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Creator's Collection: [email protected] / DuckSS / Synck


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Synck / [email protected] / DuckSS Collection


Synck (before known as [email protected] and DuckSS) is a creator who made a lot of edited and bootleg/obscure content for MUGEN. However, he retired a couple of times and didn't store all what he had done before, being most part of his works offline or unavailable. Well, time to fix that. In this creator collection, I'll compile all his old creations to be downloaded here, with the exception of his recent works or old ones hosted (KFM-Ultra, Angry Video Game Man, Omega Zero, Steve Stalong and Nokia 3310), which are stored in his website here... unless he put some of them offline, which means will be here eventually. As always, any help is welcome 😉

Red is offline and * needs an image


Bootleg characters


Mari (World Heroes 2, with DJ HANNIBALROYCE)

Leo (World Heroes 2)

Fina (Soul Falchion)

Sagat (Street Fighter II Pro)

Kyu (The King of Fighters '96)

Goku (Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden II)

Paul Phoenix (Tekken II)

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat II)

Jean (AV Bishoujo Senshi Girls Fighting)

Koopa Troopa (Kart Fighter)

Daphne (Street Fighter IV)

Bogard (The King of Fighters '96)


Luis The Engine on Twitter: "¿Se acuerdan del Street Fighter hackeado que  se llenaba de hadoukens? Así se siente el 2020… "

Street Fighter II Koryu chars pack



Street Fighter EX SNES Bootleg pack

Chun-li - Hokuto - Sakura


Edited characters


Pepsiman (namasu's Pepsiman)

Duck King ([email protected]'s RB Duck King)

Ryu Hayabusa (Chuchoryu's Ryu Hayabusa)

Nostalgia Critic (SSkye's Nostalgia Critic)

Liu Kang (Chuchoryu's Liu Kang)

Heihachi Mishima (Chuchoryu's Heihachi Mishima)

FFS Duck King (Laiso_7's FFS Duck King)

Blanka (Chuchoryu's SFIV Blanka)



Basara-kun's Anti-Gouki Project rejected clones

Bootleg (Kouryu Akuma)


Speed Shadow





Modified characters

Orochi Yuri (Unknown's Orochi Yuri Sakazaki)

Flaming Raging Joe (Basara-kun's Raging Joe Higashi)

Sweet Fire (Ironmugen's Kula Diamond)

Blackened Fliz (Juke Kisaragi's Fliz)

Extreme Sula (Nao&Tk's Sula)



Street Fighter 4 Remake

Daphne (with D, The Red Cloak)



Kung Fu Man edits

Kung Fu Man EX (Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man)

Kung Fu Girl (Johnny's Kung Fu Girl)

SF2 Kung Fu Man (Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man)

Orochi Kun yu mang (The Pizzaman's KOF Kung Fu Man)




Tiger/Yellow Ranger (NES Zyuranger)

Beelzemon (Digimon Battle Spirits)

Nintendo Team (GB Super Mario Land)

Sach Lilac (Freedom Planet 1)

Duck King (GB Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)



Freedom Planet 2 characters (edited by Kater15)

Sach Lilac - Carol Tea - Milla BassetNeera Li



Powerpuff Girls D chars

Blossom - Bubbles - Buttercup - Bell


Joke/April Fools characters


Joe (SpongeBob SquarePants, with Dawn de Era, dronk and FClass97)

Super Error Ken (Scar's MvC Ken Masters)

Ghost of Dan (Scar's MvC Dan Hibiki)

ChuchoRYU (GGN's MvC Ryu)

Morrongon (Daniel99999's Morrigan Aensland)

Trinitronity (Jin Kazama's MvC Megaman)




Inside binary system



Freedom Fighter 2 - Fighting Edition


Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi Tech Demo | M.U.G.E.N Test Live-Stream (I was  bored :P) - YouTube

Powerpuff Girls D Paradox


Bootleg Wars v3.0 Released by DuckSS (9/1/13)

Bootleg Wars



Gameboy Fighters



Crash sprites from 2003 Crash Bandicoot GBA Bootleg

Joy Mech Fight rips (stages)

Duck Screenpack

More stages

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39 minutes ago, Celestial-Len said:

I'm curious about that Crash Bandicoot from that one GBC bootleg. Didn't know that was a thing.

Its another one of those poorly made bootleg games by a company called Sintax, whom are known for mass producing heaping piles of garbage.




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45 minutes ago, Basara-kun said:

It is, is part of the Gameboy Fighters fullgame. DuckSS never released it as a separate character, but can be obtained by getting the game (it's not moleboxed) and then use Crash in your normal MUGEN without problems

Along with I think just about every other bootleg character, as none of these characters are specifically for the full game and nothing else. In other words, they work just fine outside of the full games, unlike things like MKP (Mortal Kombat Project).

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Thanks, but I only added Trinitronity. As I said in the first lines, all his actual and online stuff (KFM-Ultra, Nokia 3310, AVGN, Omega Zero and Steve Stalong) won't be added here since there's already a site where to download them... unless he became offline again, so then will be added eventually

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- Found Ghost of Dan and Super Error Ken, now just left Orochi Kun Yu Mang to complete the Joke/AF section!!

- Also found a lot of bootleg chars, almost all are here finally!!

- Got some bootlegs aren't in the list like Bogard and Daphne

- Moved SFIV Remake Daphne to the Edited section

- EDIT: Found Orochi Yuri!!

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  • 1 month later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Guys, I got in contact with Synck and he can help me with the links that left. And for the same, he explained his MS-Paint project never was released and he's ashamed of that, so I deleted it from the collection. So wait future updates of this thread for new available chars and stuff 😉 

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