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Metalhead (tmnt)


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awesome, i love u *no homo* u keep making awesome sprite swaps ..... gimmi a bebop & Rock steady and il call it a day lol ......... are these sprites from turtles in time?

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Whats the lump of dodgy pixels on the foot that appears during the jump frames

The original animation wasn't for a jump, it was the rocket pack lifting him slightly off the ground, but it had smoke and shadows under it... i just didn't fill it in with a foot. I forgot.

I followed one guide on how to make a mod, but it pretty much just said you use KFM... I'm sort of getting used to the coding, so I probably will be making originals soon.

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yeah right now i'm actually making a long video tutorial which shows the whole process for character creation.

once I finish it, i'll post it up.

can't wait for that ^

Holy shit man, where has your freakin page been all my life? Easily one of the sickest mugen pages I've encountered. I don't care if they're all sprite swaps, all of that shit is gold. You mind if I fix a couple of these characters up?

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they're on the same site. Eventually i'll come back to things.

iam very glad to hear that and you are by the first to ever make metalhead any more so many people never come back to what they release to fix and polish them up and its to bad becuse most of them that do are normally the ones who first made that character before or ever
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