2. When he sleeps, I can't talk loud and he sometimes has night terrors.

3. If Baby isnt around I have limited time to make a video which I require alot of time to make, Recording, Editing, Producing, Uploading.

4. I never have quiet time. TV or Music is always one.


I made these videos before I got married and majorly before my son was born.

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ok, the only thing different i did from this was creating my own mugen character sprites. so i have a question, how do i save/convert my drawn images as a 256 color or png or whatever i need for fighter factory 3 WITHOUT losing the original colors i want for the character and still have an indicated pallete upon importing new sprites?  example: my character's skin color, save the image: it turns green and every other color is either darker or uglier. i dont want that to happen, any suggestions?



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You need to make sure to insert the correct palette into your sprite before you add the sprite to the sff.


Speaking of palettes, I use Fighter Factory 3 for EVERY SINGLE stage of a character creation, EXCEPT creating palettes.


I make the palettes in Fighter Factory Classic, the process of creating palettes is easy there.


Then I open FF3, load my palette in the palette editor, then insert in the sprites I intend. This avoids the colorloss that usually comes with doing the same process in FFClassic.

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