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Knuckles Custom by Supermystery - Edit


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Well, here he is, Supermystery's Knuckles Custom (why he's named that I have no idea why.) He's meant to replicate Sonic 2/3&K Having the same controls overall, but now with the ability to punch, throw bombs, as well as being able to drop, and punch boulders.


This Edit has the same tweaks and fixes as the previous ones, such as

-Better Sprite Positions

-Better Hitboxing

-Added a few new winposes

-Changed the portrait (now it's big enough to be a proper 120x140)

-Added Several new Palettes

-Removed KFM Sprites
-Made it impossible for Knuckles to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies

-Monitors are now Fully Animated

-Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits

-A new Pipe Attack (based off of Streets of Rage 2) activated with the C Button, after breaking a Super Monitor.



















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