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MvC Kung Fu Man template by Ryon, edited by Garfieldfan [6/17/2022]


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All credit for the original template belongs to Ryon, I just made this edit.




Yeah, an edit of a template. I made this to compete with the edit by CrossoverLover98, but also because I found Ryon's original templete to be the best one out there. I just figured some things could be in my taste, but I mostly made some things accurate to MvC, as well as a few general fixes.


Let me know if this needs to be moved.





+ = addition

* = general change/replacement/fix

- = removal


+ Added a new intro, as well as seperated the two intros. Useful if your character has more than one intro.
+ Gives players 1000 power for starting a match, which is accurate to how the MvC games work.
+ Seperated specials and hypers into seperate .cns files. While adding more files, it helps organize the character better.
+ Damage dampener added.
* Power value change = 3000 > 5000, also making it accurate to MvC.
* Tweaked explod in the jumpland state from AnimTime to Time to prevent the lag in the landing effect.
* Replaced "Hyper Combo Finish" callout with that from MvC2. Honestly sounds cooler.
* Changed KO cry (11, 0) back to default KFM's.
* Properly labeled Triple Kung Fu Palm as a hyper.
* Made Triple Kung Fu Palm slightly weaker.
* Tweaked how comboing works. 
   * Light > Medium > Heavy, with light punch and kick able to combo into one to the other
- Removed "NoKOSlow" from Statedef -3.


[Download here]

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