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Katsup's Blackheart edit of Sunboy's


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This is an edit of Sunboy's Blackheart that adds an actual heavy punch and kick. Also, I removed Blackheart's nose. Because he's more handsome that way. OwO


copy/paste from MFG thread:

Deviations from your average Blackheart: italics are planned changes
- Actual heavy punch and kick from Zox and Diepod respectively
- OG HP and HK are now QCF+p and QCF+k specials, "Demon Summon P" and "Demon Summon K"
- Various minute sprite fixes/details
- new super
- new specials

This isn't final of course, there will be version 2 after I get done with my other v.2 char that is way overdue.


Feedback is very much encouraged.

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Both Air HP & Crouching HP cause some major cloning bug shenanigans, also Air HK does too but only after hitting.


(recorded on Ikemen GO, but the behavior is the same in Mugen 1.0) 




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The thing with the clones is easy to fix, it occurs because you're calling for animations you don't have. For example, this is from the crouch HP (but the same problem can be found with the other aformentioned movements):


[Statedef 421]
type = A
movetype = A
physics = N
anim = 224
sprpriority = 2
velset = 0,0
juggle = 2
ctrl = 0


And then the helper following the hitdef:


[State 421, Helper]
type = Helper
trigger1 = MoveHit = 1
stateno = 223
postype = p2
pos = 0,-60
bindtime = 1
ownpal = 1
id = 223
name = "Sucker Hit"
persistent = 0
ignorehitpause = 1


You don't have the animation number 224 in your air file, that's why after performing the attack the character clones itself, and the same goes with statedef 223 which is absent from your cns, so there is no reference for the helper animation (and no id for helper 223 in the cmd too). I'd also suggest don't using too many helpers for the basic attacks and using explods instead, since they're easier to configure, but that's up to you.

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