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4 ClayFighters have been updated!!

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Already spoiled in my WIP thread, but making their character trailers, I noticed these ones needed an urgent update since they had bugs and errors I got to fix (as well feedback on N.Boss), so here is the what's-changed-list (copy-pasted from their readme):


N.BOSS (v1.1)
-Remade Squeeze Claytality
-Adjusted damage on throw
-New throw added
-N.Projectile High now it's with punch only and N.Projectile Low will be with kicks only (and both can be done in the air)
-Adjusted data for attack and defense (it's a sub-boss, you know)
-More projectiles from other ClayFighters and even from KFM!! (30 now)
-Intro vs. other N.Boss (Shadowtak's and Xandegraf's Bad Clay)


-Fixed bug that doesn't let him make his cut-in-half anim
-Adjusted data for attack and defense (he's a sub-boss, you know)
-Intros vs. T-Hoppy/Boogerman, Octo/Kangoo/Sarge and Dr. Kiln


KANGOO (v1.1)
-Fixed CMD on Dashing Uppercut
-New command for Dashing Uppercut, based on Sarge
-Fixed damages on throws
-Whirlwind Punch now doesn't connect itself
-Adjusted damages on Whirlwind Punch


-Added extra sounds to his wins
-Intro vs. Lockjaw Pooch and LordShade67's Jack
-New squeeze sprites


No screenshots since most of the changes are minor fixes (or maybe I could add a couple during these days), but here they are, I hope you can enjoy better than before with these fixes 😉


Let's get ready to crrrrrumble!!
Chars -> ClayFighter

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