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[Hyperdimension Neptunia] Lastation and Lowee by S91X


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HOLY SHIT NEPTUNIA STAGES THATS AWESOME. the correct names for these are Lastation and Lowee Downloading right now do you know if Leanbox or planet neptune was ever made ryo?

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well nippon ichi related stuff is always A+ in my book espescially when its done so well. I wish they would make neptunes planet and leanbox to though also some of those screenshots I swear they are fake. sadly it got my hopes up for neptunia chars in mugen.

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Man, didn't i had finished it long time ago? Check my last post in Battle Cry topic, i had drop a Mediafire link there.

Could you download the portraits only now? If you prefer the SFFs they'll be done tomorrow or later due to connection issue i have.

Me leaving them here: http://www.mediafire...cz8sk3kb6k8a9gf

I'm just learn how to make portraits properly, with better edging and not too much colorloss lol.


Glad you all enjoyed the stage, thanks really goes to the author lol.

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