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B-kun's 8-Bits Series Big Update!! (14 chars)

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I spoiled you about a big update I wanted to do, and finally I can achieve it, a dream I got since years ago and now finally can be made public for all of you: ALL MY 8-BITS CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN UPDATED!! All have been included, since Keiji Thomas to Atari 2600 Karate, all are in now 😄 Here's a resume of the main features:

  • First and most important, now all chars have 1X and 2X versions, so those ones in 2X now have a 1X version and viceversa, so now if you want to use them against normal chars or pocket chars, you are free to choose the version you like
  • Second, all chars now have compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), obviously this count for the chars don't have this before, but you get the idea 😛
  • Third, adjusted data in most of chars, since [Size] to some minor fixes in various of them I didn't made before
  • And also there's a couple of them have some extra stuff, you'll see the details below 😉


Here're the list of chars updated and their specific updates grouped:


-All got 1X versions
-Compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), except for Turtles and Karate that already have it
-Tetris: Supers now got FX too


-Both have 1X (Mario) and 2X (E.T.) versions
-Compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc)
-Both now have punches and kicks, so now E.T. can give some fight and Mario don't attack with powers only
-E.T.: Now has 10 extra palettes, completing the 12 as all my chars
-Mario: Adjusted data in [Size], added points FX in hits


-All have 2X versions
-Compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), except for Ukyo that already have it
-Quint: Fixed infinite on Slide
-Ukyo and Voltman: Fixed bug on small portrait


And of course, here're the mandatory screenshots:





Since a lot of years I got them very abandoned, and since long time ago I was asked about having those chars in 1X or in 2X, so I made this effort to give them all in once. I hope you like this update, dedicated to all 8-bits fans on MUGEN 😉


Gotta get back in time!!
Chars -> Classics (8-Bits Series) / Capcom (Megaman Series) / Joke/Bosses (E.T.)


PS1: Before you ask, I didn't include my Street Master chars (Ken, Joe and Chun-li) since they deserve their own update with a lot of new features apart of the 1X stuff
PS2: I didn't include Ninja Series either since they're too bizarre (and with other scale) to be included here
PS3: If you want the complete pack, here you are: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xrzi3i8igyk3jfh/8-bits.rar/file

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